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    Thread Help! Bypass/Reset FRP on G930F Galaxy S7

    So, I purchased a galaxy S7 (G930F) that turned out to be locked to a google account that the seller claims to have no details of. I have already paid for the phone and would not get the money back. I am now stuck with this phone that keeps on asking for the stupid google account details without...
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    Thread LG G2 Official KitKat 4.4 update released [only South Korea for now] Sent from my LG-G2 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [App] remove bloatware the easiest way

    I basically wanted to remove the bloatware off my phone and found a few threads here that shows you how to do it. I ffound a quicker way of doing it and thought I would share it here Instructions 1)root your phone by following this link.
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    Thread S cloud coming out soon??

    Just found this in my application manager while debloating my beast . Does anyone know if this is the rumoured s cloud or am I missing something . Moderators, I am new and wasn't sure where this thread should have been posted .please move it to the right section if this is the wrong one Sent...
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    Thread HTC media link dgh 100 incompatible with HTC ONE X

    Purchased a HTC DGH 100(good old media link) last week off ebay after checking if its compatible with HTC one X and was under the impression that it is compatible but plays media in a lower resolution. Received it today and tried pairing it with my Htc one X (i was so excited that I literally...