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    Thread [Q] Your Wi-Fi Connection Speed

    Please, vote : )
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    Thread Z3 Dual Wi-Fi - only 72Mbps

    My laptop connects with 300Mpbs. But my Xperia connects to the same access point only with 72Mbps. :confused:
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    Thread [Q] Hot change threaded-SMS to single-SMS view?

    Hot change threaded-SMS to single-SMS view?
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    Thread Stock apps you can safely delete

    This apps seems doesn't affect to system or other apps. 1. AccuWeather* (and similar) - seems weather service and widget. 2. ChatON - social service from Samsung. 3. Yahoo* (and similar) - seems yahoo services. 4. WebManual - just manual I think. 5. Weather Wall - wallpaper. 6. VideoHub - seems...
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    Thread [Q] Need simple widget or app FlashLight

    Need simple widget or app FlashLight.
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    Thread [Q] How connect device to PC as USB Mass Storage???

    How connect device to PC as USB Mass Storage??? Ver 4.1.2
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    Thread [Q] Need for framework-res.apk 4.1.2

    Need for framework-res.apk 4.1.2
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    Thread Any chance to switch noise reduction off during call?

    Sound Recorder records normally, clearly and with abmient noise. But during call sound as hell - echo and no any high freq. Solution: seems doesn't work. HELP!
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    Thread [REQUEST] force _no headset_ mode

    hi all my X1 randomly switches to headset mode ( it is common X1's issue ) i need app that can forbid phone to switch to headset mode
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    Thread Zipbuds for XPERIA :) Еnjoy : )
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    Thread [Q] Disk Editor for WM

    Is any exists?
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    Thread [REQ] iChing for PDA

    Hi all! Can't found in whole google any app for iChing prophecy except one .NET-based for PC2003 and 320x240 screen res. It is very buggy on WVGA and not skinnable etc. Can anyone to rewrite new modern one? :)
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    Thread [Req] SensMe® for Windows Mobile
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    Thread How To: Sync Contacts between PDA and Mobile Phone?

    Between SonyEricsson Xperia X1 and SonyEricsson K750 for example?
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    Thread Did anyone tried 32Gb micro sdhc on X1?

    May be too high price : )
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    Thread How to clean up or remove folder via xml ?

    I need delete all files in some folder or delete it folder and create empty again. Hot to do it via xml or cab ?
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    Thread HTC Large Title Bar for XPERIA

    Any solutions? --- Hmmm... Looks like it works...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Where does signal level icons are located?

    Subj. Mod edit: SOLVED
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    Thread [SOLVED] Where signal level icons are located ?

    Not in shellres.192.dll and not in *.mui
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    Thread Favorite topics - how to ?

    I want to have favorite topic list as in IPB forum or other. It is not subscription, just bookmarks, that i like to check it sometimes.
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    Thread [REQ] Need very simple sound switcher

    Look here! How it must be: after I click on sound icon in taskbar, sound switches to vibro mode, after next tap - switches to silent mode, after next tap - again normal mode. etc. No windows, no messages etc.
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    Thread [REQ] MP3 Tag Editor For PDA

    A need pocket MP3 Tag Editor with ability to change album art.
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    Thread Need Inverted Losckscreen SCene

    WVGA So i want exactly as default, but with clock in top, and with slider in bottom.
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    Thread Kitchen For x2

    Any news? I know OsBuilder can work with Qualcomm format.
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    Thread Headphones icon disappeared

    No icon appears after i plug headphones in.
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    Thread Question about cooking of new ROM

    Hi. I disassembled 6.1 ROM and added 6.5 SYS. But some troubles occured. 1. Camera doesn't work. 2. I want to replace mHub -> mHub VO. So can i just replace EXT pakages ? 3. What is ConcurrenceMgr pack ? 4. What is ShareDLL pack ? Xperia X1.
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    Thread [SKN] X2 Task Switcher|Manager 4 X1 [JOKE]

    Nice, don't you think ? ) Actually I did just skin for: Download skin:
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    Thread Cooking ROM problem - osKitchen.

    1. I import R3 rom 6.1 2. Add sys|xip for 6.5 3. all ok but (empty Start Menu): Reg entries OK. windows\startmenu etc. OK.
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    Thread X2 Owners!

    1. If works RadioPanel from X1 on X2? I need to know. Panel: ftp://x1:[email protected]/XperiaX1/PANELS/X1_Panel_Radio.CAB These (2 files) in windows folders: 2. I need registry backup from off ROM, ofter hardreset, i.e. clean backup. Madу...
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    Thread MP4 Problem Fixing Thread

    I did it, i saw mp4 movie on X2 port. But not all so good. Wait for details. So, how i descovered real ability. I run camera application. i wanted to know if it can record movies. Yes. It can. I recorded movie and using preview function saw this movie. But after i've exited camera application...
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    Thread 3G Video Call Application

    I need any video call application except default dialer because i using X2 dialer.
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    Thread Video Call: How To ?

    Yes, i have 3G support by my operator and two phones with 3G support.
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    Thread MMSC - Korean SMS\MMS Application

    I noticed nice finger oriented application, but one problem - language. Download link: Extract to any place and run MMSC.EXE Rename MMSC.kor to MMSC.DLL and edit it as usual DLL. Use both them:|en|...
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    Thread How to remove lines from today?

  35. Ethermind

    Thread Best readable font for X1

    Tahoma font is very ugly :cool: So have you tried to install other, nice font?
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    Thread Custom Today Themes for WM6.1 - can't install

    When i applying theme then default cyan background appears and changes color of bars. Why? Default themes work fine.
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    Thread Need SWF Today plugin

    I need any today plugin which can play flash animation.
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    Thread kvv Today Clock: Neon
  39. Ethermind

    Thread [Discovered] SlideView Secret

    As i thought, reason of bug is LockStream DRM. Using HTC Rom Image Editor i cut off this packge from my ROM. Then i installed Discretix DRM from HTC. After that i installed Discretix DRM from X2. And after that all i installed just SlideView cab and it works...
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    Thread [BETA] XPERIA Startup & Shutdown 2.0 (EXT Package)

    XPERIA Startup & Shutdown Animation & Sound 2.0 Pelase test. Before testing make backup and install SDKCerts. Notes: 1. Startup animation is default XPERIA animation. 2. Shutdown animation is default XPERIA animation too. 3. Sounds both from...
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    Thread [Q] Keyboard like in HTC Tattoo

    Where i can get it?
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    Thread Main Storage Speed - Very Low

    Different official and custom ROM - different speed. Any solutions for speeding up? PS Cache tune-up's doesn't work.
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    Thread The XPERIA X2 (Vulcan) Software Library

    eternal : ) BETA TESTING MODE First of all check next thread for new updates: XPERIA X2 All Software Cabs Cabbed by Ultrashot Xperia Dialer Updated: SonyEricssonDialer_1.1.0.996_vulcan_generic VideoTelephony Support -------------------------------- Obsolete: Download Link...
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    Thread [beta testing] Samsung i910 OMNIA 1% Battery Driver

    First search up here: i don't think it works, but i tried to fix it link: please report about errors....
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    Thread 6.1 tweaks on 6.5

    Hi all. from time to time a made and make benchmark thru sktools. so on 6.1 rom a had excellent results. but after i install 6.5 rom (pure 6.5, then barebone) benchmark results are about 30% from 6.1 results. ANY perfomance (filesystem, cache) tweaks - doesn't work! ???
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    Thread Long USSD-request doesn't work!

    Long doesn't work! Type: *363*375331234567*10000# Receive: Command not supported BUT short works! Type: *100# Receive: Balans=12367r.
  47. Ethermind

    Thread [DLL][RELEASE] 1% Battery Driver for HTC MAX 4G v1.0

    Please unzip and upload that file into \Windows\ directory, then reboot and see thru sktools increment of battery driver (if it works). NOTE: You must install SDKCerts first.
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    Thread 2 ringtones at once!!

    When played Alarm or Phone calls it plays at once 2 ringtones!! PS I restore 6.1 registry on 6.5 device.
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    Thread Crypted Virtual Container for XPERIA!!!

    FreeOTFE is a free, open source, "on-the-fly" transparent disk encryption program for PCs and PDAs Using this software, you can create one or more "virtual disks" on your PC/PDA. These disks operate exactly like a normal disk, with the exception that anything written to one of them is...
  50. Ethermind

    Thread How to Flash without microSD ???

    After testing new custom ROM phone fall into eternal sleep. how to resurrect? card reader aslo in eternal sleeping : )