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  1. garwynn

    Thread [Review WIP] Sapphire Radeon 5600 XT Pulse

    Hello everyone! The Radeon 5600 XT was released today and we are in the process of putting it through its paces. But in an attempt to get some of that information more quickly to our readers I'm going to be posting information as we go. GPU being tested: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5600 XT...
  2. garwynn

    Thread PC Hardware Coverage for XDA in 2020

    Hello everyone! I didn't know where to really put this and the forums are still one of the places I feel most comfortable on the web. In 2019 we did a far better job of covering more new PC hardware components than the previous year. Some of our reviews took longer than expected, but I stand...
  3. garwynn

    Post What are the lowest adequate system requirements for building Android?

    A T7700 is probably going to take a very long time. Even building a kernel on a Q9500 was over an hour in 2013. Get the RAM if it's very cheap or free, but I'd honestly save the money and put away to buy a newer laptop. In the long term you'll get a far better result. You may honestly be...
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    Post Cannot install kali nethunter on my sm-j330f

    Adding English translation, updating title. Then moved to Galaxy J3 (2017) Q&A. Forum posts on XDA should only be in English. Thank you.
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    Thread [Review WIP] Testing Threadripper 1950X & Intel Core i9-7900X

    As mentioned in the "Behind the Scenes" update, we now have a CPU sample from AMD and Intel to do some high end desktop testing. If there is something you want to have tested, please add it here. If we don't include it in the review we'll add that information here. My plan of attack on both is...
  6. garwynn

    Post Building My Gaming PC

    You may want to throw that in PCPartPicker and send a link to that build list. You may also find better pricing since you posted it. A few follow-up Qs: 1) What OS (or OSes?) 2) What games in particular are you looking at playing? 3) Do you have a budget in mind? There's also room to make...
  7. garwynn

    Post Building My Gaming PC

    You may want to throw that in PCPartPicker and send a link to that build list. You may also find better pricing since you posted it. A few follow-up Qs: 1) What OS (or OSes?) 2) What games in particular are you looking at playing? 3) Do you have a budget in mind? There's also room to make...
  8. garwynn

    Thread Behind the Scenes Update: September 2018

    Hey everyone! I've been silent for a while for personal reasons. But we're at a point where things are about to heat up... literally! Many things have changed since my last update, so I'll give a rundown of those changes here. This should also help readers know where we're headed in the next 3...
  9. garwynn

    Post Honor Re-Opens bootloader Unlocking on a Limited Trial for XDA

    I'm glad to see a little wiggle room on this. But as Huawei arguably has one of the top devices on market (or so I keep hearing about the P20 Pro) it also starts to make sense. Here's hoping a good balance can be found.
  10. garwynn

    Post Sony Xperia Z5C - Bootloop after updating SuperSu - ADB not listed

    Moved to Z5 Compact Q&A. Hope that helps you get an answer!
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    Post S8+ G955U1 Combination File Needed (Firmware AQL1)

    Moved to S8+ Q&A. Hope this is the right version for you and that they can help you get the answer you're looking for.
  12. garwynn

    Post [APP][MOD]OGYouTube v3.5 Downloader, Popup/Background/ScreenOff Playback [STOPPED]

    Thread cleaned. Let's keep it civil or restrain ourselves if we cannot. Thank you.
  13. garwynn

    Post PX3

    Closing this thread. Go here for any further activity please.
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    Post [Tool][Windows Only][Root] Android Reverse Tethering 3.19

    Thread cleaned. Please post in English only.
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    Post [HOT]► WhatsApp Killer-Message

    Thread closed. Back into your long sleep.
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    Post Huawei p9 EVA-L09 No fastboot/recovery access.

    Updated thread title and moved to P9 Q&A. Hope this gets you the answers you're looking for.
  17. garwynn

    Post The 1700 is back from the dead

    1.35V @ 3.8 seems to work. Temps climb and then dramatically slow in the mid-80s as the test stays. So I think this is as good as I'm going to get in this form factor and case. Next step: Try and get this replicated in BIOS.
  18. garwynn

    Post The 1700 is back from the dead

    Started Prime95 testing and it's locking up even at 1.3V. Higher the voltage, longer it stays in the test though.
  19. garwynn

    Post The 1700 is back from the dead

    Update: Think it took a bump of 1.25 to get 3.8 stable. Will keep it here for a bit but so far so good.
  20. garwynn

    Post What are your PC specs?

    Tell you what, will try and run some build times here. But I'll also mention that average users don't really need PTI, especially on a test bench/build box with no critical data anywhere on the physical box.
  21. garwynn

    Thread The 1700 is back from the dead

    So I'd like to share a story about a Ryzen 7 1700. One that I wrote a eulogy for because it refused to boot. I have a new motherboard, some new BIOSes. Tried booting it recently on stock. It booted! So the good news of this is...
  22. garwynn

    Post Screen Dimming LG 20K Plus

    There were 3 threads on the same topic. This was the most descriptive so I've kept this open. If people aren't responding it's probably because the user base is limited and people may not have an answer. Strangely enough that does happen here, it happened with my first Android device.
  23. garwynn

    Post Where to go?

    Edit: There's no thread for this device but there is an enhanced tag: So instead I'm moving it to Android Q&A. Hope one of these helps you out!
  24. garwynn

    Post Sound mod for PC?

    This for an HP laptop?
  25. garwynn

    Post Vega 56/64 Ubuntu Setup (Graphics, ROCm, OpenCL)

    Thanks, it's fixed. ;) Serves me right for typing that in the middle of the night.
  26. garwynn

    Thread Vega 56/64 Ubuntu Setup (Graphics, ROCm, OpenCL)

    I'm opening this thread since one of our goals in GPU reviews is to test not only how they work but how to set them up. This will be done using the Powercolor Red Devil Vega 56 but should apply to any Vega graphics card. OS: Ubuntu 17.10 Kernel: 4.15 rc5 (AMDGPU) Graphics: Obtain firmware...
  27. garwynn

    Post Powercolor Vega Red Devil 56 - Non-Review Stuff

    Here's the progress on the benchmarks: 3DMark (Windows, so I don't put in the review): Under 5% difference versus the 1080 Founder's Edition on Fire Strike & Time Spy. Destiny 2 vs 580: Noticeable but hard to measure. I think 1080 is still okay to compare 580 and Vega, but I think I want to run...
  28. garwynn

    Post Sound mod for PC?

    The one that comes to mind are the unlocked Realtek drivers, but those are a bit of a pain to get installed and working.
  29. garwynn

    Post Help me build my son's first gaming PC

    Whynotboth.gif ? (Seriously, more than one option is hardly a bad thing to have here.) Edit: Okay, here's my list. No CD/DVD drive. Plenty of places to get Windows 10 for a decent price. If you can squeeze any extra money put it into a 240GB+ SSD. Other...
  30. garwynn

    Post [SOLVED]RAM: defect or incompatible?

    Would agree. If you still have issues with whatever you choose to replace it with, let us know!
  31. garwynn

    Post What are your PC specs?

    Until I started doing a lot more kernel building I was living off a Core 2 Quad Q9550 with 4GB RAM. Reasons why are exactly what you mentioned - my use case didn't justify all that horsepower. Also was gaming on a console back then.
  32. garwynn

    Post [SOLVED]RAM: defect or incompatible?

    I'd definitely look at RMA or returns, especially if the other memory is working fine. If neither is working and you're still seeing artifacts (those black spots) that suggests it might be the motherboard or CPU.
  33. garwynn

    Post Help me build my son's first gaming PC

    Any other preferences on size, upgrades? At that price point you may be able to find a great deal after the holidays on PCs off the shelf that are discounted to clear them out. I used to suggest going to older/used hardware and cleaning it up but I've largely gone away from that this year since...
  34. garwynn

    Post What games are you playing?

    This is general... just like any other one chatting it up about anything will be allowed so long as it doesn't descend into madness. That said I'm still largely playing Destiny 2. I have PUBG but suck horribly and have yet to finish the new Wolfenstein. Slowly going to catch up on the backlog...
  35. garwynn

    Post What are your PC specs?

    Does yours seem quiet? I need to get a longer USB cable and a boom for it but that's one of my biggest reasons for not using it when I stream at the moment.
  36. garwynn

    Post [Project][WIP] The multi-user machine at a much lower cost than before

    I wanted to share some additional details. First, I've been told that several forum members on Level1Techs have been working on this on Fedora. One of their writers shared the progress, looks like it's limited to Vega on the Radeon side and requires some fixes. I'm going a different direction...
  37. garwynn

    Thread GamePad Digital Pocket 7.0 Non-Review Content

    Similar to the one I posted for the Vega 56 we also have a GPD Pocket 7" in the house for review. It's another one of those devices that blurs the lines between mobile and regular PCs since it's powered by Atom but doesn't feature any 3G/4G/LTE capabilities. I have mine in dual boot config at...
  38. garwynn

    Thread Powercolor Vega Red Devil 56 - Non-Review Stuff

    Hello folks! You may have noticed on Twitter that we have the Powercolor Red Devil Vega 56 in the house for review. But since our reviews will remain largely focused on Linux, even for GPUs, I wanted to find a place to ask and discuss anything else that readers may want to know. That's where...
  39. garwynn

    Thread [Project][WIP] The multi-user machine at a much lower cost than before

    Note: This is a migration of a discussion from Medium to here. Do you remember seeing this from Linus Tech Tips last year? $30,000 is not cheap by any standards. Nor does someone really need 7 gamers on one PC. But given a average household of 2...
  40. garwynn

    Post What are your PC specs?

    At one point there used to be a thread that posted specs and build times. It was one of the few places that, before we started covering this, you could start to figure out what was good for builds. My "daily driver" is actually busted at the moment and I'm trying to track down a new AM4 mITX...
  41. garwynn

    Post Hardware Giveaway by Kitguru for Review

    I actually regularly enter these and at one point tried to work with Gavin when he was looking for writers. A few months ago I did end up with a X399 motherboard and CPU cooler to go with it by a drawing. All I need to throw that into the test bench is a Threadripper. And while I can start with...
  42. garwynn

    Post [Portal Article] XDA Takes on Ryzen: In-Depth Look of AMD’s AM4 Processors On Linux

    The problems are real. I still have yet to get a fully dialed-in overclock going - I either have to choose RAM or CPU, but not both. I do have a promise from one of AMD's community managers in Australia that he'll help me work on that soon!
  43. garwynn

    Thread [Portal Article] First Look: Team T-Force Night Hawk DDR4 & Cardea m.2 SSD

    The video is still in the works but here's our first look at a RAM/SSD combination from Team Group.
  44. garwynn

    Thread [Portal Article] XDA PC Hardware Analysis : Intel Core X and AMD Threadripper Face...

    HEDT processors and platforms are some of the hardest to get when it comes to reviews. Given how new we are to the scene we're actually not surprised that we didn't receive samples... but the tests still needed to be done somehow. Thankfully a friend now at AVADirect (Shannon Robb) was able to...
  45. garwynn

    Post BlueStacks Tweaker 6. Tool for modifing BlueStacks 2 & 3 & 3N & 4 & 4 64-bit

    If you are experiencing problems with this tool it would probably be wise not to just get on here and rant. Instead I'd recommend reporting the issue and try to gather any additional information that may assist in recreating the scenario so it can be addressed. Things such as your current PC...
  46. garwynn

    Post Unlocking Jiofi M2 Pegasus Router (WIP) JioFi 2

    Thread has been cleaned and re-opened. Please kindly read what the OP is asking for and assist if possible.
  47. garwynn

    Thread [Portal Article] Computex 2017: Intel, AMD Bring Server Core Counts to Consumers

    Article Posted: June 6, 2017 At Computex both Intel and AMD announced some staggering high core and thread counts for consumers. So what in the heck is going on and how does that change the scene? Read more here...
  48. garwynn

    Thread [Portal Article] XDA Takes on Ryzen: In-Depth Look of AMD’s AM4 Processors On Linux

    Article Posted: April 24, 2017 When we heard AMD was working a new processor lineup - one that could compete against Intel's 8-core, 16-thread i5-5960X in performance... we definitely wanted to test that. Curious what we found? Read the article here...
  49. garwynn

    Thread [Portal Article] You Asked, We Answer – AOSP Build Times on AMD Processors

    Article Date: June 13, 2016 Our first delve into PC hardware topics - checking how long it took to build an AOSP ROM from source on AMD processors. Read the article here: Update: Our Ryzen review shows just...