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  1. ginodp

    Thread Original home launcher. apk

    Hi there, I accidentally deleted the home launcher from my GT-I9195. Can someone upload the .apk so I can restore it. That would be awesome. Thanks Gino
  2. ginodp

    Thread How to/Solution to disable proximity sensor incall

    **Standard Disclaimer applies here: If you screw up your device trying the following steps in this thread, I cant be responsible. But thats old news** If your phone stays black after a call you can fix it by a couple of ways. First: Q:Where is the proximity sensor? A:Top left of the screen in...
  3. ginodp

    Thread [Q] Buying the app with Paypal?

    Any op willing to help me out with buying the app with paypal. If posible to sent me the download link and I transfer the paypal money from my account. Its 1 euro :/ I will pay 2 euro :) if you like. I want that app :). Help me out. Thanks.
  4. ginodp

    Thread Disable pick-up/home/back/hang-up button beeps!

    Can somebody tell me how to disable the pick-up/home/back/hang-up button beeps? I installed a rom a while ago but don't know wich rom it is. And now I have those irritating button beeps when I hit the home button or any of the hardware buttons on the HTC Touch HD. I tried it by unchecking...