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  1. rockakhtar

    Thread Gionee 5.5

    where is the page or forum for Gionee elife s5.5 ????
  2. rockakhtar

    Thread GT-I9003

    Hello friend !! i have a question GT-I9003 and Galaxy SL GT I9003 same mobile and all custom roms SL GT19003 are applicable to my GT-i9330 ????? if yes please give me starter link i want to install customs rooms!!! please with all precautions......I don' t have good knowledge... thanks...
  3. rockakhtar

    Thread battery

    Hi anyone knows, from where i can get our toy battery in best price , form spice service center it costs RS 1200 which looks quite expensive for me as my mobile is almost 2 years old and i don't want to spend more money. please help me to buy battery in best price i searched in gaffar...
  4. rockakhtar

    Thread [Q] Charger, computer not detected mobile and restart

    Charger and computer not detected mobile and not restart even I was on jelly bean MIUI and my battery got off but when plugged the charger to charge the mobile ,it gave only red light which turned on and off and after when I connected to the computer though data cable neither computer...
  5. rockakhtar

    Thread help

    Hello friends i need your help .. i am girl and newbie.. i used huawei ideos x6 ..last night i got HTC one v ( INDIA , gsm )which in jelly bean 4.0.1 .. i tried to flash [AOSPA 4.2.2 JDQ39] PARANOIDANDROID 3.1x [beta][08/03/2013]... as i know just some functions only my previous mobile
  6. rockakhtar

    Thread International sms

    Kindly share the best apps for sending free international sms... Thanks Sent from my A99 using xda premium
  7. rockakhtar

    Thread [Q] screen broken

    Friends, accidentally my tough screen got broken as result tough is not working , need help what i do, buy a new phone or replace the tough screen . i supposed same thing happened with aben too. need your advices from where i can get replace the tough screen and how much it would cost me ...
  8. rockakhtar

    Thread Lean English ...

    Dear friends this thread for learn English....... As on of the most important rule of XDA is, you have to post in English language only and only So why don't we learn English from here ........Can we ??? I have seen some people has very good command over English language .... and some are...
  9. rockakhtar

    Thread Q/A thread

    This thread is for our new users ....... Who face problems to install roms ...........and many more ......... So I request to all new users post here what ever in your mind , .. Don't shy to ask basic questions.. Show how curious you are...... So talk more and post here and learn from here...
  10. rockakhtar

    Thread HD player

    I have used almost all custom roms but unfortunately non of these gives me pleasure of HD video (more than 720p) , I know it is not fault of rom something wrong in our phone hardware .... Still I am asking question here , Is there any alternate for view HD video ??? Like strong kernel, video...
  11. rockakhtar

    Thread Best custom Rom

    This thread is for your experience about custom Roms . All you need to give your views which custom rom you like most and reason also and what improvement you want so someone work on that .... give the best .... Hope its work and we get best rom .. Pls never end this thread .... need your...
  12. rockakhtar

    Thread Best and cheap hear phone

    Hi friends I am looking for best and cheap ear phones for phone need help and request you to kindly suggest me .. but take of money too I don't have much money.. Thanks Sent from my A99 using xda premium
  13. rockakhtar

    Thread SD card problem

    Hi, I am getting error message SD is not present , empty or unmounted ... I was using ex file at that time .... While connecting to PC SD is not showing ...but if I connect through sd card reader it was showing all my data ... So what I do ? I don't want to loose my data .... So plz help Sent...
  14. rockakhtar

    Thread Mooke room issues

    This thread for overcome and find solution issues regarding new mooke room. 1) YouTube video is not working 2) unable to change front. 3) radio is not working. 4) its take too much time to load or start. Many more.. So all developers are welcome to give their view and solution for same...