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    Thread Call reception issues on Treble roms , on Jio-networks

    I was wondering if am only facing the bad call reception over jio network on very Treble-roms .The reciver is unable to hear me , he said a lote of noice is there , it happens only for Treble-roms .
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    Thread why devs don't go for Android N with camera2 apii

    android N of our device is already stable so why don't they add camera2 api alone to that
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    Thread Best rom for zuk the all rounder

    NB: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKING OF YOUR DEVICE OR ANY DAMAGES. Please do instructions correctly and if you like it gave me a like ;) Friends am hear to introduce best rom. I have tried a number of ROM and i finally i find the best. It is nothing but the H2OS (OxygenOS). It has best...
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    Thread some one please give me a review of this ROM Some please try this ROM and give a review. It is h20s from Alex . I cannot find xda thread on it. I tried h20s v3 . I felt it is not the same . Because it was only 800mb but this is 1.3 gb
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    Thread does anyone faced problems in call quality with coustom ROM

    With all Coustom roms i find poor call ? quality. I flet noise cancellation mik is not functioning in coustom rom. Please provide fix for this.