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  1. dan0zone

    Thread It's here Android 11

    Currently downloading on Tmoble Update.. Auto brightness is finally fixed!
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    Thread [Completed] Advertisements

    What is going on with ads on XDA ... How can I avoid this when I access XDA on my g3 with chrome? Please see attachments ..
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    Thread Off topic but funny

    Mods please remove after everyone has had a good laugh...
  4. dan0zone

    Thread TweakBox by Rovo89

    OK Android troops, I came across this in the I9100 forums . It's the most simplest way I have found to customize your phone without flashing a specific mod for a specific rom, it's called tweakbox. It works on all stock Samsung ics based Roms .Please ensure you read All WARNINGS and...
  5. dan0zone

    Thread Be on alert Android troops .....

    Just an FYI .... I came across the following article today and thought I should share it ... Its about another in app sdk like air push, It's called start app . When you download an app with this built in *money making feature* , it adds a new search bar to your home screen, sounds familiar? ...
  6. dan0zone

    Thread Well Well Well ..... this is funny..!

    Apple needs a tissue...
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    Thread Kernel Devs.......

    Can any of the great Devs here help us out .... There is a small group of users ,myself included , that prefer stereo bluetooth headphones over wired headphones ... Now to get this out of the way , Voodoo does wonders for wired headphones , but , nothing for bluetooth streaming. The issue is...
  8. dan0zone

    Thread Propaganda machine (Apple?)

    This machine is hard at work .. aim? ... to smear android using google's power... By this I mean they post anything they come across that's deem negative by them without getting into details, all they need are the keywords "malware, virus, gapping hole " associated with android and boom, a story...
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    Thread 2.2.1?????

    Just saw this over at tmobile forums ..... could it be 2.2.1 ......?
  10. dan0zone

    Thread WiFi >> obtaining ip address _loop

    For those of you, who like me ,flashed JK6 or newer 2.2 rom , and ended up with WiFi issues , here's a fix posted by another user..... with wifi off , First using rootExplorer or adb , delete Restart then ... With rootExplorer or adb, again, delete...
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    Thread Wake Lock

    I found this article today ... intresting read..
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    Thread t-mobile android pre sale sep 17 yum yum

    hello all not one for new threads but to excited about this one from tmobile USA check out this link talked to tech support this morning and they said that it is comming but won't...