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  1. kessaras

    Thread [UNOFFICIAL]Paranoid Android Quartz Alpha [OnePlus 7T Pro]

    Hi, it was my personal idea , i took the initiative to create an XDA thread so that you all get a taste of what's coming soon. I didn't want to keep this any more to myself. So this thread is sure to be updated soon. You must have thought that your device doesn't have any support right ? Wrong ...
  2. kessaras

    Thread Mi 9 versions

    Hi, I'm looking these days to buy a new smartphone, but I'm confused as far as xiaomi with all these mi 9. So we have : Mi 9: sd855 China/global Mi 9 pro: sd855+ China Same for mi 9 pro 5g. China. Mi 9t: sd855 global Mi 9t pro: sd855 global K20: sd855 China K20 pro: sd855 China K20 pro premium...
  3. kessaras

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.X | 17.X for LG G4 | Android 9.X | 10.X

    Lin·e·age /LineageOS/ 1. lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree. 2. a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor. Download from my unofficial LineageOS Download Folder: Mega: Lineage 16.0 Mega: Lineage 17.0 Open...
  4. kessaras

    Thread [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL]TWRP:Team Win Recovery Project[P20 PRO]

    NOTE: Decrypting data is not currently working. This is my initial release and i'm planning to fix as many bugs i can. When it's stable enough , only then i will push to official Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization...
  5. kessaras

    Thread p20 pro kernel from source

    i need some help. This is log from unsuccessful boot. This is log with stock kernel and successful boot The reason is doesnt boot is...
  6. kessaras

    Thread [Official][PIE] AOSCP (CypherOS project) [P20 pro]

    This is CypherOS. An extension to the pure Android. Cypher tries to maintain the purity of Android while offering the most useful features to the users. The goal is to give the highest level of performance whilst achieving Simplicity. · Ambient Display and Ambient...
  7. kessaras

    Thread some help to unbrick

    hi, cause of my work (pc and smartphone engineer) i fix only hardware. But there are some very rare cases that some people trust their phone to me to unbrick it when nobody else here at my town can. So now i have to fix a xiaomi mi a1 which is hard bricked and the customer didn't allow...
  8. kessaras

    Thread [G4][14.0][TITAN] ~ AICP ~ [H815][H811][UNOFFICIAL]

    AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find!!! Until Lollipop, the Rom has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately...
  9. kessaras

    Thread backup and restore

    partitions are a little different here. im creating something here before i flash AOSCP to my p20 pro and start working on it before i share it. I'm creating a flashable TWRP .zip for european latest stock rom so that we can all recover easy when something goes wrong or when we want to go back...
  10. kessaras

    Thread [OP3(T)][5.3.X(O)][AOSP] A.O.S.C.P: CypherOS [OFFICIAL]

    This is CypherOS. An extension to the pure Android. Cypher tries to maintain the purity of Android while offering the most useful features to the users. The goal is to give the highest level of performance whilst achieving Simplicity. · Ambient Display and Ambient...
  11. kessaras

    Thread [v6.0.0 (O {8.1})][TITAN][OMS]Resurrection Remix[H815][H811][UNOFFICIAL]

    Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on LineageOS,Slim,Omni and original Remix ROM builds. This creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device. Your warranty is now void (or not). I am not responsible if your...
  12. kessaras

    Thread [UNOFFICIAL][TITAN][OMS]AOKP: Android Open Kang Project[H815][H811][DISCONTINUED]

    HOW TO INSTALL !!! Flash on your own risk !!! We will not take any responsibility for bricked devices or lost data. So please watch out! - Make a (Nandroid) Backup of your current ROM (Recommended) - Advance WIPE -> wipe /data - Press install and select the AOKP rom...
  13. kessaras

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][G4][7.0.0] A.O.S.C.P: CypherOS Project

    This is CypherOS. An extension to the pure Android. Cypher tries to maintain the purity of Android while offering the most useful features to the users. The goal is to give the highest level of performance whilst achieving Simplicity. · Ambient Display and Ambient...
  14. kessaras

    Thread building for un-existed device

    hi, i followed this guide Is that guide still working ? followed step by step but the kernel and the device/lge dont get automatically downloaded when i repo sync. Only vendor. Also when i do breakfast it doesn't work , breakfast...
  15. kessaras

    Thread [G4][N]Titan kernel[v1.8][N][G4]

    ######################### Titan Kernel ######################### Fixed: touch responsiveness, proximity gain and threshold, led brightness, offline big cores on will, Input boost, Multi boost, crc, i set our cpu from 8 cores to 6 lowered vibration voltage, slightly lowered...
  16. kessaras

    Thread H815 Nougat Stock [v29A][Int. variant][Official]

    ###################################### This is the OFFICIAL v29A from LG ###################################### No modifications , clean stock v29a directly extracted from the beta from Poland. No screenshots needed. This is the stock Official Nougat from LG. If you want to see how it...
  17. kessaras

    Thread [H815][N]Freedom Rom v7.5

    ###################################### This is NOT the Freedom OS that became known with the OP3/3T devices recently. This is pure stock LG plus some alternative Google apps. It's name comes from the fact that the installer will give you full access to choose what you want to flash to...
  18. kessaras

    Thread [H815/H811][UNIFIED][STOCK]Dominion Rom[v.13][XPERIA]

    Welcome to another project by the DomPop Family of roms presented to you by Team DomPop ############################################### Out of respect to the "DomPop Family" and to @kevp75 who is the developer of this Rom, the OP is kept the same with the one in H811 thread! This thread...
  19. kessaras

    Thread XPeria Mod

    XPeria UI Installation Instructions Flash in recovery Reboot More Screenshots Download Folder XDA:DevDB Information [PORT][MM-N]XPeria[Los based], Device Specific App for the LG G4 Contributors kessaras Version Information Status: Alpha Created 2017-06-07 Last Updated 2017-06-16
  20. kessaras

    Thread Resurrction Remix 7.1.1 for HT3 PRO

    This is Resurrection Remix 5.8.0 (Based on Android 7.1.1) ported successfully from meizu m2 Resurrection Remix Nougat Features:- Based On Latest Google Android 7.1.1_r4 release Resurrection Remix Crowdin : RR Customizations:-...
  21. kessaras

    Thread Fulmics Rom ?

    G3 and G5 got fulmics rom and now they think about G6 ! Our G4 is skipped again hahahaha !!!! Worst phone Novel earned ! I'll wait until the end of this year and if i don't see a better support i'm gone too !!!
  22. kessaras

    Thread [HT3 PRO]TWRP 3.1.0-0[HT3 PRO]

    Unofficial TWRP 3.1.0-0 for Doogee HT3 pro Bugs None ! Working Everything ! Installation Guide Make sure you have unlocked bootloader Reboot to bootloader fastboot oem unlock fastboot flash recovery /path to recovery.img/recovery.img fastboot reboot Or if you...
  23. kessaras

    Thread HTC Sense 8

    HTC Sense 8 ported from ViperOne For all HTC lovers :victory: Easy installation Flash it in recovery and reboot Download Folder Special Thanks to: Htc Corporation For All the Apps Team Venom for ViperOne M8 XDA:DevDB Information [G4][sense][port]HTC Sense 8[G4][sense][port], for any rom...
  24. kessaras

    Thread Camera fix for all lineage 14.1 based roms

    This is only temporary and the project along with the thread will be both deleted as soon as LG releases our Android 7 drivers later this year. Installation guide 1. Install footej camera from play store. 2. Run the app to initialise it's settings. 3. Reboot to recovery and flash the...
  25. kessaras

    Thread Guide | ADB and Fastboot | Latest

    ADB and Fastboot installation guide for Windows | system wide 100% working on all windows Download latest ADB and Fastboot drivers, extract and replace to your existing adb and fastboot folder. If you are installing adb and fastboot for the 1st time, follow the next steps: 1. Create a folder...
  26. kessaras

    Thread Build.prop tweaks

    Hi, custom aosp based roms, all have the same build.prop. They write the build informaion and below that , they all have the same tweaks. So you are bored every time you flash a rom or an update to write build.prop tweaks. This small script adds build.prop tweaks without effort. How to: From...
  27. kessaras

    Thread deleted data partition

    hi, i had a hardware issue. but until i figure it out it was already too late. i used fastboot -w without knowing what will happen. is there a fastboot command to recreate those partitions that are deleted ? please dont tell me to use flashtools. they are useless. im on linux. the phone is...
  28. kessaras

    Thread Live debloater script

    Debloat script for LG-G4 , Stock based rom. Apps that it will debloat Drive Books ChromeWithBrowser Hangouts Maps Music2 MoCa Newsstand PlayGames PlusOne Street Videos YouTube LGBoxnet LGPolarisViewer LGQTranslator LGSafetyCare LGSmartWorld LGDictionary atfwd CloudHub...
  29. kessaras

    Thread Everything about P880 ROMs, Kernels, Recovery

    The following are only those that are still active and under developement. For more roms and older releases head to the general index thread of p880 ROMS Developer: csk1jw MarshMallow 6.0.1 MoltenMotherBoard Link Nougat 7.1.1 MoltenMotherBoard Link Developer: oF2pks CM12.1 Unofficial...
  30. kessaras

    Thread Zram customisation

    hi, i'm creating this new thread in order to help bring back to life our p880. Android is like linux (of course it is) it caches the background processes that are not currently in use and uses the physical ram for only the active apps. But what happens if the app needs more physical ram ...
  31. kessaras

    Thread updating firmware

    hi. 1. propably it's too late now to ask this and search box doesn't really help nowdays since it gives me thousands of results. when we flash a kdz to update our firmware, modem and bootloader , our bootloader locks again and we need to contact LG to unlock it ? if yes, ~we can use the same...
  32. kessaras

    Thread Llama Sweet Kernel Tweaks

    Feature list - sets hostname to LG-G4 something that was missing at first from lineage/aosp 7.1.1 (maybe i will remove that) - Better mount point flags - Internal storage: nomerges nr_requests lower safe read_ahead_kb cfq scheduler cfq scheduler tweaks remove add_random (if its enabled in the...
  33. kessaras

    Thread forum lg g4 sorting

    i think the forum for lg g4 needs a huge cleanup and sorting...... there are so many roms but nowhere in rom section to be found, only a few. those few that are post in rom section are missing tags like "layers". only a few kernels available, but also not in kernel section. This mess is...
  34. kessaras

    Thread zram on aosp builds

    hi, i try understand something. the zramsize setting is in the fstab.qcom usually. I change the size to 400mb for example, but after reboot the fstab.qcom is reverting back to how it was. Where is that freaking setting that reverts fstab.qcom back ? in build.prob ? where ? i cant find it.... if...
  35. kessaras

    Thread help with recovery

    hi , i need the stock sm-g930f recovery. can someone please upload it for me ? twrp didnt work for me and i cant boot any more... :(
  36. kessaras

    Thread question

    is there any rom at all working besides the stock rom from samsung ? i see cm10 11 12 , i see gnu , glass , whatever and everyone sais on top , its not bootable, its not working , its not functional , the speaker is not working , the phone is not working , the sim isnt recognised, etc. Is there...
  37. kessaras

    Thread stuck at boot logo

    Hi, i unlocked bootloader using the htcdev method and worked fine. I boot in fastboot and see im unlocked, i flash twrp latest version and go in recovery , i install supersu latest version, i delete cache dalvic cache and reboot. And thats all. Stuck there and now im trying to download the...
  38. kessaras

    Thread problem with root on linux device

    hi , i have my gf's phone and i wanna root it for her. 1. downloading latest flashtool for linux 2. running it. gives me libusbx needed. when i search in ubuntu forums i find out that libusb-dev is the same. anyway im trying to install firstly the libusbx...
  39. kessaras

    Thread change cpu ?

    with the new exynos and mtk octa core in the market , i was wandering if its possible for our phone to change cpu ? would a octa core be compatible ? :rolleyes:
  40. kessaras

    Thread adb sideload error

    its only been a few days since new ubuntu 13.10 has been released so i just saw this problem now. today i was sure its easy to install the adb in linux based os (because either u use sdk either u copy paste inside usr/bin the adb) ,so now i cant open my phone , its formated :D u can see the...
  41. kessaras

    Thread gpu drivers

    i had an idea just now. i was wandering if there is an easy way to install our gpu drivers in any kernel or rom without messing with decompiling the kernel ( im totally noob in decompiling and recompiling by the way :D ) once , some weeks ago i tried the gpu tegra 3 drivers from google store but...
  42. kessaras

    Thread install recovery using adb

    Windows users should already have : <<adb drivers>> and <<usb drivers>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ so u did root. u unlocked bootloader. u flashed a recovery and u...
  43. kessaras

    Thread permanently change/edit any setting

    i make this thread for the less experienced people that want to make some easy little changes to the kernel or rom and wanna make them permanent. For example lets say i use ondemand governor , i set the up_threshold at 65 so i dont lag but after reboot my changes are reverting back. Since we...
  44. kessaras

    Thread Help HOME button is useless and power button

    i tested the mokee rom and now my home button and power button arent working. whats happening ??
  45. kessaras

    Thread cpu clocking

    hi, im an overclocking/underclocking maniac :) I go with root explorer and change my cpu profile ( interactive ) settings, to respond faster but to stay less time to max value. also i change the settings for the cpu to sleep sooner when the usage is low to conserve battery this way. But after...
  46. kessaras

    Thread question about kernel

    Sorry for asking this , but just yesterday i made it to install my 1st custom rom. Now im on vanir rom and at my settings sais that my kernel is: 3.1.10-cm+ . i dont seem to have any problem. everything is fine. battery is fine too. So my question is , can i install whatever kernel i want ? and...
  47. kessaras

    Thread Flash a new rom

    Okay im new and im looking around to find out how to flash a new rom. So i see the thing is i need - rom manager - flash clockworkmod recovery. - press the button to install new rom **( of course we are supposed to press the button to backup first. whatever i dont need backup if i have...
  48. kessaras

    Thread boot problem

    hi, after installing busybox from google play and pressed install , my phone suddenly turned off. after that i couldnt turn it back on. im stuck at boot screen. i tried recovery mode and i tried the download mode, but nothing. i did factory reset and nothing. currently im trying to find a way to...