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    Post [Guide] Running Linux on Android with 3D Acceleration / OpenGL (Root Required)

    sorry for the probably dumb question but Xsdl seems to work work quite well in my use cases (like watching youtube videos in 360p on my Samsung Tab S5e) ... ... so I am wondering : what are the advantages of Sparkle/Wayland over Xsdl ?? ... will my youtube videos be smoother ?? ... does...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][gts4lvwifi][11] LineageOS 18.1

    PS : my only wish is that LOS 18.1 would automatically mount my microsd's ext4 partition to android like LOS 17.1 does ;) (from some quick google searches it seems to be difficult on android 11 ??? ... I had to copy my Linux-Deploy-ed debian directory from my microsd to the tablet main storage ...)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][gts4lvwifi][11] LineageOS 18.1

    LineageOS 17.1 had some nice advantages for me (see ) but it rebooted unexpectedly a couple of time when browsing :( (2 times with vivaldi in Linux-Deploy-ed debian & once with...
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    Post Downgrade from 11 to 10

    did you format data ?
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    Post Wayland server for Android

    sorry for the probably dumb question but does Wayland has better touch support than Xsdl ?? ... for example can you scroll a web browser window by touching inside the window (not the scrollbar) with your finger ?? thanks !!
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    Post [ROM][GTS4LVWIFI][10]LuisROM Android 10 based on crDroid V6.x

    I think I had the rotation settings wrong (had the same issue with LineageOS 17.1) : I think I had to enable autorotation for both "screen" and "lock screen" and then only allow the "270 degrees" rotation mode (seems to be working on LineageOS 17.1)
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2020-04-17|Active

    thanks ! just did that on my kiwis ! ;) I think this should be a "stickyed" ;) anyother stuff that are good to know to keep our old kiwis in good shape ?? :)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][gts4lvwifi][10] LineageOS 17.1

    I've just installed it and I love it :) Immersive mode still there (just had to install Zach's System UI Tuner) (in android 11 I had to install Xposed framework and App Settings Reborn) It's mounting the ext4 partitions I have on my microsd (was not the case with the android 11 ROM (LuisRom...
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    Post Yandex Browser --The Best Android Browser You've [Probably] Never Heard Of

    oh I found out how to use ungoogled-chromium-android v88.0.4324.182-2-Extensions (with extension support) with google search and "always desktop" mode enabled so I am using it now ;)
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    Post Yandex Browser --The Best Android Browser You've [Probably] Never Heard Of

    I love that yandex browser supports extensions but how do I hide the status bar at the top to get more screen estate ??? PS : I am on android 11, I tried to hide the status bar with "app settings reborn" but now most often than not I have a big white stripe at the bottom of yandex, see picture...
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    Post [APP] Quick Settings [Enable Immersive Mode]

    if you re rooted on android 10/11 you could try "app settings reborn" xposed module : it seems to work for all my apps except for an issue with yandex browser ...
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED] App Settings Reborn

    hey folks, great work !!! I forced immersive mode on yandex browser but now most often than not I have a big white stripe at the bottom at the app : I don't have this issue with other apps ... I am on android 11 crDroid 7.5 any hint or help ?? thanks !!
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2020-04-17|Active

    I asked in his discord and he answered : I'm here it's (I am) ok but I have lot to deal with (outside of Kiwi :D ) so I need to take more time ;)
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    Post [ROM][GTS4LVWIFI][10]LuisROM Android 10 based on crDroid V6.x

    did that and was stuck in the CrDroid boot animation ;) I just needed to format data before Installing the ROM as others have said in the thread ;) very nice ROM by the way :) ... only "issue" I found so far is that when it goes to sleep it will go in portrait mode even when my S5e is in...
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    Post Instal TWRP without a P.C. for Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T720) keeping stock ROM.

    I don t know what I did wrong but I was stuck at the above logo (I did format & wipe though). First I was worried because I didn t know how to power my s5e down but I discovered you need to press "volume down + power button" ... went to download mode & reflashed original ROM with Odin ... and...
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2020-04-17|Active

    did you find where to donate ? I didn t find either ...
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    Post Instal TWRP without a P.C. for Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T720) keeping stock ROM.

    thanks for this guide ! I ve just got my s5e and rooted it yesterday but I must say I am a little bit confused by the vbmeta.tar for the vbmeta partition ... apparently it's needed only if you are non root ... but it's recommended in the crDroid thread ... so I think I am going to use your...
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    Post Is the WiFi issue real?

    wow I ve put it on 5ghz since this morning and no wifi disconnexion ... hope it will keep working ...
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    Post Is the WiFi issue real?

    I also have the wifi signal dropping issue on mine (just received it yesterday) ... ... anybody has some info on this "Xiaomi Mi Mix as a retranslator for WiFi signal" ?? thanks !
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    Thread bkb50 keyboard with a firm hinge and a touchpad for the galaxy tab s5e

    I ve just received my s5e ;) ... working fine with my old BKB50 keyboard :) (from my old Xperiab Tab Z4) (note : had to open and close the BKB50's hinge to be able to pair it to the s5e) Now I need to configure it as a german keyboard (got it for 50-60E last year on aliexpress as I gave my...
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    Post has the xda wiki disappeared ?

    thanks I have reasked the question on
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    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    no update on that issue ?? is the loss of the wiki pages definitive ?? (I have also asked the question in a separate topic : )
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    Thread has the xda wiki disappeared ?

    Hey Folks, has the xda wiki disappeared with the "new" forum software ?? I believe it was useful sometimes ... maybe it has moved somewhere else ? Thanks for feedback !
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    Post how to root tab s6 [sm-t860]

    With root you also get good performance with a Linux-Deployed linux distro : (if you are into linux ...) ;)
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    Post In depth review of the Lenovo Tab P11 and Tab P11 Pro

    someone has done it with unofficial twrp and magisk ... see (it s about P11 Pro although it's been posted in the P11 forum ...)
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    Post [APP] Linux Deploy

    I have a linux deploy-ed debian to "accelerate" my old laptop : ;) Only small issue I have is I have to keep the linux deploy app awake otherwise my non root...
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    Post termux (or linux deploy) on my Xperia 5 tripled the speed of this 12yo laptop ;)

    PS : much smoother in a real chroot ( linux deploy ) : ;)
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    Post [GUIDE][WIN10] Bootloader Unlock/Re-Lock, Rooting with Magisk and flashing Firmwares

    Great job with this guide ! Thank you Miustone ! I ve just offered you a beer for your great gift to the community :) Now that I am root I will enjoy a real chroot on my phone instead of proot (...
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    Thread termux (or linux deploy) on my Xperia 5 tripled the speed of this 12yo laptop ;)

    termux : ;) ... more info in : (reddit shortened link)
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    Post Standby drain

    Battery Drain Without AOD (phone/screen physically down instead of up) Measurement during a night (8 hours) : 8% battery drain, including 3% from the AOD & 1% from whatsapp
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    Post Xperia 5 Android 11 Updates

    thanks I did that and it looks like my finger print reader works better now ;) (also it was a used phone I ve just got so I guess it's safer now ...) (but it was a kind of a pain to restore my phone/apps to my liking ... about 2 hours probably because I messed a little bit for example in nova...
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    Post Xperia 5 Android 11 Updates

    I was on 55.2.A.2.66 in France, currently updating to 52.2.A.4.47 ... (hopefully battery life will be better ? I was having a 19% battery drain during the night, AOD on eating 12% : )
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    Post Standby drain

    Always On Display Battery Consumption In about 9 hours (during a night) the Always On Display has consumed about 12% of my battery ... I ve just received my Xperia 5 and I thought I would share as I havent seen that "measurement" before ... ... my LG V20 with it's small IPS second display only...
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    Post Any tips to root Xperia 5?

    thank you ! I see your Magisk Kernel Patch Root Guide here : :)(y) ... Am I right if I guess it can be used with Android 11 ?? all the needed files should be available ...
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    Post Any tips to root Xperia 5?

    I am not sure I understand : just got my Xperia 5 Android 11 55.2.A.66 , is there no way to root it if some files are missing/not done yet for Android 11 ?? or maybe an other method can be used ?? (I see several methods posted by @Miustone and I am a bit confused ;) )
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL Resurrection Remix v7.0.2

    hey folks, I thought RR development has stopped but according to this post : it may have restarted again ?? what do you think ??
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    Post Will new Snapdragon 765G phone be an improvement on my laggy V20?

    oh ... snapdragon 632 like in the fairphone 3 ... maybe I am going to consider it ;) ... PS : fairphone has a 5E coupon now if you subscribe to their mailing-list ;)
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    Post [Ubuntu-Touch]WIP-LGV20(h918)TWRP-ZIP-Install

    awesome ! btw a guy is running a regular desktop version of ubuntu 18.04 on top of your build ! : .
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    Post [DISCUSSION] T-Mobile SIM unlock

    maybe I downloaded it from here : (hopefully this is the one and it's not rooted, I found it on )
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    Post [DISCUSSION] T-Mobile SIM unlock

    Just a followup : found an flashable by twrp here on xda and I could unlock my mobile data network! :) (this time I ran the "device unlock app" and made sure I selected the "permanent" option ... the app has apparently disappeared now ...) I am now back to my good old Nougat...
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    Post [DISCUSSION] T-Mobile SIM unlock

    yes they told me to send a direct message. I did that and I am now waiting for their answer ... ---------- Post added at 05:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:07 PM ---------- here is their answer : You may have to factory reset the phone, and go through the unlock process again before...
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    Post [DISCUSSION] T-Mobile SIM unlock

    Thank you !!! :good::good: I sent them a tweet : - I hope they will help !!!
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    Post [DISCUSSION] T-Mobile SIM unlock

    damn I bought an unlocked h918 from aliexpress, it worked fine for a couple of months and it s now sim locked ... am I screwed ?? thanks for your help folks !
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL Resurrection Remix v7.0.2

    if you were on a PC you could read the OP most thanked posts on the right :
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    Post RCTD Remover Script and App

    when you start RCTD Remover the first 3 lines (RCTD, CCMD & Triton Statusses) should indicate "not found" in green (this is the way it works on my h910) ---------- Post added at 03:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:28 PM ---------- hey folks, RCTD Remover keeps on wanting me to...
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    Post Nova and second screen

    failure with Nova but Success with Zach "System UI tuner" ;) I tried to use this method on my "new" h918 to use the second screen as status bar but wasn't successful (I kind of remember that I successfully used it on my old h910 with failing loudspeaker though ...) But there are several...
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    Post Lg v20 speaker problem

    loudspeaker not working - incoming calls not ringing Did you solve the issue ??? I apparently have the same issue with my chinese refurbished v20 The strange thing is the audio jack for my earphones was not working (but I didn't really care because I don't need it) and now it's working ! ...
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    Post Root for root LG V20 H91810q?? ANYTHING

    apparently you should be good with runningnak3d's method :
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    Post Step by step guide for lg v20 h918 unlocking, downgrading, rooting and twrp

    on 10q : do I need to flash 10p first ?? Thanks a lot for this guide !! :). I am a bit confused though : I am on 10q and the original developper ( runningnak3d ) says ( ) that I don't need to go to 10p first ... so...
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    Post [Ubuntu-Touch]WIP-LGV20(h918)TWRP-ZIP-Install

    does somebody know if an UT LG V20 would support some kind of networking on his USB Type-C port that would allow it to run as a "dongle" for another computer/tablet with USB C ( for example the iPad Pro : ) thanks and bravo :good: folks...