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    Post Stuck in BootLoop and Factory Wiping doesn't actually wipe anything

    I have a similar problem, but I think mine is related to the bootloader. I'm stuck on 3.34 and that's where it fails ever time I try Wug's Nexus Tool Kit. Have you tried Nexus Tool Kit yet?
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    Post [Q] Can't seem to flash or update from fastboot or recovery. HELP

    Update, with new information. I tried to do a complete wipe a la the guide that's stickied in this forum, and it's led me to a bit of new information. It seems that my bootloader is repeatedly failing to update from version 3.23 every time giving either the "InvalidState" error, or when I use...
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    Post [ROM] VanirAOSP [official] [nightlies] [4.4.4] organized, clean, fast.

    Strange things are happening I'm having some trouble with my N7 running Vanir. Everything is fine most of the time it works, but every now and then, the device just freezes up. I tried to update to a newer version, but none of my rom flashes seem to take. I've also noticed that none of my...
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    Post Nexus 7 Help Thread

    Fastboot and recovery won't flash roms or update. I've never had problems like this and I've been flashing custom roms and recovery since HTC G1 days. Maybe you chaps can enlighten me a bit. I can boot into all partitions of my device just fine, regular system, recovery, bootloader all okay...
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    Thread [Q] Can't seem to flash or update from fastboot or recovery. HELP

    I've never had problems like this and I've been flashing custom roms and recovery since HTC G1 days. Maybe you chaps can enlighten me a bit. I can boot into all partitions of my device just fine, regular system, recovery, bootloader all okay. My daily rom (Vanir), however, has been getting a...
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    Post [ROM] [WiFi][4.2.2]Projekt Franken Nexus v.4.0.2[Sony Bravia Engine 3]2013.06.25

    Market Incompatibility I changed the DPI as stated in the OP to enable the Quick Settings and Top Status Bar, but now some of the apps that I used to use show as incompatible in the Play Store. Any suggestions for a fix?
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    Post Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Keyboard

    Has anyone else noticed that it's possible to two finger swipe as well? Like with two thumbs. Its difficult, and takes some practice, but it is possible. Also I've noticed that questionable words can't be swiped; sex, sexual, ass, etc... Don't ask how I found this out.
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    Post Adding a Rear Camera to the Nexus 7 - H/W Hack

    I was hoping that this thread would show up eventually. I added a front facing cam to my Vibrant, but it looks like this might be a little more complicated. Good luck, I'm interested in seeing where this goes.
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    Post [rom][8/1] paranoidandroid 3.91 | 4.3

    So, I've had an issue that has been nagging me since about the time I started using PA. Whenever I launch maps the pointer that's supposed to be where I am constantly rotates. I've used many different kernels and all different updates to PA but no fix. Yesterday I installed a GPS tester and...
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    Post [rom][8/1] paranoidandroid 3.91 | 4.3

    I think he's saying that it still appears too thick. I would agree.
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    Post [rom][8/1] paranoidandroid 3.91 | 4.3

    I've just noticed that none of my notifications make sound, and trying to change them in the settings causes an Android Media force close. My lock sounds are fine though.
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    Post Practical usage of NFC besides making payment and Android Beam?

    The iPhone 5 is rumored to have one. Doesn't get much bigger than that.
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    Post [rom][8/1] paranoidandroid 3.91 | 4.3

    Tried that and it didn't work, probably should have mentioned. I actually just ended up wiping. The buttons still didn't come back until after a reboot. All's well now.
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    Post [rom][8/1] paranoidandroid 3.91 | 4.3

    Can anyone explain how to get the navigation buttons to return when they are absent from the combined bar? I've tried just about everything short of wiping data but I can't seem to get the buttons back.
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    Post is there a way to get tablet google search bar?

    I had something like that using Apex Launcher, but after a recent update it changed. I'd be willing to bet that you could get it back using a DPI switch or a ROM like Paranoid Android to force tablet mode from that application. Edit: Works like a charm on Paranoid Android
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    Post FML! Left my N7 on a plane.

    Keep holding out on hope op! I had my phone lost for days and days and when it finally came on Lookout notified me immediately. I had it within the hour. You may only get a short window before someone wipes it, but if it gets powered on I'd be willing to bet anyone would try it out for at least...
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    Post [APP] Nexus 7 Camera Launcher

    I've got force closes on ParanoidAndroid 1.97a
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    Post Defective Exchanges @ Gamestop

    I went back and for a replacement at the store I missed in my earlier post. It was still there a couple o days later. Now, I'm experiencing a very slight screen lift that I could probably lay ignore, and flicker that is a reliable semi-hourly infuriation. I think I'm going to have to exchange...
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    Post Roll your own cloud storage!

    I've used a lot of the home storage solutions mentioned in this thread, but I always have a problem with having to have an always on computer in my home. Has anyone figured out a fix for this?
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    Post [rom][8/1] paranoidandroid 3.91 | 4.3

    Is there a way to change the default size for all apps or a selection?
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    Post My moon+ reader eBook cover images show up in my gallery

    Just to clarify the above poster, get a file browser app if you already don't have one installed (I use EsFileExplorer). 1. Navigate to the folder where you have all your audiobooks stored 2. Tap the menu button > New > File 3. Rename the file ".nomedia" (no quotes) You don't need to put...
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    Post Tasker and Nexus 7

    Set a variable that changes values when you are connected to WiFi and then a task with an if that only executes if the value is whatever when you are not connected. Might not be the best way, but that's where I would start.
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    Post Tablet UI on Nexus 7 [How to / Video / Build.prop Modification]

    I think he is talking about the app drawer. After the DPI change my drawer looks like the attached picture. There are more apps on the next page, they just don't fill the bottom of the drawer's screen. I am using Apex Launcher.
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    Post How to pair a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller and fix Camera Spin

    So during cinematics like in Dead Trigger when the Zack gets too close, do you drop the controller and have to touch the screen? I suck at this game, so that happens to me a LOT.
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    Post Google now texting though Google Voice

    I would also be interested if anyone has any information on this. I remember in early ICS, it took a while to get Google Voice implemented as an option for sending text messages.
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    Post How do I keep flash from crashing when going full screen?

    I've been using the AOSP Browser for the times I know I need to view flash content. I can't say for sure that full screen works, but it does have a UA switcher. Check out this thread.
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    Post Defective Exchanges @ Gamestop

    Funny. I bought my tablet at a GameStop and since then I have been to 5 more stores between Houston and Dallas and the only store that agreed to exchange my N7 didn't because I got to Waxahachie 20 mins after they closed. (My fault obv.) One store refused to even though they had one in stock...
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    Post How important is 16GB?

    I would suggest getting it if you can afford it. 90% of the time, I use it at home; but if I'm going on a plane, or the subway, or any kind of trip where I can't count on a strong WiFi or tetherable cellular signal, I don't also want to be forced to deal with size limitations that I could have...
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    Post Bluetooth Tethering v Wifi Hotspot

    I've been using WiFi tether at work; are you guys saying that using Bluetooth tether is less cumbersome on the battery?
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    Post Nexus 7 brightness problems

    Yeah, I have a very similar problem to what you described. Check out my pics. Sent from my SGH-T959 using xda app-developers app
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    Post Please Fill Out Your Nexus 7 Complaints Here

    Thanks everyone but per the op, this thread is not for discussion of physical defects.
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    Post Called Google Play - Unreal!!!!!

    I just went to the store Saturday and picked mine up $279 out the door. The universe has a strange way of giving back what you give it. Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
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    Post Screen protector necessary?

    I usually hate using them as well. The feel is just never quite right and this screen glides wet. The only ones I ever considered are the ones that give you screen privacy as well.
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    Post [Q] My Nook refuses to boot or power on. Help!

    Thanks! I had seen that thread, but I thought my experience was a different; either way, I've managed past that problem using a method similar to yours. If this helps any, I have been trying to to 7.2 RC1 for a while as well, but it will not get me any further than the stuck boot screen same...
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    Thread [Q] My Nook refuses to boot or power on. Help!

    I have been running the kanged builds of CM9 for a while, but it began to get bogged down recently and would freeze up almost daily forcing a hard shutdown and reboot. Sometime yesterday, it began to boot only into recovery no matter what option I tried in the Cyanoboot menu. From there I tried...
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    Post Using Nook Color for Business?

    I have tried to use my nook in various work related occasions, but it always seems to fit in less smoothly than its Apple counterpart. The people that I work with that use iPads usually get that instant credibility that takes some effort to justify when using the Nook. Almost as if most people...
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    Thread [Q] New Dolphin Browser for Pad

    Just wondering if anyone has looked into getting the new Dolphin Browser for Pad to run on our good old friend the Nook Color. It does say that the requirements are Android 3.0 or better but I've seen more amazing things from you guys before...
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    Post FlexT9 keyboard free on Amazon Appstore today (Swype alternative)

    Definitely a must have app if you want to write on your tablet for any amount of time. Becomes second nature very quickly.
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    Post Case sale at B&N

    I haven't been in since I first got my NC about a month ago they only had the Jack/Kate Spade cases on sale for the original nook. There were many really good looking cases and I have become increasingly dissatisfied with my Lautner Cover in Night.
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    Post Honeycomb music player

    It's nice indeed, it'll bgr perfect when the controls are added to the notification pull down. Sent from my SGH-T959 using XDA App
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    Post Honeycomb music player

    can anyone confirm this is working? Am i playing guinea?
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    Post Vibrant bricked? Maybe not. [E:Can't mount, Solved]

    Actually, the same thing ended up happening to me, but I let it sit for some time before I unplugged and pulled the battery. ODIN said "All threads completed" and it definitely said "Pass". EDIT: Wow, i have seen the depth of the mobile abyss, and returned safely! I had to follow the exact...
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    Post Vibrant bricked? Maybe not. [E:Can't mount, Solved]

    my Vibrant has been stuck on the Vibrant/Samsung boot screen for hours now and I'm planning on trying this as a fix once i get home from work, or possibly on lunch. I was getting the E:Can't mount right before all this started to happen, but since then the only portion of my phone I have had...
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    Post [MOD] FFC for the Vibrant development

    So am I understanding correctly that all the hardware is there its just a matter of connecting the pins? Micro soldering though it may be, its not impossible is it? Sent from my SGH-T959 using XDA App
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    Post [MOD] FFC for the Vibrant development

    If you are indeed serious, which I doubt, you use the rear facing camera which is still attached to the phone. The ffc is an additional camera. If you are referring to the banding issues in the rear camera, if you are taking your pictures in adequate lighting then they still look fairly decent...
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    Post [MOD] FFC for the Vibrant development

    This is an interesting assertion, I noticed that this was happening as well, but didn't think too much of it. Would the kernel still be accessing both cameras even in video? Sent from my SGH-T959 using XDA App
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    Post 5 mississippi's to open up google voice!!

    Yup, same here. I usually open up the task manager and it helps out a little bit. I've also noticed that the occasional reboot helps to prevent this. I'm running 1.9 though. Sent from my SGH-T959 using XDA App