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    Post Nokia 6.1 completely dead after updating to pie

    Hi, this probably will not help much, think i have the same issue. i have had my ta-1050 get stuck on bootloader? ~3 times now over maybe 6 months of ownership, the last time was my update this weekend to Pie. rather frustrating . Can see the device is stuck in bootloader when i plug the...
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    Post Importing Remix Ultra to Germany

    Dont forge the discount link at the bottom of the page. - I ordered from link above to Australia (~240v) 1a,b) AC is 100-240v adaptor model "sk1-01-ec" with US style plug, not swappable and did not provide...
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    Post Upgraded to 2.0, Android 5.1 problems

    My Remix 2.0 UT experience App Issues -inbulit email with office 365 (business account) - FC after entering mail server details -outlook app - will not complete authentication -google calendar - yep busted, as above Workaround cloudmagic email & sunrise calendar Other issues doesnt matter...
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    Post [ROM] [jfltexx] [7.0] [CM-based] **crDroid**

    Mate, may of been experiencing teh same issue. I changed. settings\google\location\3dots\scanning then I disabled both wifi and bluetooth. now I can see in the battery monitor; wifi switching on and off, where it was on all the time before. but then again, today I had bad battery day... so...
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    Post [App][4.0+] Koala Phone Launcher: Simple phone interface for older people

    like it, During my testing noticed my contacts with multiple numbers only showing one number (using CM12) Aussie/UK English translation ? my Nanna would of complained about "color" being spelt "wrong" :) feature request. read out the number\button you press, so dont need to switch on the full...
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    Post [ROM][V][UB][Lollipop][5.1.1][Beta] ParanoidAndroid 5.1 Unofficial [DISCONTINUED]

    Hi Allen\Everyone, Yep flash the RIL fix. Had a copy of stock lite (cwm backup) it is working okay, can write to internal storage/sdcard0. going to go for a older build and then upgrade to current build when I get a chance. thx MM
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    Post [ROM][V][UB][Lollipop][5.1.1][Beta] ParanoidAndroid 5.1 Unofficial [DISCONTINUED]

    hmm. think camera issue is just a symptom of the SD card issue. checked my log on CWM: Can't Partition non-vfat: /storage/sdcard0 Can't Partition mmcblk device: /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.e/mmc_host/mmc1 PS, have a SDcard1 inplace, can read/write to that with no issue. Next step for me...
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    Post [ROM][V][UB][Lollipop][5.1.1][Beta] ParanoidAndroid 5.1 Unofficial [DISCONTINUED]

    Mate, Having the same issue (maybe), might be something I have done. think i am having a issue with the internal storage permissions?, can you check if you have the same issue. In documents app with advanced ticketed. I am unable to create folder at root. able to create in clockworksmod...
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    Post D821 with USA band

    peeps, after look around found this. no win so far. but hopefully will. wife's phone was able to get into on the 3rd go. my nexus now will not boot after flashing diag, working on it. /later
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    Post D821 with USA band

    cheers bitdomo, my other nexus 5 gets 4 different bands, so looking bad. Reboot to no signal as 3g sucks at my house. Think I must of kill this nexus flashing a older modem No old EFS backup, but still have imei. Flash back from latest stock the radio and cache. think I am buying wife a...
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    Post D821 with USA band

    hi jepe, mate did you ever resolve this issue? I have a IMEI and only USA band on my device :| no 2G signal.
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    Post No GSM signal, 3G/LTE works

    hey mate, My wife phon is having the same issue 4G works, 3G sort of works, 2G nothing. [Did the GPS fix on my wife's Nexus 5 (and mine) also] swapped sim, used another telco same issue. when into service menu did *#*#4635#*#* , click the 3 dots, select radio band - only see USA band. While my...
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    Post {V}[DEVELOPMENT] - CM10.1 - Android 4.2.2 - FreeXperia Project

    Hi, having the same issue :crying: adb pushed the /system/lib/modules/lcd.ko from RC2 Zip now getting some movement in the lux, but only on turn on/off display so far. not quite sure what to do next. /MM
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    Post [Q] Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped

    Mate, have the same problem at the moment trying to work my way thru it, I installed 4.2 gapps by mistake. ended up install hackers keyboard to allow me to get a keyboard up (google for hackers apk). then set hackers keyboard as the primary input Used file manager with root access to delete all...
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    Post Using Virgin BB Sim with 3G Xoom ICS (EOS_V1)

    thanks u sir. been annoy me for a long time, my virgin bb sim gathering dust... On CM10 nightly haven't been able to get it to connect as yet. having a long day so might of done something wrong. Notes CM10 there is not a /etc/ppp/peers/mcli-gsm copied it anyway will update if I have some...
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    Post [ROM][JB] Team EOS 3 *JELLYBEAN* Nightlies - Umts_everest / MZ601 / EU 3G ONLY

    SMS/Voice support for umts_everest Just noticed this in the change log, would be handy to have voice support for me, 1 less device to carry round :)
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    Post [ROM][Sense 3.6/4.1][16.09]TeamGenesisROM3D v7.0||Beats||Tweaks||Xloud||Bassmod||

    Keyboard ASOP Hi, Having the same issue.. so I extracted LatinIME.apk from CM9 [\system\app\] (as i had it on my pc) then performed a adb installed adb install LatinIME.apk then set the default keyboard to 'Android Keyboard' Keyboard working.. Cheers MM
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    Post [ROM] [JUL 6] KingCobra3D-ICS 1.6 | 3.28.631.1 | 4.0.3 | SENSE 3.6/AOSP | AROMA

    Hi, for my fellow s-on, people... For some reason I had to make sure that smart flash was enabled before it would work for me. Reboot into Recovery Tools select 'enable 4EXT smartflash' then flash rom
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    Post [ROM] [JUL 6] KingCobra3D-ICS 1.6 | 3.28.631.1 | 4.0.3 | SENSE 3.6/AOSP | AROMA

    If it helps... From another thread (GB - KingCobra i think),it is suggested this was a Sense bug. "Happens to some ROMs that have been de-sense"... 1 person suggested that install the sense launcher then reboot recovery and perform the install again without wipe and choose the launcher of your...
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    Post [ROM] [JUL 6] KingCobra3D-ICS 1.6 | 3.28.631.1 | 4.0.3 | SENSE 3.6/AOSP | AROMA

    thanks for the ROM; responsive, etc. If it helps: To get my mobile data\3g working I had to delete the ROM provided APNs (i went nuts and delete them all) and then recreated the entry just for my provider. I tried modifying this existing one but made no difference. :) also - camera like to...
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    Post [ROM] [APR 25] KingCobra3D 2.4 | BEATS | AROMA | SENSE 3.0/SENSELESS | PDROID

    mate, I am hboot 18 + s-on. just got a 2nd hand device yesterday... so still get up to speed I used bcm from the stock rom (no idea what rom was) used ghost commander (any root browser should work) to replace the file /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko need remount+rw (of course) wifi back for...
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    Post [App] SwitchMe secure login manager needs A500 testers please!

    Currently using luks manager to mount a encrypted volume like truecrypt. Keeping my work files away from everyone else. Auto mount volume with switchme would be cool. /MM
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    Post [App] SwitchMe secure login manager needs A500 testers please!

    Hi, thanks for some great work, switch screen is great. would like the icons to be a bit closer to the unlock start point. Like on circle\rotary phone style :) switching is pretty fast, as it switched is take a 1-2 sec on a black screen, maybe switch that over to a message like 'switching...
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    Post [MOD] SMS_MMS_SIP enabled on [ROM][Nightly][ICS/JB] TeamEos (umts_everest/MZ601)

    voice calls Mate, I was wonder if the kernel actually supported voice calls. came across this for adding voice support to another tegra 2 device ( to my other device : A500) New to Xoom (only got...
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    Post [ICS][CM9] Defy/Defy+ [Froyo kernel: 16/05 Epsylon3][GB kernel: 16/05 Epsylon3]

    Hi, Also was having problems with the exchange calendar, till I hit this bug report. Set the Inbox check frequency to push and the calendar turns up. (also setting to 1hr seems to work as well) Unticked email so as not to get to many...
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    Post USB to Ethernet Dongle

    Hi, this might help you from the transformer forum /mm
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    Post [Q][email protected]@ My A500 I Can't download anything form Market @@

    I had the same problem - different error message. I end up installing the one from here: Not sure what the root cause of this issue is. Check my mate's a500 he was running I used...
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    Post [Q][email protected]@ My A500 I Can't download anything form Market @@

    what version of market are you running? (settings - about)
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    Post [ROM] Honeycomb 3.2 - HoneyVillain 1.2 A500/A501 18-09

    Mate, Not sure if my method is the best... From my pc.. connect via usb adb pull system/build.prop edit with 'write build.prop' (as notepad can't handle formatting) adb remount adb push build.prop system/build.prop
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    Post [APP][2.2+] Module Loader 1.1

    A500 hi, confirm working on my A500 (3.1 HoneyVillian Rom), loaded asix.ko with no issues. thanks for this. Regards mm
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    Post [KERNEL] Stock/HV/Taboonay V3.7 for HC 3.2 16-10 - 1.64Ghz/UV control

    asix.ko module Hi, Posting a complied asix.ko module, tested on 1.9 kernel on villain ROM 1.5a. allows ASIX AX8817X based USB 2.0 Ethernet Devices based devices to work. I am using an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter Now part of richard trip's kernel... so step 4 & 5 only required. 1. adb push...
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    Post Do not buy the acer case!

    Mic Placement Based on a Iconia A500 Service guide (manual) ( The Dual analog Microphone (Beam-forming, Noise /echo cancellation) seem to be ~ 1 cm from sdcard cover, i guess in the middle. Right where the velcro circle is :-| I...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][KERNEL][Jule1]-=UNITY V3/V4=-[][OC1600]

    Hi, Notice that asix.c was in the kernel source, just tried a asix device with the following // Cables-to-Go USB Ethernet Adapter USB_DEVICE(0x0b95, 0x772a) any hints on what I can do\test to get assist in getting working. Logcat didn't show anything exciting. I am...
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    Post Is 100% real, The Acer official 3.1 Has come!

    Just incase gingerbreak will work, here is a modified version for the Please let me know if it works, i am unable to test. FYI Update : OrionBG reported that it doesn't work
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    Post How To Root An Acer Iconia A500

    Ppl, If you are having trouble with gingerbreak can I suggest the follow: Install alogcat just after or just before you click 'root' - launch alogcat so that you can see what the gingerbreak is doing, review the log If it doesn't log that it detected "honeycomb" the root is likely to fail...
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    Post [Q] SD Card Can't read ???

    if it helps I stuck mine in the micro to normal SD adapter, then put it into my canon DSLR and performed a low level format. worked after that :)
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    Post Initial Root for A500

    added new version of the Gingerbreak Mod, stops the FC if device is not portrait
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    Post [Q] My device just OTA updated

    Download Link from LogCat D/FutureDial( 341): Called downloadFile D/FutureDial( 341): download url:
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    Post Power adaptors

    Did a quick google on my powersupply PSA18R-120P. Came up with or "The PSA18R-120P is priced at $10.23 per unit at OEM quantities" Assuming they bought off the...
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    Post [Q] Multiple users on Acer tablet?

    hi, in the windows world we would call that profiles, as far a i know this doesn't exist (yet?) at the operating system level. I would love to have it. Firefox mobile has a 'mobile profiles' addon but it didn't work correctly for me. I could switch account but not switch back. cheers
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    Post Initial Root for A500

    Bugs? Troubleshooting? Post any Bug for inital version Issues Hardcoded to HRI66 Features Requires SD Card...
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    Post Initial Root for A500

    More Details What we done to gain inital root: turned on usb debugging & unknown sources leave usb connected between tablet and pc must have microsd card in the device (you may loose all the data on the card, read Chainfire thread) split open chainfire's gingerbreak.apk with apktool hex...
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    Thread Initial Root for A500

    Taken from the inital forum thread Posted in this forum so that it is correct forum There is already a 'how to root' thread going, suggest you post there for help. 27/05/2011: ------------------------- Modified the Iconia Tab GB's xml files to remove the need for portrait mode and change the...
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    Post *ROOTED*Rooting acer a500

    Step by Step My Step by Step Root Guide As with most instructions read completely before starting... Install Applications from market: oi file manager busybox From your setting menu: settings/applications check Unknown Sources box setting/Development check USB Debugging Download...
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    Post *ROOTED*Rooting acer a500

    Big Thanks Chainfire :) would be great to roll up the change, Suggest if we can look at modifying script the '' instead of the which might make it more compatible? I really need to learn how to compile it again, which would of been cleaner than hex hacking :eek:
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    Post *ROOTED*Rooting acer a500

    acer A500 rooted Editing this post as it now being linked directly from other pages. Go Here Initial Root for A500 for updated version & information in the A500 forum What I did to gain root: turned on usb debugging & unknown sources leave usb connected between tablet and pc must have...
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    Post *ROOTED*Rooting acer a500

    thanks Sera & It2.. also googled like crazy and found :-)
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    Post *ROOTED*Rooting acer a500

    guys, I didn;t go back to bed... Modified the gingerbreak.apk to work with honeycomb in parallel with the others, it completed the root attempt But it's had a adverse outcome of breaking my SU command. su reloc_library[1315]: 1857 cannot locate '_mktemp'... CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE can...
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    Post *ROOTED*Rooting acer a500

    hi, Managed to get Gingerbreak to run, which might help with the modified version. After looking at the logcat, I set the tablet in portrait and then locked the rotation. Gingerbreak will now run, but is not completing the task, need to go thru the logcat again. Logcat reports it attempted...