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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies for Hercules][TeamChopsticks]

    Had a problem where the update got stuck and would just sit there sucking up data for some reason. The update download could not be cancelled in the normal way and nothing I did helped. I tried flashing a different nightly, restarting, etc. When I cleared out the Cache ROM would no longer boot.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][CyanogenMod 10][TeamChopsticks][Alpha 3 - 8/17]

    So, does that mean that this CM ROM is DOA?
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    Post [ROM][JB:CM10:HYBRID][OFFICIAL]ParanoidAndroid 2.55 for T989[18 Nov 2012]

    BT Anyone have problems making calls while on BT?
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.1.1][Unofficial CM10] T989Kang - Aug 26, 2012 Beta/How to build

    Link mayhap? Searching isn't yielding what I think. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
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    Post [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID T989 UNOFFICIAL PORT [cm9/tablet hybrid] [07/04]

    flashlight issues + cal widget issues Two odd issues: 1. Flashlight works for a few moments and then it turns off and I get an error that says "error initializing camera hardware". 2. Every reboot my Calendar widget is replaced by a random app shortcut on the default home screen.
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    Post What are some great apps that nobody has heard of?

    Wave Launcher - Sweet utility to let you quickly launch apps when you don't want to see them on your screen (launch folders also) I Love Color - color pallets and also lets you use them as wallpaper Key Ring - keeps a digital version of all those super market cards RateBeer - Learn about and...
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    Post [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID T989 UNOFFICIAL PORT [cm9/tablet hybrid] [07/04]

    Bluetooth Anyone still having connect/disconnect issues with their BT like on the stock ROM? Was hoping that issue would be gone in this one. Also, in case anyone is wondering the new Google Now seems to work pretty darn good here.
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    Post [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID T989 UNOFFICIAL PORT [cm9/tablet hybrid] [07/04]

    Bricked? Well, followed directions to the tee. Have done wipes and flashes about a hundred times so no noob at that. My problem is when the system reboots I get a flash of the Samsung logo and then my screen goes black. Nothing. Edit: Was able to get back into recovery after a few tries, so...
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    Post [APP] Samsung Galaxy S II Toolkit Beta V2.4 *ICS ROOT READY!!!*

    Yep sure am. At first I did the repair, then the restart. Then I tried running as admin and that didn't work. Then I tried the right click > options > run as admin thing, but still no dice. added as an exception to my AV, didn't work. Disabled my AV, didn't work either. For some reason my...
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    Post [APP] Samsung Galaxy S II Toolkit Beta V2.4 *ICS ROOT READY!!!*

    Won't Start So I have run the install, even ran a repair and the program simply will not start. It does nothing. very odd. Looks awesome though! I am running a vista 64 machine.
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    Thread I want to like it, I really do. BUT...

    The design of this thing is awesome. Pair it with those monster 14 pound EACH speakers and man, that's drool worthy. However, this device is kinda confusing to me. Is it a dumbed down receiver? Is it a dumbed down Google TV device? I can play vids from YouTube and and Google Play and music and...
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    Sweet, I guess I can get started with icons and that and wait to see the framework for the rest and maybe a few standard apps. Oh, saw your themeing vids, funny **** man!
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    Think I might convert one of my iPad themes over after you get your ROM finished. Any idea yet on what launcher you are going to use on this one?
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    Post New Swype Beta Update

    Another thing I have noticed is that it has a sort of pseudo spell checker when it does not know a word it highlights it in red. I do like the old way of backspace deleting. Also, maybe it's just because the ROM I am using is more responsive than my old one, but the Dragon Naturally Speaking...
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    Thread New Swype Beta Update

    Just an FYI, especially for those who upgraded to stock ICS, Swype Beta just released a new update and it's very nice. This relieves the issue of the bouncing text screen too, so no more boggled eyeballs while swyping! Also it's much more accurate.
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    From what I understand by reading compiling a kernel from source and making it insecure isn't all that difficult. It's some of the tweaking I still have yet to understand. I plan on trying this weekend though :)
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    Post Surface Tab for Photographers?

    A live view extender would be awesome. I really hope it runs PS because I would love to just draw directly on the tab. I was looking at one of those Wacom tabs but those look a bit to large to be ergonomic for me - as awesome as they are.
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    Thread Surface Tab for Photographers?

    Looking at the new Surface tab and its features, it looks really nice. One thing that I noticed is it has pen capabilities. I have not been able to find much on the specs of this side of the tab though. This still has me excited however as a photog. Do you think this might be a cheaper -...
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    Thread Stock ICS Issues List

    So after doing a search of stock ICS issues I came up with about 3 pages of stuff, but didn't really find any lists. I was hoping this could be a thread devs could look at and a place where people can post their findings. I'll start ----------------------- Bluetooth: Bluetooth has an...
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    Post (ODIN)(ICS)(LE1) SGH-T989_TMB_1_20120608172207_ugy1nehf4g

    Attach phone in Odin mode I attach the attached file from post one listed as Recovery.tar to the PDA section in Odin. From there I press start. Normally it would move on and flash the recovery. In my case it just kinda flickers and then says it's done. No errors no successes. Very odd.
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    Post (ODIN)(ICS)(LE1) SGH-T989_TMB_1_20120608172207_ugy1nehf4g

    ODIN Issue Anyone else having trouble with posting the Recovery to Odin? I DL the .tar file and add it to PDA and when I press start it says something about the strings and then says pass/fail 0/0 and nothing. Tried this a few times and for some reason doesn't seem to work. Very odd. I would...
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    Post Photo App/Photo Editor

    That's what we like to call over-cooked HDR. You can pretty much do the same thing by adding one of those old school filters or a yellow tint filter and pushing up the contrast and saturation. It's pretty much used as a distraction for bad composition :cool:
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    BT Streaming Issue Strange issue when stream BT to different vehicles. Every now and then the sound kinda chops out for a fraction of a second. This happens when streaming from the web or streaming from phone memory.
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    This is what I did with your ROM. Here's what I managed to come up with using this ROM. Love it! Fast and smooth. One strange issue I have come across however is it does not seem to play nice with Widget Locker. For some reason I can't pull down the notification bar from the lock screen like...
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    Post [ROM] |Tuesday|Blu|Ray|3|21|12

    Sweet ROM First off, yer the man (thanks button clicked) Love the themes. Question though, would it be possible to make additional icons for other widely used apps that are not included? * Facebook * Flickr * Goofle+ * YouTube * Yelp * Fandango * Google Maps * Navigation * Miren Browser...
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    Post [HOWTO] ROOT T-Mobile SGSII via ODIN -- Updated Recovery

    SU Problem I am having a problem installing Super User for some odd reason. Not sure why. I downloaded the file and it had an .MD5 extension so when I selected install ZIP from SD it would not show up in the list of items to install. I found a SU file that i could actually see and tried that. I...
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    Post MIUI Browser

    Mirin Broswer Anyway you can hook me up with that link as well? please :)
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    Post [GUIDE] Downgrade G2 (2.3.X) & DZ (2.3.X) & mT4g (2.3.4) & DHD w/ S-ON to Stock Froyo

    OK, i'm back at it again. I made it past the point I did before by changing the directory around a bit. Not sure why it's "sorta" working this time. I am at the point where I need to do the command # ./misc_version -s this is giving me an error misc_version: not found am I missing...
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    Post [GUIDE] Downgrade G2 (2.3.X) & DZ (2.3.X) & mT4g (2.3.4) & DHD w/ S-ON to Stock Froyo

    Hmm. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I did. Maybe I didn't by mistake. Question though, if that was the case, would I have been able to run the exploit? IIRC, I had FRE3VO in the same platform-tools folder. I was using c:\android-sdk\platform-tools\(all the files required for this here)
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    Post [GUIDE] Downgrade G2 (2.3.X) & DZ (2.3.X) & mT4g (2.3.4) & DHD w/ S-ON to Stock Froyo

    2.3.4 Downgrade Issue - Any Clue? I have gone through this guide and I got to the point where it found the exploit section. I had downloaded the files required MISC_VERSION and FRE3VO, etc per instructions. I enter the command to ADB push MISC_VERSION and I get an error that it can't find the...
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    Thread [Q] Issue: Touch Input Reversed?

    My wife a while ago had to take a dive into a swimming pool in order to rescue a little girl. Needless to say her phone took a dive with her. The phone was dried and every single thing works fine. After a recharge she noticed that the touch input of her G2 is now reversed, kinda like a mirror...
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    Post [23 APR 2013] RUNNYMEDE 1.30.461.1 - Sense 3.5 [Final III][xyz kernel][SP]

    Bluetooth Has anyone been able to get functioning BT on the TMO version? Love how fast and stable for this most part this ROM is. Edit - Or does anyone know of a different Kernal I can flash to get BT working?
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    Post [July 24th] [Sense 3.5] Energy™ -.¸¸.·´¯ Sense 3.5 build that just works!

    cLK? Will this work with cLK by chance? I am having problems. Won't boot :( Should I just task 29 and install Mag?
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    Post [02.JUN.11][CWM][LEO1024][TMOUS] CMYLXGO's BlueTopia HD(2) [RAF 1.9OC]

    Bummer Flashes just fine. Refuses to boot. Left it on first flash for 15min, stuck on boot screen. Pulled battery, same issue. Clean install on a full wipe. Not sure what the issue is. Oh well. Used an older version before and it was great. Maybe I'll try again later.
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    Post [APP] Snapbucket by The Photobucket Team

    Detailed Review on My Blog I have a detailed review of this app up on my blog. It's pretty good.
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    Post [APP] Google Music 3.0 / APK / Tested on 2.3.4 - WORKS!

    Missing No Lyrics No Settings No Lock Screen Controls Does not play nice with Last FM app. When you open the new music app it starts to Scrobble even when nothing is playing at all. The only way to remove the notification is to start and stop the player from the new Widget. The new Widget...
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    Post [Move Thread]BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA DESIRE HD V12 * GINGER_Sense.S & HoneyComB V19

    GPS? Does v18 have the GPS baked in by chance? Amazingly enough, for everything that this ROM has going for it - which is allot - GPS is an issue. How is it that ROMS like Pongsters have GPS working pretty much flawless and this doesn't? Not a bash, just confused and trying to understand it...
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    Post [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    ah yes, ROM Manager would be worth it. I'm not one to flash something on a daily basis though, so might not be so big a deal for me. I can do updates etc with MAGLDR. And Off mode? Like the phone is turned off? Funny, I have never had an issue charging my phone no matter what mode it's in...
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    Post [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    Thanks! I found it, much appreciated! I found cLK too. Maybe I'm missing something, but looking it over I really don't see a reason for cLK at all. I mean, Pft, no Tetris!?! Come on... /sarcasm On a serious not, why use cLK?
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    Post [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    Is there any way to check for sure? I thought I had cLK, but now... I'm not so sure. Edit: I rebooted to bootloader and at the top it says aMAGLDR, so I guess I'm a tard and had the wrong ROM. Good thing I was smart enough to do a backup first!! So, where do I go to get cLK then? it's been a...
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    Post [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    sorry for the noob question :) I flashed this direct from my SD card using clockwork mod recovery. I had to go into recovery and wipe data, etc then select the zip from SD and flash. That's cLK right? or am I mistaken?
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    Post [22APR'12][ZIP] ★★★★HyperDroid-CM7-v6.0.0[a2sd][CyanogenMod7 LEO 2.3.7][seader_R9]

    NAND Open Kernal Failed I have a problem :confused: Nandroid backup Wiped Data Wiped Cache Flashed CM7 Zip Reset Those are the steps I have taken and it's the same thing I have always done. For some reason this time when I try and restart to boot the system I get the error in red NAND Open...
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    Post [12.Apr.11][CWM ZIP]★★★★★HyperDroidGBX-v12[GRI54-2.3.3][a2sd+][TytR8.3][INSANE SPEED]

    Specific Issue with SD Access Anyone else experienced this? Let me preface, this is the only ROM that has this issue, and I can't figure out why, so now I'm here. In my vehicle I have a USB Interface for iPods/MP3 players. This also works with smart phones with have music on their SD cards...
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    Post [Move Thread]BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA DESIRE HD V12 * GINGER_Sense.S & HoneyComB V19

    APKs? Is it possible to get APKs for Nemo Music and that clock widget? I looked on the market for Nemo but didn't see anything.
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    Post [APP-Updated 22/07/2011] 3D contact v0.93B - Makes searching for contacts sexy!

    That would be amazing if you could though! I wish I could program, id help. Sadly, i'm an ideas guy :(
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    Post [APP-Updated 22/07/2011] 3D contact v0.93B - Makes searching for contacts sexy!

    Could this be done? It would be awesome if you could independently rotate each of the contact cubes and get different information for that contact based on what side of the cube you are looking at. Face 1: Home (various options - call, text, e-mail primary number) Face 2: Address info Face...
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    Post [12.Apr.11][CWM ZIP]★★★★★HyperDroidGBX-v12[GRI54-2.3.3][a2sd+][TytR8.3][INSANE SPEED]

    Bah! That's lame, why did you remove it? :confused: Well, thanks anyway man. You do good work, but without going into a long drawn out story CWM is not an option at this time. Here's to hoping you update your NAND version.