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  1. stukka2006

    Thread TWRP 3.1.1 yuga

    hi folks, I found this new yuga twrp 3.1.1 I installed it and works...
  2. stukka2006

    Thread Problems with Endomondo

    since I flashed LineageOS 14.1 Endomondo is running erratically It doesn´t track the way I do with my bike does somebody have similar issues? thxs for answering!
  3. stukka2006

    Thread Pdaviet v.17

    this rom appeard yesterday in pdaviet... ROM WM6.5 2.02.531.17 - HTC HD2 (Leo) === CE OS 5.2.23529 Build 23529.5.5.0 ===
  4. stukka2006

    Thread gps bt connection

    hi @ all, i am failing in connect my hd2 to my gps maus... that did not happen to me in any other pda/telephone... i tried with gpsgate , just does not work... pls help...
  5. stukka2006

    Thread hd2 and bluetooth problems

    i am trying to connect my hd2 with an external gps and failed after a dozen of intents. can somebody help?
  6. stukka2006

    Thread htc hd2 german vodafone

    hi to all, in one wekk i will get my hd2 from vodafone. does somebody know if they are sim locked? if yes how can i unlock them ? can i flash a custom rom on it ? thanks in advabce for your answers !
  7. stukka2006

    Thread footprints on the blackstone

    i have installed the v64 version , taked several pictures but foot prints does not work completely. makes the picture but does not add the data to the picture. what am i doing wrong? pls. help! thks!