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  1. abcdfv

    Thread [Q] Usb tethering, Windows 7, and Fresh 2.4.0

    I AM: Trying to get instructions for how to get computer-side drivers all set up properly for Windows 7 x86. I CAN: Use ADB/Mount SDCard I HAVE: Fresh 2.4.0 with the 2.11 Eris PRI That allows native USB tethering. Please don't post in my thread if your answer is: Use Wifi tether, Use...
  2. abcdfv

    Thread [Warning] Alltel PRL

    Just wanted to say that after switching to an Alltel PRL, I've incurred about 500MB of data roaming. No charges for it or anything, but I'm switching back to a Sprint one. Your results may vary.
  3. abcdfv

    Thread Sprinternational rates

    Do incoming calls get charged, also do incoming texts get charged?
  4. abcdfv

    Thread DarchDroid and PRL

    How can I get in to change the PRL on DarchDroid 2.6.5?
  5. abcdfv

    Thread No damn it

    Just got a call from Sprint, some girl in the Philippines trying to convince me to upgrade to a 1500 shared plan. I'm all like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO and she's all like DOOO IIIITT. Anyone else getting calls like this lately?
  6. abcdfv

    Thread [Request] Broken PRI

    Would someone please be kind enough to make the 2.11 PRI from the Eris ROMs a flashable .zip for me? I'd appreciate it.
  7. abcdfv

    Thread {Request} FLV player

    Anyone know of a media player that supports .FLV files? Sent from my HERO200 using the XDA mobile application powered by Tapatalk
  8. abcdfv

    Thread {request} XDA tapatalk app.

    Seems its not in the market anymore.
  9. abcdfv

    Thread [How-To] Better battery life, reduce Time Without Signal.

    Alright, I don't remember who it was, but first off, I would like to thank the person that figured out how to check the radio mode. UPDATE: You need to do this with the current IRC FroYo build as well. First things first, I have personally tested this with DamageControl 1.0, with Flipz's .03...
  10. abcdfv

    Thread RA 1.6.2 SDcard woes.

    Alright, So I'm trying to enable JIT on my phone, but I'm running into a problem where when I cd into /sdcard and try to ls, the directory shows as empty. Trying to cd into anything gives me this /sbin/sh: cd: can't cd to /sdcard/dusted My question is, what are the commands to mount my sdcard...
  11. abcdfv

    Thread Question about 3G

    Alright, so from what I gather, EV-DO Rev A. is 3G, according to Sprint's map, I have Rev. A in my area. I have seen screenshots of peoples phones, and they specifically say "3G" however, I have never seen mine switch out of EVDO. My question is, is it normal for the CDMA Hero to only display...
  12. abcdfv

    Thread [Request] Unpack .RARs

    Anyone know of an archive manager that supports unpacking password protected .RARs?
  13. abcdfv

    Thread Will you unroot for 2.1?

    Seems alot of this "everyone will unroot for 2.1" vs. "no one will unroot for 2.1" arguments is going on. Personally, I'd say you'd have to be a fool to unroot for 2.1. Toast has about everything but the camera working, Darch is getting an AOSP built. Even if Sprint DOES release it first, XDA...
  14. abcdfv

    Thread Repairing scratched glass.

    Specifically, the screen on my hero. Had to wire 4 houses today and that **** got scratched up in the crawlspaces. Any ideas on how to fill it?
  15. abcdfv

    Thread [Request] So, I fell in love today

    With this theme. Thing is, it's for the GSM hero. I have no idea on how to port it over, or even where to begin. So my request is either someone port it over for me, or write up a detailed explanation of how to port a theme. There may be a small donation (~$5) for whoever completes this...
  16. abcdfv

    Thread More virtual box woes.

    Disregard this, I'm awesome.
  17. abcdfv

    Thread Debian, adb, and virtual box.

    Alright, decided to install debian in a virtual box so I could play with the kernel over the weekend. Usb debugging, adb functioning in Windows, Usb mounted in virtual box, however adb doesn't detect it. Ideas?
  18. abcdfv

    Thread But I am not in China...

    Alright, I've got Flagfox installed in Firefox, and while using Fresh 1.0 it seems that Youtube is located in China. And as per Chinese law, Youtube is blocked. I can't be assed to go about proxies and all that nonsense, I just want to figure out how to change the DNS settings so I get proprely...
  19. abcdfv

    Thread [GUIDE] Rooting and flashing your patched Hero. (Windows) [Updated: 12/19]

    Constructive criticism is welcome. This is my first guide and it's quite late here so I'm going to go through this lightly first, and more in detail later. Note: I am NOT responsible for any damage your phone may or may not receive. It is your fault for following this guide, not my fault for...