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    Thread bkb50 keyboard with a firm hinge and a touchpad for the galaxy tab s5e

    I ve just received my s5e ;) ... working fine with my old BKB50 keyboard :) (from my old Xperiab Tab Z4) (note : had to open and close the BKB50's hinge to be able to pair it to the s5e) Now I need to configure it as a german keyboard (got it for 50-60E last year on aliexpress as I gave my...
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    Thread has the xda wiki disappeared ?

    Hey Folks, has the xda wiki disappeared with the "new" forum software ?? I believe it was useful sometimes ... maybe it has moved somewhere else ? Thanks for feedback !
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    Thread termux (or linux deploy) on my Xperia 5 tripled the speed of this 12yo laptop ;)

    termux : ;) ... more info in : (reddit shortened link)
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    Thread Native Ubuntu booting on the V20

    see just in case it could interest some of you ;) how to : the chroot method used by...
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    Thread NON STOCK ROM : how bad is the battery drain with second screen in AOD mode ??

    (sorry if this has already been discussed before) I like my second screen in AOD/standby mode to read the time, notifications, battery level :) ... I recently received my second $110 lg v20 h910 from aliexpress and was ready to get to play with a lineageos based ROM (I find my stock based rom...
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    Thread h910(?) : lineageos crash when going to an area with no signal : alternative kernel ?

    Hey folks, Just got an h910 v10l from aliexpress (quite cheap, looked brand new, see note below) Rooted it, installed full v10r from the forum (and also super rom on v10v, very happy with it except for a slowness issue, see note below) I tried various lineageos roms (14.1 official, 14.1...
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    Thread apps in fullscreen (immersive) mode ?

    I have just received my z4 with its bkb50 keyboard and I am wondering : is there a way that you'd recommand to have apps (like opera or other web browsers ...) in fullscreen ?? (I'd like apps to use the screen estate used by the top status bar and the bottom navigation bar) (on my lineageos...
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    Thread Which Web Browser do u use ? How would u compare it to chrome on a touch chromebook ?

    Hey folks, I have a chromebook flip c100 and I like to use the chrome web browser on it because chrome has a vertical scrollbar I can use with the mouse and also, when chrome is fullscreen, the url/bookmarks/tabs bar appears when my mouse goes to the top of the screen. I like the the z4 tablet...
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    Thread xperia z4 tablet : 549E preorder on (wifi) - translation ...
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    Thread wiki page for the Mega

    I thought we could start a wiki page for the Mega so I tried to start something : Thanks for feedback/contributions ! :)
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    Thread 16GB SDHC Patriot cards available for $159

    I thought it was worth a thread : 16GB SDHC Patriot cards available for $159 : anyone tried them on their WM6 Universal ?
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    Thread ChooseMinimoPrefs : choose your minimo prefs (https proxy)

    I have written a small program, ChooseMinimoPrefs, which allows you to easily switch your minimo prefs like http/https proxy, etc ... Download it here :