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  1. reddvilzz

    Thread BBM users

    Hey guys, i wanted to know anyone who use BBM on custom rom, any of you encounter problems where you can only hear the default bbm notification sound? When you change it to another notification sounds it won't ring / make a sound at all? In my case i use liquid smooth rom and i encounter this...
  2. reddvilzz

    Thread [App] Touchwiz Launcher

    Okay guys I found this Touchwiz Launcher when I'm browsing in the internet about Xperia Lock screen. And I do not know how but I found some link that showed this, till now when I'm searching for this link again I can't seems to find it anymore. So I just wanted to share to you guys who are...
  3. reddvilzz

    Thread TouchWiz Launcher

    Can anyone help me on how to install touchwiz launcher on PAC ROM? I try to manually install the apk but it says that app not installed. Then i try to manually move it to /system it didn't show up either. And i already put the permissions in the correct position but still no luck. I see that...
  4. reddvilzz

    Thread Distortion While Playing Vids

    As the title above, what causes this? I play a 720p movie in my Sensation using the MX Player and it have some distortion in some part, the distortion last for 3 - 6 sec though. After that it was normal but after around 5 minute or such it appears again. And i use the jelly bam rom. Is it...
  5. reddvilzz

    Thread Problem

    I'm using HTC Sensation XE and it seems that when i charge my phone usually the LED light will turn to green when the battery is full. But this few days the LED keep changing green when my battery is around 90% instead of 100%. What causes this? Is it because the rom i flashed? Or because i...
  6. reddvilzz

    Thread Boot Splash

    Hey guys just wondering can I use jpg / jpeg file format for my boot splash? If yes do I need to convert it or just change the extension on the file to .img? Sent From Viperized Sensation Z715e
  7. reddvilzz

    Thread (App) Zenonia 5

    Did anyone play this game? I use sensation XE and everytime i open this app it only shows blackscreen for a moment and then it close by itself. Any help anyone? Sent From Viperized Beats Sensation XE
  8. reddvilzz

    Thread Battery Problem

    My battery got down from 99% to 82% in 58 min. See the screenshot below And i'm only using wifi the whole time is it normal? And when i'm using my data with 3g on in 5 min my phone is getting hot, and even when i play surviving high school games it gets hot too around 38 - 40c Is it normal...
  9. reddvilzz

    Thread ROM Suggestion

    Excuse me guys. I'm new here and i want to know your rom you are using just so i can choose rom for me. Please let me know alright ;) Because there are too many rom in this sensation and with the size file it is hard to download and try them all. Sent From Viperized Beats Sensation XE
  10. reddvilzz

    Thread Inverted Sense Apps

    Ah.. Anyone know the latest inverted apps for sense based rom? Try to search for it and all i found is a little outdated. Can anyone give me the link?
  11. reddvilzz

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Android 4.2 Keyboard with Gestures Type

    Just wanna share this keyboard i found. Hope nobody hasn't share this in our thread :D Only for 4.0+ not compatible for 4.0- (i think) just saying what the thread says :p If someone who want to use their old gesture styles of typing on jb try and download this just flash it. Simple as that...
  12. reddvilzz

    Thread [Q] SD Card Partition

    Can anyone tell me what is the benefit on partitioned SD Card? And how to do it? Is it safe to partition sd card? Don't hesitate pressing the "thanks" button :D
  13. reddvilzz

    Thread Clockworkmod folder

    Anyone knows what is the usage of blobs folder in the clockworkmod folder? It takes a bit of size on the sdcard. Is it fine if i delete it? Sent from my GT-I8150
  14. reddvilzz

    Thread (Q) Tweaks

    Which one is better ? Freeky engine / adrenaline engine / adrenaline injection Is it okay for me to flash 3 of them in a same time? Sent From My BioWonder V4
  15. reddvilzz

    Thread Bootsound

    Can anyone tell me how to put bootsound on any ics based rom? Seems i do some searching but not working :(e Sent from my BioWonder using xda premium
  16. reddvilzz

    Thread (Q) Some Questions

    Hey all.. i just need some information for these questions hope you guys can help :) 1. ICS keyboard full vs smart keyboard pro, which one is better and use less ram? 2. What launcher use the less ram? I use zeam launcher but the ram usage is around 10mb but sometimes it use 20mb it is almost...
  17. reddvilzz

    Thread (Q) Gameloft HD

    Guys need help here. I'm playing gameloft hd and every game I played ended up force closing after a while playing. Any solutions? :( I wanted to play but facing this problem :( Does anyone have the same problem with me? Sent from my BioWonder using xda premium
  18. reddvilzz

    Thread Antivirus

    Do we need antivirus for our phone? Because i think antivirus app eats some ram :confused: Sent from my BioWonder using xda premium
  19. reddvilzz

    Thread Gameloft HD Force Closing

    Guys need help here. I'm playing gameloft hd and every game I played ended up force closing after a while playing. Any solutions? :( I wanted to play but facing this problem :(
  20. reddvilzz

    Thread Ram problem

    Hey guys i have some problem with my ram. Its looks like my ram always around 275mb used and i already stop any apps that run in the background but my used ram never goes any lower than 200. Is it normal? Or do i need to do something about it? Could anyone give me solutions? Because this makes...
  21. reddvilzz

    Thread CPU

    Hey anyone can solve my problem? I have flashed forvivo kernel. When i newly flashed it there was no problem at all. After 2 days using it my cpu stuck at 1.7 ghz / 1.4ghz with non OC And i'm using the smartassv2 governor and sio scheduler. This problem persist when i rebooted my phone at the...
  22. reddvilzz

    Thread System apps

    Are there any special condition to convert third party apps into the system apps? I already convert launcher, messaging and gallery from third party apps into system apps. But i'm having problem while converting thrid party apps like keyboard (switkey x), browser (opera mobile). When i convert...
  23. reddvilzz

    Thread Best ICS ROM yet for galaxy w

    What is the best ICS ROM for our galaxy w? I've got a dilemma between flashing CM9, RemICS, Paranoidandroid and MIUI. Can anyone give me a detail suggestions?
  24. reddvilzz

    Thread transparent status bar on CM9

    Hey, any way to make transparent status bar with CM9 ROM? I do a little searching but all I found is transparent status bar for stock ROM or the other ROM. Anyone can help?
  25. reddvilzz

    Thread Go sms pro

    Hey guys i have a problem while using go sms pro, when i send messages it says that the messages are sent and received, but on the targets phone they say that my messages aren't there yet so i have to sent it all again, but sometimes it just still like that and sometimes i can't receive any...
  26. reddvilzz

    Thread Can't install application

    Can anybody help me? I can't install my go keyboard after i updated the CM9 rom.. it says that my memory is out of space, in fact my memory is still 700mb free on device and 5gb free on sd card.. anyone can help? Sent from my GT-I8150 using xda premium
  27. reddvilzz

    Thread Boot animation for GT-I8150

    Hey guys i wanted to ask.. are there any thread that contains collection of any boot animation to download for galaxy w? Wanted to change my boot animation.. but i can't make it by myself ;) Sent from my GT-I8150 using xda premium
  28. reddvilzz

    Thread Themes

    Are there any thread or forums that only contains themes for galaxy gt-I8150 for any kind of rom? Are themes must be compatible with specific kind of rom or not? Sent from my GT-I8150 using xda premium
  29. reddvilzz

    Thread Can anyone give me link to download non OC [ROM] GingerICE 2.1 for galaxy w?

    Hi, can anybody give me the link to download [ROM] GingerICE 2.1 (Android 2.3.6 EU based, Custom .35 Kernel with OC capability) non oc for samsung galaxy w? because in the link to non OC file is not valid :)
  30. reddvilzz

    Thread [Q] [ROM] Galaxy W/Exhibit II RebelROM 3.0 didn't work properly

    I need help with this ROM.. because when i flashed it there is no mobile connection on my galaxy w.. and also after a few minutes my device started to reboot by itself and this reboot problem keeps going again and again.. need help :(