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    Post MODS Please Delete, started new thread

    :/ It's all good! Appreciate all your work, but like they mentioned above, can't you just upload the correct modem?
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    Post MODS Please Delete, started new thread

    Same problem here too
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    Thread 2.2.1 ROMs

    I wanted to know why all the devs are now using the 2.2.1 version. What is the point of porting Froyo when GB is already out? Also, why is 2.2.1 better than the older versions of Froyo? I've searched around and can't really find anything discerning 2.2.1 from older versions. TY! :p
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    Post [Q] Captivate or any other Galaxy S to Vibrant

    Wow This is exactly how I feel. I'm dying to get a MT4G, I just want another HTC phone that everyone develops for :[ I hate stupid samsung crap, and the fact they never support their devices doesn't help!
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    Thread [Q] Captivate or any other Galaxy S to Vibrant

    What exactly is needed to port (for example) a captivate rom to the Vibrant. I'm tired of going on the Captivate development to see so many useful roms that are updated while on the Vibrant, most haven't been updated in a while. Just list everything needed, not instructions.
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    Post [Q] EVO 4G Flashed for Cleartalk, Cricket, or Metro PCS

    So what is needed to flash a phone to a company like ClearTalk. A lot of people have ClearTalk down here and I had a phone that I wanted to flash to them so my sis could buy it, but I have no idea exactly what was needed to do it. Thanks
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    Post Overclocking past 1.2

    Sheesh Some people like to support their devs. If you don't want to pay money for a dev, then don't. No ones forcing you, it's just KK's way of getting money out of the work he puts into it. Sorry about being completely off topic to the OP
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    Thread Scrollable widgets

    Well I noticed that in the samsung widgets that it can use them, but can it run 3rd party scrollable widgets?
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    Post Vibrant Dev Team

    Hmmm If anyone needs testers pm me cause I am dying to get into deving for this phone. I don't know how to code or anything, but I do know basics. Owned a G1/MT3G/Cliq and hacked the hell out of all of them. Should be ordering my Vibrant right now with UPS 3 day. But seriously, I'd love to test...
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    Post kingxklick slide 2 g1 1.4

    Huh? Then why don't you get everyones work and make a rom out of it? I honestly don't think that it's easy to dev, spending hours on tedious work. He still put it together and got it running which is more than I can do alone. Is a giant Android Jesus going to come down and smite him of his...
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    Post kingxklick slide 2 g1 1.4

    Wow People get all crazy. He's a dev and just because you don't like him doesn't mean you have to go out like some psycho and call a dev to close a thread about him. If you don't like him, then avoid threads with his name in it! However, I love his roms and continue to use them.
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    Post G1 (DREAM) or the Hero?

    Hero The Hero has better specs. I personally would get the Hero since it not only has more RAM, but Sense UI on top of that. I do advise you to think about the keyboard on the G1 cause I sure miss my G1 keyboard. I'm about ready to throw my MyTouch out the window if it misspells my words one...
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    Post [32b & 32a - Test] *Official* CR_ Got Froyo Release

    Lol I know that the auto text on phones put "haha" as "gays"
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    Post MyTouch 1.2!!! :O

    :/ Won't I have to pay the deductible for tampering? I don't have the money to go and pay for a deductible of like...100 :/ FML :(
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    Post MyTouch 1.2!!! :O

    Arghhh So I called and asked the guy if he could put it through insurance, but he advised me to put it to warranty. I didn't want to be all suspicious :/ I hope that I get a newer one. I doubt it though if it's through warranty :[ whatever, mine is all chipped :/
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    Post MyTouch 1.2!!! :O

    Thanks! Well I do have insurance and the warranty is still good. Mine is getting a bit scratched up, maybe I can fake a problem like I did with my other MyTouches. I hope so! I've been dying for a 32a. Only problem will be the color since I have a merlot MyTouch and there's only white and black...
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    Thread MyTouch 1.2!!! :O

    Will it be possible that they run out of original MyTouches so when you get a replacement, they give you the newer 1.2 model? I'm dying for a new phone, but T-Mo isn't giving out any good android phones! D: I just wanted a MyTouch with more RAM to actually run stuff faster. I should have just...
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    Post Sorry.. Can't find anything on this..

    Happens :/ Yeah, you have to do a complete wipe. When you install apps and don't install them back into your Ext partition then the market will still say you have the app installed, but it's not there so everything grays out. Happened to me a few times. Learned my lesson :O
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    Post {CLOSED}

    It's pretty fast. Seeing a battery drain, but that's with my phone at like 528 max on SetCPU. Loving everything else. Can't wait to see everything cleaned up more. :D
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    Post {CLOSED}

    Amen! I understand that people are getting mad for a release of Cyanogens work before he could even get it out, but does that mean that this is the actual Cyanogen release? I doubt it, there has to be something different. GJ dev, and all these members need to relax. Cyanogen always amazed me at...
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    Post Force Closes?

    Well, I would put it in my sig, but for some reason, I can't edit it. Here's what I've got. I had the SPL 1.33.2005 then recently 1.33.2009. I've had problems like this on my G1 as well and never really understood the problem. I have the latest RA v1.5.2 recovery. I do perform a full wipe and...
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    Thread Force Closes?

    Hi, I have a MT3G and a G1 before that. I have experience flashing roms and other stuff. I have had the MT3G for sometime and noticed that I can't flash roms anymore since I get FC errors after the boot up. Even the latest CM mods don't let me sign in, and I have to skip the initial sign in to...