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  1. Sefy

    Thread Vernee T3 Pro: MT6739WA - How to Backup?

    Ok, i'll start with the beginning: I've purchased a Vernee T3 Pro, did the dumb thing of rooting it, and since then it has this weird red mark on the top-right corner (Google Key and some Chinese Letters), so I decided to unroot, put back original firmware, but to no use! on top of that, after...
  2. Sefy

    Thread YU Yunique - Unable to boot ANY Oreo ROM! [Solved]

    I went thru every single thread, i have the latest TWRP 3.2.1, so no Error 7. The ROM's install (i've tried Unofficial/RR/PixelExperience/BootLeggers/Cosmic/AOSIP) and the install goes smooth, but all stuck on Bootloop! What on earth am I doing wrong? I can't find anyone mentioning specific...
  3. Sefy

    Thread Hebrew Keyboard on Remix OS 32bit

    For some unknown reason i've been unable to boot the 64bit version on my PC (it goes to bootloop) so i've installed the 32bit very easily and without issues. My only drawback at the moment is that even though Hebrew is configured on the keyboard, even after i'm selecting it, it is still typing...
  4. Sefy

    Thread Phone seems dead :(

    Here's all the steps that lead to the unfortunate early demise: 1) was on stock 2.2, updated using Kies to 2.3.3 = works 2) used SuperOneClick to root = works 3) installed Rom Manager from market, but flashing cwm didn't seem to do anything (recovery kept being original one) 4) used Odin to...
  5. Sefy

    Thread Official CM 7.2 - Play Store Force Close

    Couldn't find anywhere here something similar, so i'll explain and maybe someone can assist. I've installed for my sister the Nexus One with the CM 7.2: And installed the official Gapps, basically everything in the rom works...
  6. Sefy

    Thread HTC T7272 vs HTC P4600

    I'm really curious about this, anywhere i try to find information regarding these two models, they come up as being the exact same phone. Both seem to be from AT&T but one is the Touch Pro and the other is the Fuze, specs even appear identical. The reason i'm asking, is the recent development...
  7. Sefy

    Thread a "Catch 22" issue

    I Really hope someone can help me out here, i'll explain the whole situation and provide all the details (if any are missing, just let me know). So, here goes! I purchased a new T-Mobile MyTouch 3G over eBay (last week) and just received it today, When i turn the phone on, it gets me to the "No...
  8. Sefy

    Thread Can Tornado's WM6.5 Pro be installed on Dash?

    I've noticed the OMAP on both phones is the same, has anyone ever tried to put the WM6.5 Pro from the Tornado, on the Dash? :rolleyes:
  9. Sefy

    Thread Slide Sensor Stuck on Open

    My phone panel broke, so i decided to get replacement panels. So i did the switching, but when the phone turns on, it's always on Landscape mode. It doesn't respond to close/open of the keyboard. Does anyone know how i can fix this? where is the sensor located and how do i make it detect the...
  10. Sefy

    Thread Is the i-Mate SPL a Tornado ?

    from the specs it looks like some sort of "boosted" version of the phone, i know it was to replace the SP5/m models. But question would be, can we put the regular Tornado ROM's on it as well? or is it a whole new freakazoid? :rolleyes:
  11. Sefy

    Thread S730 / Orange WAP, MMS & 3G settings ?

    Date: 2008-11-06 Download new ROM: 1.31.405.1R3_radio_sign_25.86.30.08_1.60.43.19 I can also download Europe and Asia ROM's if anyone needs, if you can't download from the link. Tell me where i can upload to. :cool: Sorry! i didn't see someone else posted it, my apologies! :o Mmmm... anyone...
  12. Sefy

    Thread How to "dump" Hebrew from ROM ?

    I have a friend at work which has an HTC S630 that he bought here in Israel, and it comes with Hebrew Support (reading/writing) and since it's a WM6 and it is a Smartphone, i was wondering if it would be possible to some how "copy" his Hebrew to my Tornado which now has a WM6 system? Or if you...
  13. Sefy

    Thread EQO Mobile

    Not sure how many are familiar with this program, but i just found it and it works great on my Tornado. It can connect to AIM/ICQ/MSN/GTalk/Jabber/Yahoo and it even has a very comfortable Home Screen Plugin and works great from what i've seen and can Hide Offline users. Something that Fring...
  14. Sefy

    Thread Anyone has "Windows Live" OLD version?

    The one that does not FORCE you to have the MSN contacts in the Contact List of the phone, i recall there was a version and me being a koko bird did not save that specific build :rolleyes: I need the Smartphone Version of it, or worse case scenerio if anyone has a cab of the "Pocket MSN" from...
  15. Sefy

    Thread FontLink / Hebrew Fonts

    I hope someone will help me sort this out, i have two SDA's with WM6 now and on one of them i installed the Eyron Hebrew Support and on the other I did not. Mostly because i don't need to type and i just want to view. Unfortunately the Eyron Installation causes serious display problems with...
  16. Sefy

    Thread Can anyone make Pocket MSN cab ?

    I just lost 80 people off my list! :mad: Stay away from it at all costs! damn stupid idiots at M$!!! All i did was logon and when i logged on the PC i see 80 people missing!! Please if you have a CAB file for Pocket MSN that comes from T-Mobile SDA for Installation, ill be VERY gratefull!! :o