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  1. bweN diorD

    Thread [ROM] Validus [d855]

    i just built this as a favor for someone, and figured i would share. i dont know if or when i will build again, so ill just leave this here in general for now. version 5.1.1 if you need me to explain how to flash a rom and have a fancy op, your in the wrong place :p download removed source...
  2. bweN diorD

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]Flex-OS 5.1.1 [06/10/15]

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THE OP!! First the required crap, -these are unofficial maintainer builds of the official code pushed by team flex-os -i did not make, or take credit for, any of the code, i just build it -updates will come as i make them, there will be no set schedule -fixes for any issue...
  3. bweN diorD

    Thread Xposed for Lollipop

    we can use this thread for discussion about xposed for lollipop (when we get it) on our device, rather than spamming numerous other threads with it. i will try to keep useful links updated below, as i find them, or you guys/gals send them to me. official thread...
  4. bweN diorD

    Thread [REFERENCE] Stock IMG files + Stock Links & Mods

    PLEASE DON'T QUOTE THE OP!! ***Below is a collection of stock partition img's donated by several forum members and myself, for Verizon vs985 LG G3 only. ***Some other less important partitions are linked for the dev's (where available), please don't use them, unless you know what your flashing...
  5. bweN diorD

    Thread [REFERENCE] ROM Bugs [WIP]

    please dont quote the op!! just mention me im going to attempt to keep a running list of bugs, per rom, for easy reference. good luck to me lol THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR ANY DISCUSSION ABOUT THE BUGS, OR ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT IS WORKING AND WHATS NOT! below, i will list all available roms...
  6. bweN diorD

    Thread accurate battery stats on aosp

    gsam isnt resetting on full charge like its supposed to. does anyone know of a good monitor like gsam that works properly on aosp? something with similar capabilities preferred, if possible. i just got a zero lemon battery, and would like to record some accurate stats. thanks
  7. bweN diorD

    Thread here is the sucker you wanted :p

    ill believe it when its rolling out
  8. bweN diorD

    Thread [resolved] question about madiafire

    i host and mirror quite a few of my files and files from others for the forum. i have been stupidly piling them into one directory and was wondering, if i do some organizing and move some of those files into more appropriate folders, will it break my download links already posted around the...
  9. bweN diorD

    Thread FCC stands up for us on unlmtd vzw

    verizon is planning to throttle some of us on unlimited in a couple months. the fcc is having none of it. read about it here. comments welcome :) (mods move please if this doesn't belong here) thanks
  10. bweN diorD

    Thread [GUIDE] root, unlock, kk and flash back to jb [READ OP!!!]

    ************WARNING************* this guide only works completely if you did NOT take the 183.46.15 update rolling out around 9/9/14 LOOK AT YOUR SYSTEM VERSION AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT ON 183.46.14or15 BEFORE POSTING, if you are, THE BOOTLOADER UNLOCK AND ROOT WONT WORK, PERIOD, END OF...
  11. bweN diorD

    Thread new to lg + g2

    this is my first lg phone and i intend to read up on things as i always do, but i have a few questions/requests to get me going. i want to root etc etc. it has build jdq39b and wants to update (im not taking it), i want to be as unlocked and crack flash friendly as possible. i basically need...
  12. bweN diorD

    Thread [SCRIPT] DROID RAZR HD 926 (only) Utility 1.4 KK - Windows [Updated 06/16/2014]

    *********PSA********** a new update is rolling out NOW use version 1.41 and the UNLOCK GUIDE now!!!, before you take the update!!!. once updated by the 9/9/14 ota, you are screwed permanently from unlocking and rooting. WARNING unlocked users on the oficial KK need to use rsd to flash back...
  13. bweN diorD

    Thread request, new market flash

    i have a friend who didnt get the new market yet but would like it. could someone post the file and install method. thank you very much
  14. bweN diorD

    Thread [Q] your opinion

    if you were a developer, would you send a thank you msg to those who donate? i say yes, common courtesy imo, wondering what others think. thanks