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  1. smeejaytee

    Thread stock weather app

    Hi can anybody help me please I need the weather app the comes pre installed. I would highly appreciate if someone could upload it for me, tia
  2. smeejaytee

    Thread Smeejaytee's_M8_Booster_v6

    Hi guys so I've come across some interesting tweaks for m8 on my travels around xda and researching build props on the one internet for the Arise team and currently my m8 is running better than the day I brought it, I'm so impressed so I've been testing with my friend krazie1 thanks for your...
  3. smeejaytee

    Thread HTC_One_M8 kernel discussion thread

    Here is the awesome Sense 8 Transformation Mod for S.Rom JW 5.4.0 by krazie1. I know this isn't kernel related but i felt this was so awesome it deserved an op. Enjoy!!! Credit to sun_dream & topjohnwu for such an incredible rom. Credit to topjohnwu for Sense 7 UI. -Added Sense 8 Backup...
  4. smeejaytee

    Thread System and headphone volume boost

    Hi I'm really hoping someone can help me, I know that there is a file that can be edited in sense 6 to increase the volume of the speakers and headphones on m8, would any body please be able to tell me where to find it and what I would need to edit, I would really appreciate any help with this...
  5. smeejaytee

    Thread Advise please

    Hi I wondered if anyone could tell me of an alternative to xhalo flashing Windows that doesn't need xposed any advise would be appreciated thanks
  6. smeejaytee

    Thread Use any sim

    Hi I wonder if someone can help me is there a way to use any carrier SIM on a carrier locked phone without actually unlocking your phone any advise would be highly appreciated thanks in advance
  7. smeejaytee

    Thread Sound mods for m8 gsm

    Official team member for Arise.Sound.Systems Hi as an m8 owner I like to have the best sound possible from my device so I tend to flash many sound mods and I'm always messing with anything sound related to try to find my sweet spot, Here I will post whichever combination I'm using and post...
  8. smeejaytee

    Thread recovery help please

    hi i have a major issue this morning i flashed the dark one viper theme on my m8 i am rooted soff after it installed i hit the reboot button but when it rebooted it hung at boot screen so i hard rebooted and went to recovery which is philz recovery i then wiped cache and dalvic and rebooted but...
  9. smeejaytee

    Thread Which firmware

    Can any body tell me please which firmware I would need to flash please I'm on o2 UK my phone is carrier locked atm I'm on sense6 4.4.2 I'm not rooted yet as I'm trying to gather as much info as I can before proceeding any advise is truly appreciated thank you in advance
  10. smeejaytee

    Thread S on Rom flashing

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me is it possible to flash any Rom without s off and super cid I'm a bit confused
  11. smeejaytee

    Thread help needed urgent

    hi i just flashed i and updated to the lastest twrp which went well then i flashed the boot.img for aicp kk and did a backup of my rom as i was going to update to kitkat but the backup failed i then went to hboot to reflash the boot.img to my original rom so i could boot my phone up to free some...
  12. smeejaytee

    Thread [Q] help please

    if anyone can help it woul be greatly appreciated my hox had a random reboot today and now is is stuck on a bootloop in the htc quietly brilliant screen when i try to enter the hboot section it just reboots again im at a loss any help would be appreciated thank you
  13. smeejaytee

    Thread Eye tracking app

    Hi I wonder if anyone could make the eye movement function of the Samsung galaxy note 3 available on other androids as I think this is a great function and I believe essentially it would only use the camera is it possible to mimic this I hope somebody reads this and can make it happen thanks...
  14. smeejaytee

    Thread Adventure book game dev wanted please

    I don't know if anyone can remember the Steve Jackson Ian Livingstone book collection from the 80's and 90's but I was wondering if it has or can be done in a game format for our android as I used to love those books and would love to experience them on my phone I would presume it would be quite...
  15. smeejaytee

    Thread Sense 5 daydream screensaver

    Sent from my HTC One X Hi i wondered if it is possible to download different screensavers for the daydream feature in sense 5 I think this is a great idea but I don't really like the screensaver does anybody know a way to change it or are we stick with just one choice any help would be very...
  16. smeejaytee

    Thread Cpu quit govenor

    Sent from my HTC One X Hi can anybody tell me which is the best cpu quiet governor to use as I can't find explanations for them anywhere advise please anybody
  17. smeejaytee

    Thread V6 supercharger

    Sent from my HTC One X Hi all I just wanted to get people's opinions on whether I should supercharge my hox and patch my services jar. does it really make things better or should I just stick with stock what do you all think thanks
  18. smeejaytee

    Thread V6 supercharger

    Sent from my HTC One X Hi all I just wanted to ask opinions on whether I should supercharge my hox and mod the services jar what do you all think is it needed or should I stick with stock I'm using viper 4.0.2 what are your thoughts thanks everyone
  19. smeejaytee

    Thread Transparent BlinkFeed

    Hi I'm using viper 4.0.2 is there any way to have transparent BlinkFeed please found a zip for other phones but not for our hox unfortunatly of anyone can help thanks in advance Sent from my HTC One X using XDA Premium HD app