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    Post [Android 4.2+][ROOT][2017.09.21] FlashFire v0.73

    So I'm just trying to understand this better. I cannot connect my phone to a computer at all because I started always the USB device unrecognized error. I am on the Deodoxed [ROM] [Touchwiz-PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No Itson] [4/5/2016] ROM currently. Am I able to put a rom in tar form...
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    Thread Finally given up trying to connect phone to PC. Help!

    OK, so for months now I have done everything from buying a new cable, battery, fully erasing both internal and external (I have a card reader I can put my micro SD card in), reformatted everything, tried using other computers to connect the phone, and the list goes on. I never thought about...
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    Post Flashing back to the original stock ROM?

    I cannot connect to a computer at all. I always get USB device not recognized error. I've tried on a few computers. So no, I cannot odin at ll. Is there a flashable stock I can try?
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    Thread Flashing back to the original stock ROM?

    OK, after trying everything that I could think of, including suggestions to get my phone to be recognized by the computer on USB and the fast charging working again (only thing I have not done is replace the battery). I am on the Deodoxed [ROM] [Touchwiz-PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No...
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    Post Help with booting problems?

    I have a PC, the problem is that it will no longer recognize my phone by USB. It always gives the USB not recognized error. I do have a folder in root called carrier but when I try to go into it with root it tells me my phone is not rooted. This does not make sense as my phone is rooted , per...
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    Thread Help with booting problems?

    Hello, I just noticed something the other day and I do not know if this has any effect on my problem with the phone getting a usb not recognized error so I wanted inquire! So I did a completely clean install of the [ROM] [Touchwiz-PC1,PD1] [100% Stock, Root, No KNOX, No Itson] [4/5/2016]...
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    Post PC Will No Longer Detect Note 4. Gives Unknown Device/USB Device Not Recognized Error

    :crying: I just got a new OEM charger and nope. Nadda. The battery even started going down at first when plugged in! Could it be the battery is the problem?
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    Thread PC Will No Longer Detect Note 4. Gives Unknown Device/USB Device Not Recognized Error

    Hello Everyone. Hopefully someone can help. I have searched and found people with some similar issues, however this one is stumping me good. So a couple days ago the cable that came with my Note 4 crapped out. It shorted out and burned a small hole through the cable and now sparks if you try...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][TRLTESPR] Emotion AOSP R22 [OFFICIAL][10/2]

    Is it safe to Odin back to COG5 from PD1? I really wanna test this rom out. My battery life is horrible on the stock roms. Sent from my SM-N910P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post Marshmallow 6.0 Odin files N910PVPU4DPC1 HERE!

    So Im on the upgraded marshmellow, but how do i load the twrp into odin with a .img file? I get an error everytime
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    Post [ROM] [N910PVPS4COK1] [100% Stock, Root, Odexed&Deodexed, No KNOX/Itson] [12/15/2015]

    I cannot get rid of the "Activation Not Completed" notification. I followed the directions to install very clearly. I've disable auto-updates. Any clues how to get rid of it?
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    Post [ROM][P31xx][MM][6.0.1][Linaro][SaberMod] CyanogenMod 13

    So does this ROM work with the Sprint SPH-P500?
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    Post Sprint SPH-P500

    Has anyone had any luck installing any ROM's on this device? I got it rooted but cannot find anything to install for it. I read you could install a ROM from another model but you would lose 4G.
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    Post [ROM][ND8/NJ2][4.4.2] Wicked S5 Xperience v2.2 [Updated 2/19/15]

    I was thinking that. Is it best to just format internal from windows? I am using philz 6.48.4 and i have no option to format just /sdcard, only the /sdcard1
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    Post [ROM][ND8/NJ2][4.4.2] Wicked S5 Xperience v2.2 [Updated 2/19/15]

    Help! I tried to install this rom. I did a full internal wipe as instructed. Flashed 2.0, then the 2.1 update. I cannot get past the Samsung boot logo. I tried just installing the 2.0 without the 2.1 update and same thing. I have done full wipes each time and it just stalls at the Samsung logo...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    I've searched for this and cannot find any info to fix so here we go..... I cannot use Sprint billing as an option for payment with Google Play it will only say "Bill my Verizon account" ?????? Thanks :)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    Does anyone else have a problem posting pictures to Facebook? I just did a clean install of the 7/21 nightly. If i try and select a picture from the gallery and choose Facebook to share it it goes to the Camera Roll and then freezes and goes back to the picture. If I choose the Picture/Video in...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    Is this the new location?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    I never used the stock launcher. I immediately install adw.ex. I just tried to use the stock launcher and it doesn't even rotate.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    Ever since I did a full internal wipe (I wiped everything except for external SD) this rom has been great. Except when my phone is rotated 90 degrees on the home screen if you rotate back to 0 degrees the phone always freezes up then reboots after being frozen for a couple minutes. It does not...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    Thanks for the reply. I did end up just reformatting the internal storage and installed TWRP instead of CWM and installed the rom and gapps and have had no problem with it. My phone is pretty snappy now. Although I still seem to get an occasional reboot here and there for no reason.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    I have, twice. The Wi-Fi connected upon the first boot and installation and then went away on the first reboot.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    :eek: I just did a full internal wipe and installed M2 and have no Wi-Fi! grrr... gonna try and install the latest nightly to see if that helps
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    Post [ROM][4.4][Beta][UNOFFICIAL][Updated 11/21/13]Cyanogemod 11 for D2SPR

    For me, Poweramp works for one song then if you try and pick a different song it stops.. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    I use ADWLauncher Ex and I use the Hide Statusbar option. I now have to slide down twice to get my notifications to open. The first swipe will just show the status bar then the 2nd one will open my notifications.. Any thoughts on this? Never had this problem before.
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    Post Dish Network wants to buy Sprint

    I use to work for dish and in my honest opinion, they don't give a **** about the customer. They just want their money. While I think it would be good for more coverage it would be a huge deciding factor in me taking my service elsewhere, and I have had Sprint for 13 years now. I would rather...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod Nightly Builds for d2spr

    The last 2 months whenever I have installed a new ROM I have been completely formatting the internal memory and then installing the rom. I have been going back and forth from a few which I like and have wanted to try new updates. I just reinstalled the newest nightly this morning and have had no...
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    Post [ROM][MD4] RandomROM "Jaguar" 2.5.0| [6/10]

    I am hoping to see new updates for this rom as well. Best battery life of any rom I've used. The same thing happened to me when I decided to move on due to lack of updates but after I did a clean wipe of the internal storage I was able to install other roms just fine. Randomking update pls...
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    Post Benchmark scores

    RandomROM Jaguar 2.1
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    Post [ROM][MD4] RandomROM "Jaguar" 2.5.0| [6/10]

    Any news on how the update is coming along? I love this ROM. Best battery life so far of any ROM I have tried for the SG3.
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    Post [ROM][MD4] RandomROM "Jaguar" 2.5.0| [6/10]

    Voicemail also not working. Don't receive any notification I have a voicemail either.
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    Post [ROM][MD4] RandomROM "Jaguar" 2.5.0| [6/10]

    Try this link this is the one I got to work
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    Post [ROM][MD4] RandomROM "Jaguar" 2.5.0| [6/10]

    Great ROM so far! Only thing as I stated on your blog is I cannot get rid of this annoying preparing network notification and that the nova launcher did not work. Tried MMS now and it is also not working for me. Otherwise awesome work as usual! I will be following this ROM for a while...
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    Post [ROM] [SPRINT] AOKP (Jellybean 4.2.2) Task & Ktoonsez Run a Train (04/23)

    I just installed the latest version and I do not get sound when playing videos.
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    Post Anything related to Sound: features or fix requests. v10: Bass Boost

    Do we have any updaes as to when the voodoo sound will be released for the US GS3?
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    Post Sprint verifying discounts!

    I got one as well. A message when I login to Sprint and then I got a text a few days ago. However I am legit so I can verify my discount :laugh:
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    How do they install to SD card on their own? I downloaded total commander and sure enough the ones I am having issues with have SD at the end of the app name. But it says in the app info that it is not installed on SD. I have never had this issue until installing the latest version of this ROM...
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    So when I plug my phone into the computer for USB Storage my launcher ADW.EX closes and it switches back to the default launcher and my widgets disappear. After ejecting my phone from the PC I will get the launcher back after a few moments of lag but I get the problem loading widgets. This also...
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    Post [ROM][Sense 2.1] Warm Synergy RLS1

    This ROM is very appealing to the eye and its very smooth. However seeing voodoo being able to run on this is going to be a big make or break for me. I'm hoping to see a kernel that allows it to work soon. Also the Google market won't update to the play store. Also after installing Winamp when...
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    Post PowerAmp: The sickest setup.

    Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2 You get what you pay for. I have had several noise canceling headphones over the years. Sony which cost 60$. Ultimate Ears which cost 200$. Now I have a Bose which cost 300$. Sony were good but lacked some quality and even when listening to loud could...
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    Am I missing something or is there any reason why when I plug in my phone I don't get the turn on usb storage any longer? I did turn off usb debugging but I have always done that on my phone unless i am trying to adb to it.
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    Post [ERA] [ROM] CM10 Unofficial Nightly Thread

    I thought I was almost lucky upon a 2nd reboot but now trying to update apps from the play store it froze up again. guess it's time to try the reg gapps package
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    Post [ERA] [ROM] CM10 Unofficial Nightly Thread

    grr. I tried this step by step except i used the lowrider gapps and the lag is still present. better than it was but still enough to be a complete annoyance. gonna try the regular gapps package
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    Sounds like we will be patiently waiting until tomorrow. Have a good night and thanks for your hard work! hmm, the upload is up to 219 MB so far....
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    Sorry I got a little ahead of myself :D
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    NM, lol sorry, can i just flash over the other 1.9 release?
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    I am using the new cm10 version. I set the APN to what you suggested and tried and got nothing, so I rebooted and still nothing. I tried this fix with the different proxy and port and still nothing :( I've tried it on just 3G, and with...
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    Post [ROM][ICS:CM9/JB:CM10 hybrid]ParanoidAndroid 1.5/2.10[1Jul/08Sep2012]

    I can send MMS but cannot receive them. Any ideas?