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  1. lambik333

    Thread root SM-G975F

    i know there are a few ways to root the S10+, now we are a half year futher and my question is; what is the easiest way to root the S10+???? because i can't get it done.....
  2. lambik333

    Thread Ar-app from S9....

    can someone make the Ar-app from the S9 for the S8???;););)
  3. lambik333

    Thread twrp wont work anymore

    hi there, ive installed the latest official rom for my G950F (PHN 20 Nov) now i flashed the latest TWRP with odin but TWRP wont work anymore....i get a blue screen with the androidman telling me it's updating and then the message "no commend" (or something like that). how can i solve this so i...
  4. lambik333

    Thread odin wont work anymore on windows 10

    Hello, when i want to flash my phone with odin what i always used, i cant select the file i want to flash in odin anymore..... i cant select the file i want to flash in odin since the last 2 days....if i click AP odin will only flickr once... please help, i dont no whats wrong..
  5. lambik333

    Thread where can i find it???

    Hello, I looked everywhere but i can't find it anymore......where can i find the BL,AP,CP and CSC file Of the original BTU firmware???? Thank You if you wanted to help me!!!:good::good::good:
  6. lambik333

    Thread android 6.0....

    i know,i know, but which smart guy has the Gear VR working on Android 6.0 Marshmallow????:p:p:p
  7. lambik333

    Thread UK Android 6.0 rom share

    Hello, who can share the android UK 6.0 rom or download so we can try it all???
  8. lambik333

    Thread please help

    there are 4 options when i start with volume down/power button. one of them is clear data. i tried this option and now i can't use my tablet anymore,it won't shut down. what to do????