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  1. illi

    Thread [Petition] Unlocked 7.8?

    Soon Microsoft will release the Windows Phone 7.8. Since this will be the last WP 7.x ROM, I am appealing to Microsoft, please release this 7.8 in unlocked state. Why? We, the users of WP 7.x have been the 'de facto' beta testers for WP 8. It is only fair MS release 7.8 unlocked. This would be...
  2. illi

    Thread Oops... I cant access My Phone Account!

    Oops... Something went wrong and we can't show you this page at the moment. Go to This is what I get trying to access my account:confused::( My Mozart is now Mango and I cant reinstall my purchased apps due to this error. Sadly too, there is no Internet tetheetring in...
  3. illi

    Thread [Q] Threaded e-mail on COM2 - revisited

    The threaded e-mail have been discussed in a number of forums. I have read them all. However, none addressed the issue with COM2 and it seems it is not possible at all. I tried cooking (using OS Builder) with various combination. Have anyone successfully cooked the threaded e-mail, especially...
  4. illi

    Thread Settings Icons

    In Manila > Settings > Other, I have all the respective settings. However, I have only 2 with their icons. The rest are not. On the second screen capture, only Uploader is with its icon. How do I get their respective icons to be displayed. I have looked everywhere to no avail. Help me...
  5. illi

    Thread [HELP] Taskbar Start Menu

    I've search:o But while doing my ROM cooking I have made some changes to the registry. Now when clicking on Start on the Taskbar, it's the (Task Manager) Notification that is displayed instead of the Start menu. Can someone help me identify the registry concerned. Being old (age-wise) I am quite...
  6. illi

    Thread PVR & QTC Files

    I am searching for info on PVR & QTC files but could not find any good explaination on them. I am also wondering if it is safe to remove all these files from my kitchen. What would be the impact if these files were removed? Any info would be very much appreciated. TIA illi
  7. illi

    Thread [Solved-Partly] Calendar Appointment displays briefly

    I'm cooking for Topaz using the latest 2021 Core releases and had the following problems: Solved 1 - I 'lost' the Internet icon in Sense>Settings>Personalize>Home screen tabs Still Not solved 2 - In Calendar, the Appointment is shown briefly then disappears Could someone guide me to which...
  8. illi

    Thread [HELP!] Phone Settings, etc. Errors

    A plead for help from a ROOKIE cook:confused: I would very much appreciate all the help I can get here. I have been able to cook a ROM for Topaz on OS 21916-Sense 2019. However, I have three problems that I have tried to solved on an otherwise a working ROM. For weeks I have read almost all...
  9. illi

    Thread [05Jul] ROM Topaz Gold 5.5 [OS 5.2.21916][Sense 2.5.20212114][COM2]

    ROM Topaz Gold 5.5 - Please see post #289 for Change Log & download link. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my ROM based on Mondilv's NATALY. This is my final release as...
  10. illi

    Thread [REQ] Rip Security/Lock files from ROM

    I have migrated to the TouchPro;-) The TouchPro's security feature is much to be desired:-( When locked, the homescreen doesnt show much. HTC support is not much help. Their new ROM upgrade released last week do not address this issue. I am thinking of ripping the Tornado's security/lock files...
  11. illi

    Thread Registry

    I installed JZSMARTMORT on my TP. However, after uninstall, all links in emails are broken with the error: "The file ':DEFBROWSER' cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. If the problem..." I hope someone can help me by...
  12. illi

    Thread Default Browser

    How do I change the default browser in the homescreen link. Currently it is linked to Opera and I would like the flexibility to change at will. PS googled for info but couldnt find any. THANK YOU
  13. illi


    :mad::mad:It is cumbersome enough to have to remove the device from its case everytime you want to view the homescreen to check the time, appointments; etc. WORST is if you have the phone locked with a password. You have to input the pin when you want to view the homescreen. Why cant this...
  14. illi

    Thread DAY & Date on Home screen

    Anyone managed to include the DAY of week in the homescreen?
  15. illi

    Thread [RELEASE] Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Tornado Hybrid

    Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Tornado Hybrid CE OS 5.2.19202.3.0.0 (SKToolsLite readings) I am glad to be able to find the time to assemble and cook this ROM. A "Very Special Thank You" to GnatGoSplat for providing the base ROM, assistance and encouragement. A "BIG Thank You" too to RickWyatt for...
  16. illi

    Thread [Release 06Jun08] WM6.1 (not so) Plain Jane - 5.2.19202 (Build 19202.1.0.0)

    Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard (not so) Plain Jane 5.2.19202.1.0.0 - Alpha Yes! It is a "Vanilla Edition", English only, Plain Jane. Hi Guys Here's my first attempt at ROM cooking. Foremost, I must thank all the ROM cookers (you know who you are!) who has given me the inspiration to cook this...
  17. illi

    Thread Phone Boots Windows Mobile 6 and Linux

    An interesting article and hope we can have Linux on the Tornado. Here the article Thanks
  18. illi

    Thread TeraTerm Cannot See My Device

    This wasnt my first flashing ROMs to my Tornado. However, trying to do another flash today, the TeraTerm apps responded with "Cannot Connect". I Clear Storage, hard reset but nothing. Still cannot connect. Any help very much appreciated. TIA EDIT: Problem solved!!! Thanks
  19. illi

    Thread Card Wheel aka Carousel for i600 Samsung

    I found [URL="[/URL] and installed it onto my Tornado. As expected it didnt work. Tried looking at all th files but none that i can gather that would make it work. Just blank screen. Blank screen too when changing back to other...
  20. illi

    Thread Saving Dictionary Prior to ROM Flashing

    Hi All Is it possible to save the T9 dictionary prior to a ROM flashing and put it back to the device? Thank you illi
  21. illi

    Thread Some interesting Homescreens

    Hi Here's some interesting homescreen I have installed them on my HTC Tornado WM6 and it worked. Try the earth homescreen; quite interesting. enjoy. illi
  22. illi

    Thread HTC Home Customiser

    Has anyone tried to hack the HTC Home Customiser to be used on Tornado? Take a look here Thanks
  23. illi

    Thread Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

    Wishing all a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year especially to ALL our hard working ROM cookers.
  24. illi

    Thread FAVORITES To SD Card Tweak

    Anyone know the tweak to point PIE Favorites to SD Card please. Thank you
  25. illi

    Thread Network Wizard cab

    Hi everyone Does anyone have the for WM6? Please post it here if you do. thank you.