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  1. dharvey4651

    Thread S9 messages app bug?

    Ok so I have a weird problem to report. After installing the latest Oreo update over-the-air from T-Mobile this morning, I installed the Galaxy S9 messages app from, the one with the blue icon. The messages that functions normally like you would expect it to but any time I get a...
  2. dharvey4651

    Thread SOLVED! S9 Messages app after Oreo update - getting duplicate texts

    Ok so I have a weird problem to report. After installing the latest Oreo update over-the-air from T-Mobile last night, I installed the Galaxy S9 messages app from The messages that functions normally like you would expect it to but any time I get a text message from my wife who...
  3. dharvey4651

    Thread Quality Android 2-Din Car Stereo. Which is the best and why?

    Okay the title may say it all but I am looking to get myself an Android Double Din car stereo. I currently have a 6.2" Clarion and the screen size is adequate and it is very usable and I love the radio but I would prefer to have an Android stereo, possibly with a larger display. I haven't...
  4. dharvey4651

    Thread 64GB Sandisk SDXC memory card unmounts and corrupts after every reboot. Ideas?

    Alright though I think the title says it all, I have a 64GB SanDisk micro SDXC card that I bought for my T-Mobile M8 and the card is formatted exFat using the built-in storage menu in settings. My dilemma is that though everything seems to be correct, every time I reboot the phone or remove and...
  5. dharvey4651

    Thread Request: Sense 4+ port to HTC One from Droid DNA

    I am formally requesting a port of Sense 4+ from the Droid DNA to the HTC One. I came from the HTC One S(which had Sense 4+)to the HTC One(Sense 5) and am extremely disappointed by what HTC did as far as removed functionality. That and I hate Blinkfeed. I would be willing to pay decent money to...
  6. dharvey4651

    Thread Phone will not boot after trying to install custom Kernel

    Alright so here is my predicament. I have a T-Mobile HTC ONE. I am S-OFF, have TWRP installed on my device, my bootloader says ***LOCKED*** because I locked it using revone after performing S-OFF. I tried to install ElementalX 1.1 and after installation, my phone would not boot. I...
  7. dharvey4651

    Thread Sense 4+ ?

    Let me start off by saying I seriously love this phone but seriously hate what HTC did to the Sense UI. Has anyone considered trying to port Sense 4+ to our phones from the Droid DNA? It would be the best possibility of a port if one were to exist at all. Just food for thought. I think it...
  8. dharvey4651

    Thread OMG!!! One S will get Sense 5!!

    Sorry had to title it the way I did. Was just too funny to pass up... Am I the only one who thinks we should have a moderator merge all of these sense 5 threads and make it a rule that all new threads will be closed? Just like the main JB thread we had?
  9. dharvey4651

    Thread ENG Hboot or custom Hboot with fastboot commands?

    Title says it all. Has anyone located an ENG Hboot for the OneS yet? Or alternatively, has anyone started modifying an existing Hboot to have same functionality as ENG Hboot?
  10. dharvey4651

    Thread RegawMOD plugin needed for custom bootloader

    So now that we have S-Off, I decided to do a bit of research on how to get rid of the red HTC disclaimer and the word "Tampered" from the bootloader screen. Seems that there is only one way to get rid of "Tampered" and that's to re-lock your bootloader and then flash a RUU. Whether the word...
  11. dharvey4651

    Thread [Q] Does anyone have the black T-Mobile One S? What's the hboot version?

    So I was considering selling my Silver/Blue gradient T-Mobile One S to purchase a Black T-Mobile MOA One S and I got to thinking... Does anyone have this new official T-Mobile Black One S? Not a modified gradient version or an International version being used on T-Mobile. I'm curious.. What...
  12. dharvey4651

    Thread [Q] HTC Message widgets don't work in ARHD 2.2.0?

    So I already reported this in the ROM thread but I thought I'd ask here if anyone else has found this problem and possibly fixed it? Every time I try to go into the personalize menu and add one of the HTC Message widgets, I get to the "Select" button and then nothing appears on the home screen...
  13. dharvey4651

    Thread [Q] Sense 4.0?

    So who's started porting sense 4.0? Logically that's the next step since we have S-OFF and ICS. Anybody currently working on a port yet? This is pure curiosity btw.. In no way am I trying to sound ungrateful or pressure the developers and ROM Chefs.
  14. dharvey4651

    Thread [Q] How to use HTCDev Unlock with ENG S-OFF?

    The title probably says it all but I'm curious if it's even possible to change the *LOCKED* to *UNLOCKED* after getting S-OFF and flashing the ENG H-Boot? When I tried to use HTC-Dev, it gave me an error message. Thoughts?
  15. dharvey4651

    Thread Anyone else considering a new phone to get away from the childish drama?

    I suppose the title says it all.. I know that the Amaze is lacking in development compared to devices such as the Sensation but there is so much drama here in the Amaze forums... It's kind of ridiculous. I'm honestly considering buying an HTC Sensation just to get away from the drama here in...
  16. dharvey4651

    Thread HTC and S-OFF. What do you think?

    Thought I would create a simple poll. Let the people voice their thoughts!! The question's simple:"Would you buy another HTC phone if it was impossible to turn S-Off?" Yes or No. After voting, please post in the thread explaining your choice. If I reach 500 votes, I will personally spam...
  17. dharvey4651

    Thread SOLVED - Settings/Wireless & networks - Force closing.. Anyone else experience this?

    SOLVED - Settings/Wireless & networks - Force closing.. Anyone else experience this? So I noticed today that every time I try to go into "Wireless & networks" from within the settings menu, I get a force close and can not proceed any further. This means I cannot change any of my wireless...
  18. dharvey4651

    Thread Nand ROMS with EXT4 base file system? (NOT SD-EXT)

    So I was hooking up a buddy's phone with Gingerbread and stumbled across this in the updater-script. Was wondering if we can use the same set of commands to convert our HD2's to use an EXT4 file system on Nand like this does for his Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail? ui_print("Formatting...
  19. dharvey4651

    Thread [21.OCT.11][MAGLDR]dharvey4651's T-Mobile USA GingerSense ROM v1.1 [HierOS v1.8.3]

    Welcome to dharvey4651's T-Mobile US HTC HD2 GingerSense ROM!! PLEASE ask all questions in this thread - Do not PM me. :) Community efforts make for quicker better fixes. :) Hello and welcome to my new GingerSense build for the HD2. This is no ordinary build that anyone and everyone can...
  20. dharvey4651

    Thread [SEP.21.2011][SPLASH]New HTC "Stock" Splash Screens for HD2 Gingerbread Sense ROMS

    [SEP.21.2011][SPLASH]New HTC "Stock" Splash Screens for HD2 Gingerbread Sense ROMS Been a while since I published anything here and figured today would be a good day to do just that! Here you will find my custom made splash screens & boot animation for Gingerbread Sense builds. It should work...
  21. dharvey4651

    Thread [UPDATED MAY.11.2011]Collection of Mods for Desire HD ROMs [Contributions Welcome!!]

    What we have here is a custom battery indicator for Desire HD ROMs. It has been designed to look as close to stock as possible but has that extra special little something to make it stand out from the crowd. You'll see that this battery indicator mod is unlike most in that it offers the best...
  22. dharvey4651

    Thread Your username reminds me of......

    Your username reminds me of......
  23. dharvey4651

    Thread **CWM ZIP ROMS & QR Code Downloads**

    For CWM ROMS> I recommend using QR Codes to link your downloads. This way users can download the updated version of the ROM directly to their phone, reboot and install it. This eliminates the need to download, remove SD card, and copy ROM to SD card with card reader. An EXCELLENT QR Code...
  24. dharvey4651

    Thread HD2 Android SD Development - Stick Roll-Up Thread

    As promised - Better late than never - The HD2 SD Android Development Sticky Roll-Up Thread. Moderation: [ATTN - ALL ANDROID DEVS] General Public License [REF] HD2 STICKIES | USEFUL INFO...
  25. dharvey4651

    Thread **HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Development - Sticky Roll-Up Thread**

    Moderation: PLEASE POST "Questions" IN THE HD2 Q&A FORUM!! Guides: [REF] HD2 STICKIES | USEFUL INFO | POSTING RULES - Read before posting [TUT] Flashing your First GSM 512LEO Rom (For Noobs) [TUT] Flashing your First GSM USA 1024LEO ONLY!! (For Noobs) Possible sollution to unbrick TMOUS...
  26. dharvey4651

    Thread **HD2 Android Q&A and General - Sticky Roll-Up Thread**

    Moderation: HD2 Linux/Android Q&A Thread - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!! [REF] Which thread goes where? Guides: [Jul 28][REF] ★★★The Definitve Guide To Android On HTC HD2 ★★★ [UPDATED]...
  27. dharvey4651

    Thread **HD2 General - Sticky Roll-Up thread**

    Moderation: How to title threads in HD2 General - MANDATORY Searching Fora (Forums) on XDA ATTN: T-Mobile US users, please include US when you talk about T-Mobile! Guides: [GUIDE]The ULTIMATE n00bs guide to the HD2-HardSPL, Android, ROMs, Radios and more! [Manual] HTC HD2 Touch Screen Replace...
  28. dharvey4651

    Thread [REQUEST]FULL Desire HD TMOUS Nand Build-NOT Squashed or Stripped Down-I WILL PAY $$

    I think the title might say it all but I am a T-Mobile US user and I would like to see a 100% STOCK Desire HD build. It must include/meet the following: 1. No Apps, Media, Images, etc.. Removed from the ROM 2. NOT Squashed 3. T-Mobile US MMS patched(I have a perfect patch for Desire HD builds...
  29. dharvey4651

    Thread New Proposed HD2 Forum Hierarchy. Your votes are Important!!!

    EVERYONE CHECK THIS OUT: This should help to keep the forum organized. As more and more OS's are ported to and working on the HD2, the forum WILL be forced to grow. The site administration thinks the HD2 forum is just fine as it is...
  30. dharvey4651

    Thread Request changes to available builds.

    This thread was originally created by nturk. It was by his request that I took control of this thread as the OP. This thread is for users to make requests to the Developers bringing us these great Builds/ROM's. This is the place to ask for a feature to be added/removed/changed in any Build/ROM...
  31. dharvey4651

    Thread [Q] When will we see a build that utilizes the full 576mb of RAM in our devices?

    First and foremost, If this question has been asked and answered before, forgive me. Secondly, anyone opting to flame me for asking this question will get their post deleted. Now for the question: Is there a single build out there that uses the full 576mb of RAM that comes in our devices? If...
  32. dharvey4651

    Thread [BOUNTY - FULFILLED]**Desire HD Camera Port For HD2**

    !!ATTENTION!! "snq-" has stated that he does not wish to claim the bounty. Any users who still wish to fulfill their pledges, please send your donation to your chef of choice that provided you with a Desire HD ROM with working camera. This is by no means mandatory...
  33. dharvey4651

    Thread [NEW!]HD2 Android Q&A Forum!!!

    We're happy to announce the opening of a new sub-forum in the HD2 section! HD2 Android Q&A From this point forward, please post all questions in this new forum. Any threads posted in either: HD2 Android General Discussion or HD2 Android Development Will be moved or deleted without notice.
  34. dharvey4651

    Thread HD2 Linux/Android Q&A Thread - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!!

    ATTENTION!! I am looking for someone willing to start and maintain a DETAILED FAQ post at the beginning of this thread. The person who chooses to take on this undertaking will assume the roll of OP in this thread. I will re-assign this post to the user who decides to do it. If you are...
  35. dharvey4651

    Thread [2 ISSUES]Phone Canvas Visual Glitch+Tasks[OP-6/23/10]

    Hey there. First time I've started a thread in here in a while but these 2 issues have been plaguing me for quite some time... Ever since I've been using Comm5 builds as a matter of fact. For my first issue - I have a visual glitch in my phone canvas(See screenshot below) that has really...
  36. dharvey4651

    Thread HTC HD2 Caught on Fire Real/Fake?? POLL!!!!

    So I was talking to a friend online today and he brought this video to my attention "genuinely concerned for my safety" since I have a T-Mobile Branded HTC HD2. l1CI8S-1508 He's also selling this phone on eBay. It's currently going for just over $2000 USD
  37. dharvey4651


    JUST KIDDING!!! I will NEVER own an iPhone of any generation - PERIOD!! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Db7pKjUrNXQ
  38. dharvey4651

    Thread [QUESTION] How to force soft-reset after OOBE completes?

    I have been having a minor issue lately that is more of a nuisance than anything else... I need to figure out a way to force a soft-reset after OOBE runs it's course and finishes it's processes. Basically, my HD2 is hanging at the transition screen between OOBE and Sense. If I soft-reset...
  39. dharvey4651

    Thread [MOD] HTC Task Manager link in Notification Enhancement WM6.5(.X) [May/26/2010]

    Alright guys it's been a while since I contributed much of anything to the forum but I'm feeling generous today. :rolleyes: What we have here is a way to use the HTC Task Manager with WM6.5.X. (WILL also work with WM6.5 - See post 3) In the HTC Huashan OEM Package leak, the newer Notification...
  40. dharvey4651

    Thread Seriously?

  41. dharvey4651

    Thread [REQ] Dropbox for Windows Mobile

    I was recently introduced to a desktop app called Dropbox. I instantly fell in love with the app but it's designed only for Windows/Mac/iPhone but not Windows Mobile. I was hoping there would be a someone out there interested in developing a Windows Mobile Version of...
  42. dharvey4651

    Thread [QUESTION]G-Sensor in X2 XTRAKT

    I recently downloaded and installed XTRAKT from the Sony Xperia X2. It's an updated version of the version released on the X1 that supports G-Sensor. The problem I'm having is that the G-Sensor doesn't seem to want to work with this game. Workaround - Disable G-Sensor and use finger to steer...
  43. dharvey4651

    Thread [REQ] HD Mini TSK Theme [WVGA]

    I don't know if it's been asked before, god knows I've searched and searched and haven't found anything yet.. Doesn't mean I didn't miss it. I was wondering if anyone had ported the HVGA HD Mini TSK Theme to WVGA yet and if anyone has, maybe you'd consider sharing it? If nobody has done it...
  44. dharvey4651

    Thread T-Mobile USA aGPS Settings Collaboration - Lets Get This Working!!

    Hi I'm starting this thread in an effort to try to get aGPS working fully for T-Mobile USA users. This thread is not dedicated to just one device but all GPS enabled devices with aGPS such as the Touch Pro, Rhodium, Diamond and Topaz. I personally have an AT&T Fuze on the T-Mobile USA network...
  45. dharvey4651

    Thread [QUESTION] How do you change icons in the WM6.1 Control Panel?

    Okay folks, before you accuse me of being a noob and tell me to "Search Search Search", rest assured that I am not a noob, I've been around the block MANY times and I know the search routine.. I've been searching for the past few hours and have come up with nothing. That being said.. I am...
  46. dharvey4651

    Thread [ROM][Mulit Language][05-10-09]Fusion V5|HTC Sense 2.5 - 2.1|CHome|RC1 Now Up|

    Introduction Fusion Team: At0mAng - Lead Developer dharvery4651 - Master Tweaker Sepponearth - Master Graphic Artist LATEST NEWS: 4.1 is being called 5.0 due to major upgrade and use of Official HTC 6.5 Shipped ROM. 5.0 has official HTC Sense 2.1 with full weather animations as in 2.5 HTC...
  47. dharvey4651

    Thread [IDEA][DEV NEEDED] Simple app to back up contacts in TF3D 2.1/2.5 ROMS.

    I was playing around earlier today and noticed that a convenient way to backup your contacts in a ROM that has TF3D 2.1 or 2.5 is to copy your pim.vol from the root of main memory to the root of the storage card. What I did was I copied the file to my storage card, flashed a ROM, then copied...
  48. dharvey4651

    Thread T-Mobile USA, Cannot send MMS - Help??

    Okay here is my problem. At first I couldn't receive MMS at all but with the help of supertrooper I was able to fix that problem. Now I can't send MMS at all. I have tested this using 2 ROMs, my own and EnergyROM. Neither worked to send MMS. The shipped ROM is no different. Someone with...
  49. dharvey4651

    Thread Receive Tiny Picture Messages - T-Mobile USA - Solved + NEW PROBLEM, PLEASE HELP!!

    Ever since I got this phone I have been receiving teeny tiny picture messages. My operator is T-Mobile USA and I'm using a Touch HD T8282. I have done quite a bit of searching and reading and I have come to a disappointing conclusion that this is happening because T-Mobile does not have...