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  1. dan0zone

    Post It's here Android 11

    First thing I noticed was that I can now set a minimum brightness from the navigation bar .... This is a huge improvement as before the brightness would go to zero in a dark room... Now I can choose how low I want it to go and still automatically increase when needed ..
  2. dan0zone

    Thread It's here Android 11

    Currently downloading on Tmoble Update.. Auto brightness is finally fixed!
  3. dan0zone

    Post Do not disturb schedule not working on US998

    Having the same issue here . I have to restart my phone to get it to activate on time or like you, manually start it.
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    Post Intrusive ads? Post here!

    Hello everyone.. The link above is where I posted about this issue. In that post is another link to an article about these ads/pop ups. But, as the member that responded to me said, the article does not mention...
  5. dan0zone

    Post [Completed] Advertisements

    new info The above link has info about what's going on and the information about how XDA can deal with the rogue ads that are being used on your site .. Most of the virus scan pop ups only appeas when the ad is on the page. Below are...
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    Thread [Completed] Advertisements

    What is going on with ads on XDA ... How can I avoid this when I access XDA on my g3 with chrome? Please see attachments ..
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    Post LG G3 Lollipop leak :)

    RCT is a LG root checker..... Go here to reset it ..
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    Post [ROM] Flash-able 4.4 KIT-KAT E980 AT$T

    This is perfect, I just needed a backup... thank you so much and have a good day .
  9. dan0zone

    Post [ROM] Flash-able 4.4 KIT-KAT E980 AT$T

    Hello all ... Can someone please upload a copy of the stock 4.4.2 att build prop here..? Thank you in advance.
  10. dan0zone

    Post [Resolved] [Q] Calling system APK functions

    I'm interested in this fix ...
  11. dan0zone

    Post Guide: Motorola S9 to S9-HD

    Can I use THIS file to update a real S9-HD....?
  12. dan0zone

    Post LG G2 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock)

    This is the same error I get when trying to flash the e980h kdz for Mexico, to my att e980. Anyone know how to fix this ..?
  13. dan0zone

    Post [ROM][Stock]T989UVMC6(4.1.2) UVLI4 (4.0.4) ♛ TLLE4 (4.0.3) ♛ TLLG2[ODIN][TWRP/CWM]

    I was gonna do this also, but, staying with my gf and her crappy laptop has a small H/Drive.. Was going to do it this weekend when I got home, where I can use my desktop, I have everything installed on there, I just have to install the cygwin patches . The kitchen seems really good, I'm still...
  14. dan0zone

    Thread Off topic but funny

    Mods please remove after everyone has had a good laugh...
  15. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL]Hercules TW JB(002) OC~1.73GHz/GPU OC/OTG/UV[May-21]

    First of all Thank you for taking the time to do this .... You are Like the god of kernels... Only issue I found is 'camera failed warning' , so camera not working... But everything else is awesome... ...
  16. dan0zone

    Post [Nightly KERNELS] SGS2-Streamline "ICS Compatiable 7/10/2012"

    Version 1: ~Fixed Camera issue / reverse color ~Fixed Scaling issues ~faux123 original OC Settings ~Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm ~kernel:sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg ~Remove ARM sha1 routines ~lib/sha1: use the git implementation of SHA-1 ~lib/string: use glibc version...
  17. dan0zone

    Post TweakBox by Rovo89

    wow , I can't believe no one is interested in this... Transparent notification bar clock color Crt animation (owner is trying to fix) battery mod all without flashing and wiping, all you need is to reboot and enjoy... It's still early work , but the dev is on the right track .. this could put...
  18. dan0zone

    Post Android 4.0.3 ICS - a SLAP in my face!

    Look here grasshopper, You sit, You listen, You learn and you be thankful . If you don't understand, You ask ONLY about that which You don't understand, as not to confuse yourself. If you still don't understand ask again, if you still don't get it, then you shouldn't be doing it. YOU come in...
  19. dan0zone

    Post [MOD][ICS][XPOSED] Tweakbox: no-flashing tweaks collection (1.4.0)(23.01.2013)

    I have tried your app on the t989 (T-Mobile galaxy s2) and all mods work, except for the CRT animation ..
  20. dan0zone

    Post TweakBox by Rovo89

    Well I don't think it works on CM roms ...
  21. dan0zone

    Thread TweakBox by Rovo89

    OK Android troops, I came across this in the I9100 forums . It's the most simplest way I have found to customize your phone without flashing a specific mod for a specific rom, it's called tweakbox. It works on all stock Samsung ics based Roms .Please ensure you read All WARNINGS and...
  22. dan0zone

    Thread Be on alert Android troops .....

    Just an FYI .... I came across the following article today and thought I should share it ... Its about another in app sdk like air push, It's called start app . When you download an app with this built in *money making feature* , it adds a new search bar to your home screen, sounds familiar? ...
  23. dan0zone

    Post Dalvik cache not wiping, recovery says ext not found

    You will get this error The script has a duel function ... it will wipe data/dalvik-cache .... and ext/data/dalvik-cache... The last part is for users that use an ext partition on their SD card .. As you don't have one, it will wipe the internal and give you an error for the EXTernal ... so just...
  24. dan0zone

    Post Major downloading issue with Go Play Market!

    My gf had this issue to ... it took us a while to figure out that that card she was using had expired so Google check out will not process any purchases .... check the your card or on your computer go to Googleand look at your account billing details ....
  25. dan0zone

    Post Can't get my notification ringtone to change.

    Using your stock music player, find the song, select menu>set as .... and make your choice .... Also .... there's an app that is as old as Android on the market that you can use to trim and set ringtones .... ringdroid ..... get it!
  26. dan0zone

    Post Audio quality on Tmobile SG2

    Try this ... its not voodoo but it really helps .. poweramp sounds really good on the sgs 2 and with the latest update it just got better ...
  27. dan0zone

    Post [ROM] Revenge Of Macnut R1 (3/2/2012)
  28. dan0zone

    Post Android.Counterclank infecting 5 million users ?

    Well the super user app is your best friend for now, till they figure out a way to bypass it ...... Again paying attention to what download on your unit is very important..... ALSO if you grown up enough to have, as they say, 'all my important info on my phone', then you should be grown up...
  29. dan0zone

    Post Android.Counterclank infecting 5 million users ?

    NO!!!!! As of windows7 the antivirus market for the PC has dropped, as windows now offers FREE antivirus for their system... So now antivirus companies need another lucrative market and they have been aiming at android ,using a very aggressive FUD campaign to boost their sales, and catch the...
  30. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL] Synergy v0.10 [CK3+, Autogrouping, OC, UV, BFQ, BLN, OTG]

    Again, anyone got an alternate link to this kernel, links on the first page not working, remote sever errors ...
  31. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL] Synergy v0.10 [CK3+, Autogrouping, OC, UV, BFQ, BLN, OTG]

    Can anyone share this kernel ... links not working ..... please ..
  32. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL]Hercules TW JB(002) OC~1.73GHz/GPU OC/OTG/UV[May-21]

    Ok faux here's what I found .... You got two kernels listed on the first page ,Mainline and an ultimate ..... Mainline one works great with DSP ,but , Ultimate does not ....> (it will work fine with the first song you play, then, once the song changes enhancements go away) <... this is not...
  33. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL]Hercules TW JB(002) OC~1.73GHz/GPU OC/OTG/UV[May-21]

    pm sent.... thanks will try it... I like dsp because you can set different profiles for Bluetooth, headset and phone speaker.... ---------- Post added at 10:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:26 PM ---------- I know now that DSP works on the stock kernel, bullet kernel, but for some...
  34. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL]Hercules TW JB(002) OC~1.73GHz/GPU OC/OTG/UV[May-21]

    Just fixed my post sorry bout that .. Had to rename the file to .zip to upload ...
  35. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL]Hercules TW JB(002) OC~1.73GHz/GPU OC/OTG/UV[May-21]

    Best I can do for now ... got hauled off to the in-laws,.... P.S... had to rename to. zip to upload ....please remove .zip at the end ... Got it to work for a little bit, but when I skip to the next song, the volume would shoot up to Max when ever I try to change the eq frequency in dsp with no...
  36. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL]Hercules TW JB(002) OC~1.73GHz/GPU OC/OTG/UV[May-21]

    Will do .... soon as I get the wife out the house ... will reflash your kernel and run logcat ...
  37. dan0zone

    Post [KERNEL]Hercules TW JB(002) OC~1.73GHz/GPU OC/OTG/UV[May-21]

    Hey faux123 ..... this is really a great kernel, so smooth ... but I found an issue with the dsp manager .... it works great on bullet kernel, but when I flashed faux it just won't work.. none of the enhancements or eq ... back to bullet for now.. Can you look into this when you have time...
  38. dan0zone

    Post (Q) How to increase speaker volume

    I believe so .... the thread I posted has all the information , Android 2.3.5 and up no longer needs lib patches ... the APK works independent ... Please let us know ...
  39. dan0zone

    Post (Q) How to increase speaker volume

    Install the DSPmanager.apk from the link below and reboot..... (not the zip).... then open and set your preferences... its not max volume but its a LOT better , especially with my S9hd....
  40. dan0zone

    Post Is there any way to downgrade?

    uninstall the task manager that's telling you everything is open and using up ram ... then you should be OK .... Unused RAM is wasted RAM in Android .......!
  41. dan0zone

    Post [Q] DSP Manager on Juggernaut?

    How did you get this to work?? I know from the vibrant, that Samsung uses a customized ..... I tried to switch this out for the same dsp and got a kernel panic ...
  42. dan0zone

    Post Carrier IQ, is it in any of the Vibrant roms?

    I know we are all being 'tracked' .... It's just that Sprint makes the extra effort ,more so than the other mobile carriers....
  43. dan0zone

    Post Carrier IQ, is it in any of the Vibrant roms?

    When this broke a couple of weeks ago, the original article pointed to just Sprint.. As you might know already ,Sprint has openly admitted that they share their customers info with the government ... so this would go hand in hand with this tracking software .... Don't be surprised if its found...
  44. dan0zone

    Post [Q] How to flush the internel file system on vibrant t959 & renew it.

    On the latest stock froyo build Samsung updated to 3e recovery and left no room in the system folder ,which makes it hard to root, because super root, 'rage in a cage ' installs superuser apk in the system app folder and su binary in the system bin folder.... I think Eugene has a modified ODIN...
  45. dan0zone

    Post Let's bug samsung for gingerbread

    There was no ota for the vibrant because ... 1. Both T-Mobile and Samsung could not find a way to update form Touchwiz 2.1 rom to Touchwiz 2.2 rom , without a data wipe ... 2. So to save them Mass Hysteria, caused by loss of data by unsuspecting users via ota ,they made it a non- mandatory...
  46. dan0zone

    Post Google Music Invites..i got some!!!!

    pm sent ... if you still have more .... thanks in advanced.
  47. dan0zone

    Post App like siri for our vibrants?

    Well iPhone 4s with dual core and a little bit of multitasking ( if one can call it that) , and behold it has the same issues that other dual core real multitasking phones are suffering form .... Look at some of the settings being turned off or tweaked, to extend battery life ...... siri...