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  1. Mingo3k

    Thread [Q] DNS Changing Issues

    Hi Guys/Girls, Living in Australia we've got some issues getting to Netflix. We need to use DNS servers for proxies so we can connect (Geoblocking and such) I'm not looking at wanting to set the DNS on the Wi-Fi connection itself, as I often use networks out of my own Wi-Fi connection at home...
  2. Mingo3k

    Thread Official SGS3 Australian Thread

    Just here for all the Australian Owners of the S3. I have officially ordered/upgraded through Optus for the 16GB Pebble Blue. Sadly these are not in stock (due to the faulty battery covers)
  3. Mingo3k

    Thread [Q] I believe I have made a brick.

    Hi guys/girls of XDA. I've been happily running my Galaxy S 2 with CM9 for some time. I've just yesterday changed to the latest nightly. Had used the Battery Calibration market app, just so i can get the maximum use out of my extended battery (i still seemed to get regular usage out of the...
  4. Mingo3k

    Thread [Q] Regarding the Disney DM010SH

    Have a quick question for the Japanese brethren of the XDA forums. I can see Disney launched their latest phone model, the DM010SH. Would any lucky owners be able to get some of the...