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    Post Sending AT Commands

    Thanks! I use this trick in this thread
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    Post Lock LTE Band on Huawei P Smart

    And now I can send AT Command to lock band frequency! Open 2 prompt with adb shell (one for monitoring and another for sending command). In monitoring prompt we'll listen on com port where modem is connected: cat /dev/appvcom3 In send command you can use one of these command below. Query the...
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    Post [Guide] Lock LTE band on SM-J730F Pie

    You forgot that my purpose was to lock the phone on one particular band but your advice does not bring the desired result. By the way, thanks for your suggestion.
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    Post Lock LTE Band on Huawei P Smart

    After unlocking the bootloader and root, I tried to change the value of ro.config.hw_menu_extend (in /system/build.prop) but nothing has changed. I was unable to install ProjectMenu (2.00.03) as this version is for Android 6.
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    Post [Guide] Lock LTE band on SM-J730F Pie

    I don't think it brings any changes to duplicate a record in an xml file. I did it but nothing has changed.
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    Post [Guide] Lock LTE band on SM-J730F Pie

    Mine others.xml. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SamsungMobileFeature> <Version>ED00003</Version> <Country>ITALY</Country> <CountryISO>IT</CountryISO> <SalesCode>ITV</SalesCode> <FeatureSet>...
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    Post [Guide] Lock LTE band on SM-J730F Pie

    Sorry but it doesn't work. In others.xml I've found that key and its value is NUMERIC. I've replaced with LTEONLY. Compose on dialer *#2263# but nothing happens (I've also restarted the phone).
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    Post EngineerMode Huawei p8

    Maybe you also need to set true ro.config.hw_menu_extend. It's written in [decompiled from ProjectMenu.apk v2.00.003] but it doesn't work.
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    Post [TUTORIAL] Downgrading to EMUI 8 using HiSuite

    Starting from (C02E11R1P5) I've downgraded to through sdCard. Then through HiSuite downgraded to Next step ---> unlook bootloader! ---------- Post added at 09:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:55 PM ---------- I've tried with
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    Post Engineering mode

    Try to change to true ro.config.hw_menu_extend
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    Post Lock LTE Band on Huawei P Smart

    I found out that an app[ProjectMenu 2.10.13] is installed that can be started via code: *#*#2846579#*#* By downloading this app from apkMirror[ProjectMenu 2.00.03] and decompiling it in Java, I discovered an interesting thing. At startup, if the string *#*#2846579159#*#* is used and the...
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    Post [TUTORIAL] Downgrading to EMUI 8 using HiSuite

    I think that this is the first 9.1 version with C02 (15-june-2019) Huawei P Smart FIG-LX1 Fig-L11 vodafone default HLRCF Figo-L11 Firmware 9.0.0 r3 EMUI9.1.0 05014XVU [].zip
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    Post [Q] SoC based Universal Tool to unlock LTE bands

    news about Hi-Silicon Kirin chipset [Fig-LX1]?
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    Post How to Lock 4G LTE Band on Hi-Silicon Kirin chipset based phone

    Any news? I've FIG-LX1 and I'm searching a solution...
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    Thread Lock LTE Band on Huawei P Smart

    Hi, is there a way to lock LTE band on this smartphone? I need to lock on B3&B20 because B1 signal is weak. I've already done this with my samsung j7 here. Info: FIG-LX1 EMUI: 9.1.0 Android: 9 Patch Sicurezza Android: 1-gen-2020 Base Band: 21C60B269S006C000 Cpu: Hilisicon Kirin 659 Numero...
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    Post [GUIDE] How to Unlock the Huawei P Smart 2018

    I wil try with this Huawei P Smart FIG-LX1
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    Post Q: Hidden network settings in pie?

    Works on SM-J730F Pie rooted I'm using a SM-J730F with Pie stock ROM rooted and it works! Check here.
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    Thread [Guide] Lock LTE band on SM-J730F Pie

    Root Required!! I'm in stock ROM Pie and from *#1234# I get: AP: J730FXXU4CSF1 CP: J730FXXU4CSED CSC: J730FITV4CSEE Model SM-J730F/DS - boot in TWRP (I've v3.2.3) - copy HiddenNetworkSettings.apk (I've downloaded 10.0.13 from apkMirror) in /system/priv-app - reboot to system - install Shortcut...