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  1. pyropup55

    Thread Downgrading from 4.4 to 4.1

    I'm trying to drop back down to 4.1.2. After wiping and installing the Rom, which send to install correctly,I just keep getting a black screen, no boot screen, nothing. Am I missing a step some where? Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
  2. pyropup55

    Thread USB audio out on 4.4

    Is there any way to get audio out via usb on 4.4? I really don't want to have to drop back down to stockish. I have the iBolt dock in my car and use it all the time for music and nav, but since I went to Slick Ricks PA it doesn't work. I think it has something to do with Samsung's kernel but...
  3. pyropup55

    Thread Car Charger

    Amazing what happens when I use the search feature.. let this die away please
  4. pyropup55

    Thread Not receiving sms

    For some reason my phone isn't receiving sms. It only happens with certain numbers, as I can receive ones from other people. And I can still get a mms message from one of the numbers I can't get sms from. I've tried different roms, different text apps,I don't know what could be causing it...
  5. pyropup55

    Thread I screwed up

    Ok, so I got my e4gt the other day and after trying to figure out how to root the damn thing, I got it rooted and running AKOP on it. The issue is, I had a sd card in and went to format it and ****ed up. I ended up formatting the main internal storage. I lost my original nandroid that was just...
  6. pyropup55

    Thread I give up

    I've been trying to get JB on my phone for a while now. I went back to completely stock and got the OTA. Downloaded and I thought it installed. Rebooted, still gingerbread. So I rerooted from scratch. Installed Codename Android on it. Booted up and was running fine for about 5 minutes, at this...
  7. pyropup55

    Thread Help! **Unable to mount /sd Cresp4g

    I rebooted my phone this afternoon. It stayed at the Google screen. I tried to do another reboot. Same issue. I booted in to recovery to try to just load a backup and it's saying there is no /sd. I tried to mount /sd and keep getting an error that said there wasn't one found. I have the Crespo4g...
  8. pyropup55

    Thread [Q] Help

    I'm having some issues with my S 4g. After leaving my phone alone, such as charging it over night. I'll wake up with it booted in to recovery, or as soon as I go to use it I'll get a lot of force closures. I've tried different ROMS I've tried wipping every thing that can be wiped and doing...
  9. pyropup55

    Thread Help! Sd keeps unmounting itself.

    I'm running peter's 2.3.7 with matrix 7.5. I noticed this happened the other day after I rebooted my phone that it was saying that the sd card was not mounted. Didn't know what to do so I did a nand restore. It's happened a few other times and now I just remount it through clockwork. Any ideas...
  10. pyropup55

    Thread Anyone else jumping ship to the Nexus tomorrow?

    My faithful Hero's quest ends today. I'll be retiring it to my dust shelf, or passing it along to my brother in law so his quest may continue. So many thanks to all the hard work you guys have put in to the Hero. You all helped me out a lot.
  11. pyropup55

    Thread Texting on sprint.

    Is anyone else having an issue receiving texts? I woke up this morning and couldn't receive was working fine last night. Running cm 6.1 rc, because the stupid pos phone won't let me load a new rom. Sent from my HERO200 using XDA App
  12. pyropup55

    Thread [Q] Grrrrr. Stupid Phone

    Ok, I've been trying to flash the stable release of CM. My phone will get to the HTC logo and not move off of it to save it's own life. (it's come close to flying through a wall or three). I've used Rom manager to flash it, I've used just putting the zip on my sd card. notta. Any ideas what...
  13. pyropup55

    Thread Going to sprint store with modded phone.

    I'm fed up with the battery life on my phone. It's only lasting about 8 hours on a full charge with medium usage, fb and twitter set to never refresh and using juice defender. I'm taking it to the store to see about getting the battery replaced as I've only had the phone 6-7 months. Are they...
  14. pyropup55

    Thread [Q] Has anyone used a Stealth Guard?

    Has anyone ordered or used a Stealth Guard for their phone? I ordered one the other week (was only $2 something total). Right now, you only have to pay for shipping.
  15. pyropup55

    Thread Help! V. Htc sync

    ****EDIT******** Got it all up and running. WOOT!!! here's the deal, my computer crashed and I lost everything, I had been using my phone to get online via easy tether, but since I lost everything, I no longer have the drivers, and when I try to download sync from to my phone to...
  16. pyropup55

    Thread car chargers

    what car chargers will work with our phone? I saw someone had used a charger from a razr, but when I went to the store to check them out, the usb cable wouldn't fit, and I wasn't going to try to for the thing on there. Any ideas please?
  17. pyropup55

    Thread Stupid newbie question v. fresh 1.5 to Damagecontrol

    I just got my Hero last week and using fresh kitchen, flashed to fresh 1.5. I wanted to move up to the new damagecontrol rom, but since I used fresh kitchen to upgrade the first time. I wanted to know what I had to do. Is it just a matter of draging the dc zip to my sd card, booting to recovery...