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    Post Best custom ROM for Mi Note 10 lite

    For me battery - havok, UI - crdroid, customization - evox
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    Post [ROM][11][TOCO][UNOFFICIAL] crDroid v7.5 | April Security Patch [15.04.2021]

    is it possible to make a no gapps version for this rom?
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    Post [ROM][11][TOCO][UNOFFICIAL] crDroid v7.5 | April Security Patch [15.04.2021]

    for some reason i dont have smart charging. also the battery life is bad compared to havok
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    Post [ROM][11][TOCO][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 4.2 | March Security Patch [18/03/21]

    why is gapps included now, is it mandatory now? i purposedly flashed this rom instead of evo x because it has no gapps before.
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    Post [ROM][11][TOCO][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.6 | April Security Patch [08/04/21]

    is it possible to completely remove google in this rom?
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    Post [ROM][11][TOCO][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 4.2 | March Security Patch [18/03/21]

    theres a bug in bluetooth earbuds. you need to forget the pairing then pair it again to work then after a while it wont produce an output again.
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    Post [ROM][GSI] Android 10 GSI On Mi Note 10 Lite (toco)

    the keyboard typing issue is still in havoc 3.7. Miui12 completely fixed it for me. ---------- Post added at 08:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:30 PM ---------- i think my mi note 10 lite is defective. The right side notch is completely dead (similar to the notch of galaxy fold 1)...
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    Post [ROM][GSI] Android 10 GSI On Mi Note 10 Lite (toco)

    1. im on 11.0.8 before i flashed havoc 3.7 2. maybe thats my mistake, i flashed directly to havoc 3.7, i will try 3.6 I have the same opinion as yours with the xiaomi phones you mentioned. i owned mi 9t and note 9s. i sold my 9s because the screen is super garbage, its another Tianma...
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    Post [ROM][GSI] Android 10 GSI On Mi Note 10 Lite (toco)

    Requoting my previous post. audio doesnt work with and without the audio fix module
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    Post [ROM][GSI] Android 10 GSI On Mi Note 10 Lite (toco)

    this is exactly my problem as well. i hope theres a fix, i really like the battery life in gsi roms
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    Post Mi Note 10 lite mount system and edit build.prop

    same problem. its not possible to edit build prop after upgrading to miui 12. I want to hide the navigation bar using build prop using Magiskhide prop config module worked apparently .
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    Post Miui 12 for Mi Note 10 Lite released! Miui12 for Mi note 10 lite is now up as well
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    Post Community development strength

    if you are after recovery theres an unofficial twrp by alex msk but flash it at your own risk and as for rooting, it can be done without custom recovery through magisk as long as you have unlocked bootloader. for custom roms, only GSI are available and expect it to have bugs.
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    Post [ROM][GSI] Android 10 GSI On Mi Note 10 Lite (toco)

    Fingerprint not working and 3.5mm jack earphones not detected/no sound on Havoc OS 3.7, 3.8 with all fix modules applied. Fingerprint not working (3.5mm jack earphones worked at first but fails for sometime idk) and laggy interface when bluetooth audio is connected on latest AOSP with all fix...
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    Thread Display manufacturer?

    For some reason, Xiaomi didn't include the LCM info on this device, unlike other Xiaomi phones. Does anyone know who supplied the display? because I'm curious about its quality.
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    Post Shadow around the punchhole?

    sorry i already sold my device but i did not encounter that rotate issue as far as i remember but i do think its just a software bug.
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    Post Shadow around the punchhole?

    If its possible, you can go to your local xiaomi store and check their 9s display unit if it is has the same issue as we do. I myself cant do it because my city is in lockdown again. Let me know too
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    Post [ILLYRIAN KERNEL] | MIUI | AOSP | Shqipe

    Sorry for stupid questions again, does this work on custom rom like pixel experience?
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    Post [ILLYRIAN KERNEL] | MIUI | AOSP | Shqipe

    Great stuff! May i ask if this kernel has better battery saving compared to the stock?
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    Post [App] Energy Ring - Battery indicator for Note 9 series!

    for some reason the ring is not aligned around the punchhole cam of my 9s. its thicker in the top of the circle and thin on the bottom
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    Post ꓘⓄ Kernel | CURTANA (9 pro) | MIUI | AOSP | STABLE | 12.06.20

    Hi, thank you for the kernel, great stuff. Can you make a kernel with an undervolted gpu/cpu and underclocked gpu as well?
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    Post Thinking of buying the phone but concerned about screen bleeding issue - help

    Screen bleeding is definitely in 9s. I have read many complaints in our local 9s Facebook group ---------- Post added at 01:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:27 PM ---------- Im on the latest version. No change in the shadow around the cam.
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    Post ✭[GUIDE][26-07-2016]Extreme Battery Life Thread(Greenify+Amplify+Power Nap)✭

    Do we still need these apps in android 10?
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    Post Thinking of buying the phone but concerned about screen bleeding issue - help

    You should definitely check some comparison vids on YT like redmi note 9s vs "some amoled phone". Im used to lcd display as ive used several phones with it (redmi note 7 8 poco f1) but this particular phone has the least best looking display among all of them (less vivid and natural looking)...
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    Post Problem with LR Twrp.

    Whats the advantage of installing YT vance through magisk, i install it through normal way (apk) and it seems works fine.
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    Post Can you tell the display manufacturer before buying the phone?

    From what ive read from a 9s/pro facebook group, most of the screen bleeding issues is with huaxing panel. I personally have tianma display, it has no bleeding and retention (as of now) but it does have some shadowing around the notch. And you cant tell what display you will have have unless you...
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    Post Thinking of buying the phone but concerned about screen bleeding issue - help

    Mine doesn't have bleeding too but i do noticed some shadowing around the punchhole notch. If youre coming from an oled expect some downgrade in display quality.
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    Post [RECOVERY] LineageOS 17.1 recovery [curtana][2020/05/05]

    hi, anyone who successfully adb sideloaded evolution x? i got stock at 47 percent verification with an error of status 7
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][BETA][10] LineageOS 17.1 [curtana]

    does it support 18w charging because it only says charging slowly
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    Post Shadow around the punchhole?

    such a shame. this phone is nearly perfect but with the price i have no right to complain.
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    Post [RECOVERY] LineageOS 17.1 recovery [curtana][2020/05/05]

    fastboot: unknown option -- disable-verification. im getting this after entering fastboot --disable-verification --disable-verity flash vbmeta vbmeta.img. pls help edit nvm fixed it by using other platform tool
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    Thread Shadow around the punchhole?

    Hi, i just received my 9s. Luckily it didnt have screen bleeding but upon checking closely i noticed some shadow around the punchhole more prominently on the bottom. Its quite noticeable on a certain angle and in white background. Do you guys have it too? Pls state your lcd manufacturer too if...