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    Thread [Q] downgrade to Kitkat from lolipop

    Hi, I have couple of questions. 1) I used factory Image via Fastboot and installed Lollipop. Now can I downgrade to Kitkat without any problem in similar way using Kitkat Image? 2) Once I gone back to Kitkat, shall I get prompt for OTA when it comes thru? I am having problem in...
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    Thread [Q] Having multiple gmail accounts in single user

    Hi, I usually have 2 gmail accounts signed in for a user. One account where my all play store apps are there....and the other one mostly for mails. both are gmail accounts. All are fine until Lollipop. Usually I sign in with my play store account then later add my other account. All of the...
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    Thread Need Advice Return Phone to Moto Service Center for Repair

    Hi, Due to touch screen issue(seem no touch registering on right most area of screen), I had chat with Moto Support and they want to me send phone for repair as they going to cover it under warranty as long as its not water damage. As far as I am aware there isn't any water damage but my 18...
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    Thread [solved]Can't install any apps other than Google play

    Hi, I am facing a weird issue. As started in heading I couldn't install any app from Amazon, or the apk downloaded.. I already enabled the unknown sources and that's how I was able to install amazon app store earlier. Now when I choose new app or update an app from Amazon store it asks to...
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    Thread [Q] Smart Action App and Background Data Restriction-AT&T-ICS-Leak#1

    Okay, I am on ICS Leak#1 on AT&T Atrix2. I was playing around with Smart Actions app and like to get few clarifications for my understanding. 1) Background Data Restriction --> What this really does? I searched around google and read no.of forums and bit confused because of more variant...
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    Thread Atrix-2 Bootstrap on 2.3.6

    Hi, I am running on 2.3.6 Root with some of ODEX mods[like battery and reboot menu] ( Thank you Alteredkindness's ) I have CWM reboot via Atrix 2 Bootstrap and its been build to show CWM on every reboot. When i was playing around I uninstalled Atrix 2 Bootstrap without thinking much. Is...
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    Thread Installing TWRP Recovery - few questions, please help

    Hi, Some could be newbie questions, please forgive. I tried my best to search and find answers. Currently I am running on latest Stock ICS update with no Root. I am thinking of installing TWRP ported by rayman( I read the whole...
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    Thread [Q] Screen Turns off on Vonage Mobile App

    Hi, I use At&T Atrix 2.3.6 with Rooted. When I use Vonage mobile app, after I dialed number, screen turn off (same behavior as normal calls) but problem is it never turns on until Call get disconnected. When I press Powerbutton all I see in bank screen (on Normal call this gives back screen...
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    Thread [Q] SEART MEART Roms?

    I keep reading about SEART, MEART Roms on latest ICS leak threads. Can any one shed some lights on how to identify these on our phone ( like what kind of ROM we had and how to identify it), please? Sorry for Noob questions, I hope there will be many other like me try to understand it. May...
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    Thread [Q] Showing Dislpad when in Call - GrooveIP

    Hi, I see this weird problem when using GrooveIP, hoping somebody might came across this could help out. When I use GrooveIP to make call, screen never turns on when i short press Power butoon. This needed as I need to enter code via dialpad for few calls. When I use Native dialer in...
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    Thread [Q] Wrong SU Permissions Warning in TB

    Hi, I rotted my phone on 2.3.5 and followed manual upgrade process to get 2.3.6 and indeed it worked fine with keeping root. Of late, when ever I run TitaniumBackup it give me warning as "Your ROM is rooted but SU binary has non-optimal access rights, which may cause problems Titanium...
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    Thread [Q] Question about WidgetLocker/ADW notifier

    Hi, I have question about Widgetlocker and ADWnotifier. Is anyone can get these work to show up count in lock screen? I use Go Launcher Pro. But Widgetlocker documentation said ADWnotifier works fine without ADWlauncher, how ever I can not get it work... (Go launcher notification works fine...
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    Thread Battery Indicator 1%

    Hi, Just playing around and found this one seem work very well for 1% indication. I understand its not a replacement for stock battery like the one we have in Apps section, but it works fine if you want to have indication without unlock the phone...Hope it helps for someone like me...
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    Thread [Q] Double SMS messages ( GO SMS)

    Hi, I use GO SMS and ContApps. When ever I get SMS I see two messages(duplicates). I disabled the stock SMS notification but that didn't seems helping. Any suggestion? or is there something I missing? Thank you.
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    Thread Update released Officially?!

    Seems Motorolo released 2.3.6 officially now for everybody... Just want to make sure, AT&T SIM isn't necessary to get this update, correct? ( I use unlocked, T-Mobile). Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] Help needed to understand ADB for Rooting

    Hi, I recently got ATRIX2 (MB865). I own G-tablet where I use multiple ROMS and bit familiar with Custom ROMs, Flashing, Titanium Backup etc. However I never used ADB as it didn't needed. My Question is do we need to install Android SDK for using ADB commands as explained on "how to Root?"...