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  1. A2Trip

    Thread US Cellular=NO LOVE

    Sup with everyone else developing for every other XT10__ but not 55? We have unlocked bootloader capabilities and root access, are there no USC developers using this device? May look into this stuff and start creating my own, I've been around long enough...maybe time to put in work. Seeing as I...
  2. A2Trip

    Thread 4.4 and XDA Premium 4 Paid App

    Anyone else notice while backing out the app it will show your home screen within the app for a split second before closing? Was just wondering if I was the only one. Have done factory resets and clean installs too... Sent from my XT1055 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  3. A2Trip

    Thread [Q] Okay, Google, Now...?

    I thought this was the only phase it would follow, if I say okay only, it opens the search...or just okay google. Maybe google now? it is becoming a problem as my phone was on this morning on something searched I had not as it was on charger all night. Was randomly popping up seaches yesterday...
  4. A2Trip

    Thread [Q] US Cellular ROM support? [Q]

    Title says it all...will we get any love soon? I see almost every other carriers (unlocked BL's and not) all have Roms and development going on except USC...I pretty much unlocked and rooted for no reason it seems. If anyone knows or has news please share as I am very disappointed in my...
  5. A2Trip

    Thread Post your Benchmark scores!

    Hi everyone, new to this side of the forums but obviously not my first rodeo. Noticed a thread wasn't started on this and was kinda interested as in others scores regarding different carriers, rooted, stock and other ROM benchmark results. So this isn't for just my knowledge... I'm sure others...
  6. A2Trip


    I am actually a Motorola Atrix 2 owner but have been using this launcher and widget for months now...really enjoy it and read that someone on an HTC 4G device was able to install it as well via CWM. Well my girl has an Incredible 2 and I decided to give it a whirl and whaddya know? It worked...
  7. A2Trip

    Thread Atrix 2 ics leak #2 stuck on cm10 boot!

    Okay, so here's a long story short. I flashed AT&T ICS leak #2 when I first got my replacement due to a brick. I ran SCV7 for a week or so and decided to try out CM10. I restored my backup of stock/rooted backup. Uninstalled highjacks, packages and app (bootmenu) itself. I then installed our OG...
  8. A2Trip

    Thread AT&T Customer Service and or CLNR (Certified "Like New" replacement)

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has had bad customer service or POS CLNR. I hard bricked my A2 last Sunday and I called in for a warrenty replacement since my father paid over $200 for a two year warrenty plan on it before he passed. They had no problem replacing after I gave a story along...
  9. A2Trip

    Thread Rooting girlfriends INC2 got a couple Q's?

    So I was able to downgrade the phone to 2.3.3, I was able to intstall revolutionary and got S-off. Had problems trying to flash the superuser as well but finally got it. Also just got around to installing ROM manager on it before she took off for work. Now my questions are, 1. Why isnt there a...
  10. A2Trip

    Thread Script manager and V6 Supercharger Question.

    So I've been getting around to installing extra .zip updates. I've tried mashed up and the 8 point multitouch by moonshadow. I've been interested in getting the V6 (or V8) for my X2 on CM7. I've downloaded and installed both busybox and script manager. Busybox has been fine with no force closes...