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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S 5 unlocked but region locked and triple sim adapter is blocked

    Just a word of warning for potential buyers that the region locking on the Samsung galaxy S5 is different to that on my Note 3. My note 3 is unlocked and can use different sims and software update without issues. But had a Samsung Galaxy S5 for more than a week, got it before UK official launch...
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    Thread Triple sim adapter doesnt work with S5

    My triple sim adapter doesnt work with my S5, looks like samsung has blocked the sim app feature. The same adapters work fine on kitkat on note 3 and s4. You can see one of my triple sim videos here Does anyones triple or dual sim adapter work in the S5 and...
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    Thread tegra note 7 miracast wireless screen mirroring with netgear ptv 3000 dongle

    Tegra note 7 Wireless miracast screen mirroring using Netgear PTV3000 dongle
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Nexus 5 Wi-Fi speeds comparison. Note 3 has issues.

    See link where I show nexus 5 on same Wi-Fi and speed test server has excellent speeds on Wi-Fi but note 3 often has issues on same Wi-Fi but my s4 works fine on same Wi-Fi. Hope this issue gets sorted with update. Nexus 5 is 10 times faster sometimes...
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    Thread [Q] how to copy paste from scrap book file to powerpoint file

    I have saved a few images from pdf files on the note 3 scrap book but it saves them as scs file, do how do i copy paste them images into slides on a powerpoint presentation please
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    Thread accessories i have that might interest others

    portable scanner netgear PTV3000 miracast dongle 10600mamp battery bank + ethernet with pass through internet + card reader + usb support for hard disk for streaming via wifi...
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    Thread Wireless charger does not interfere with NFC & different types of Qi receivers

    Wireless charger third party does not interfere with NFC. The base plate is 1500milliamps and wall adapter is also 1500milliamps and recieving plate for s4 is 1000 milliamps and actual power recieved by s4 checked by using galaxy charging app is about 640milliamps with about 35% loss. The...
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    Thread LG 3D ultraHD Blu-ray player with miracast & private sound mode

    My LG BP730 3D UltraHD upscaling Bluray player has miracast and private sound features that may be useful for screen mirroring. It works fine with my samsung galaxy S4 even for full HD videos
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    Thread wireless miracast screen mirroring with Netgear PTV 3000

    Wireless miracast screen mirroring with netgear PTV3000 works fine with occasional stuttering with full HD videos. See my upload Gaming there is a lag sometimes with stuttering but works fine usually for videos and photos...
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    Thread samsung galaxy camera available in france for £281 after cash back from samsung

    this samsung galaxy camera is available in france for £281 today!!! amazon france is cheaper than the uk and they all deliver for about 7.5£ to the uk from my experience of buying from previously. the 281£ is after getting the samsung france 100euro cash back available to only those in...
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    Thread DVD drive connects to nexus 7 via USB OTG :)

    I managed to connect via USB OTG a samsung dvd drive to my nexus 7 using nexus media importer app. you have to toggle the dvd drive to AV mode otherwise this wont work. see demo on my youtube upload this should work for...
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    Thread Nexus 7 with portable DVD r/w NAS as wireless entertainment system for car or travel

    Nexus 7 with portable DVD r/w NAS as wireless entertainment system for car or travel and can be used a wireless access point if you plug into your hotel or home ethernet port. I use a car inverter plug to power the samsung optical smart hub. I can read. write or stream files from cd or dvd or...
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    Thread samsung optical smarthub

    i bought the samsung optical smarthub Most people wont need an old fashioned portable dvd read write drive. But i bought this so that i dont need to rip my dvds to play them in the car for my child and dvds are pretty cheap anyway now compared to rental downloads...
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    Thread nexus 7 16gb in UK for £179 at tesco using discount code + youtube playlist+cashback

    16gb nexus 7 deal. Buy this before it gets sold out because of £20 discount for new customers (looks like code seems to work for existing customers too as reported elsewhere) so probably everyone can get 20£ off till tesco rectify the mistake or £10 off for existing customers via tesco direct...
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    Thread new software update LB1 available on kies Uk phone from

    can find a new software update on kies for phone in UK bought from It says to back up data before update. so backing up phone now before updating. have LA4 and now getting LB1 update OOPS sorry another thread exists on the same topic. Just realised it after posting my thread as...
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    Thread [Q] how to take screen shot of video

    Is there a way to take a screen shot of a video being played on any of the video players on the Samsung galaxy note. For non rooted phones please. I have tried using spen for various players but just get a blank screen shot for videos.
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    Thread [Q] how to view this online simulator

    How do I see the simulation on the link on my Samsung galaxy note I can view the simulation on my laptop but not on my note. I can play flash files but not this simulation. I tried downloading swf player but makes no difference. What player...
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    Thread non market mandatory update for market yahoomail app

    I have downloaded the yahoomail app from the market a while ago and it was working fine. But since yesterday I am getting a mandatory update for the app from a non market source. That menu keeps popping up and if I cancel that menu the app shuts down. I am wary of installing the non market...