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    Thread blueish display

    Hi i feel like LG g5se (h845) screen is to cold or bluish. There is no comfort view or reader mode like other LG phones. Even the cheap Stylus 2 have that option. What can i do to reduce this? I don't like overlays, please don't suggest me overlays. I already tried enabling night mode for...
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    Post [ROM][Nougat][920F][13.03.2017] - Freakz Rom V2.0 [Odexed]

    Is it working without flashing root? I need a rom that is not rooted. My rom thor v2 cannot boot unless root flashed. Thanks
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    Post how to unroot nougat

    Uninstaller not working. It looks like the ROM (thor v2) already modifies the boot, so it's not working without root. It's bootlooping to recovery screen. Is it?
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    Post [GUIDE][MOD][ROOT]Edit screen saturation and calibration via KPPD

    is it possible without root? having h845 (G5se) is very bad since no method available to root it. for example, can we push the files via adb? screen is too blue. please help.
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    Thread how to unroot nougat

    Hi, I installed Thor v2 rom, nougat. However, i can't find a way to unroot it, whether using SuperSU unroot menu, or installing other kernel. Upon boot, it shows samsung, but then back again to TWRP recovery, cannot go straight to OS. Please help. I really need to unroot since i wanted to use...
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    Post I need to know how to install app on system

    Just move the apk to system/app, change permission to 644. No need to create a folder first.
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    Post [ROM][7.0][SM-G920/5 F-FD-I-K-L-S][03/01/2018] MiPa ROM V.0.3.5

    Can i flash kernel only, please? Can i have the zip for that? Because i just need a stock kernel with underclock. Thanks!
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    Post Center clock Nougat

    Noble is mm. My mod is for nougat.
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    Post Center clock Nougat

    I'm not modifying the volume panel, btw :)
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    Post Center clock Nougat

    What is your rom? It should be just replacing and changing the permission. Maybe you miss the permission part? It's just for 7.0 btw, so what is your rom?
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    Thread Center clock Nougat

    Hi i make a little modification to SystemUI on nougat, just centering the clock and remove carrier text on lockscreen. I tested it in debloated to the bone (Thor v2) rom 7.0. It should work in other roms too. Just replace the SystemUI.apk using root explorer, set permission 644, reboot...
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    Post [ALEXIS ROM THE END][SM-G92xF/I/D/K/L/S/T/W8][05/02/2017][6.0.1 5DQA7]

    Anyone have the old 8.1.1? Please i need that. Cant find it in the main link. I read that the battery is better. Please.
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    Post Downgrade MM to LP?

    Thanks. Anybody did this already? I'm not using fingerprint so i'm fine.
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    Thread Downgrade MM to LP?

    I know there are a lot of threads. I read it's impossible. But another says possible using pda file with pit info, but i can't file proper file for g920i. Are there any workaround to dowgrade? I googled everything, but no luck. Stuck on MM. Mm battery is bad for me. Can we install custom rom LP...
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    Post Somebody had the z3 compact WITHOUT issues?

    Touch screen top area not responding issue. Claimed warranty, they changed the screen, but now my screen placement is not well aligned, the right side have a big gap compared to left. Thus, phone looks ugly and not waterproof. I dont know why the replacement screen (i think) is smaller, thus...
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    Post Thinking of reverthing to 4.4

    Yes 4.4 is absolutely better. I wrote thread in general section, my reasons why 4.4 is better. ---------- Post added at 07:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:30 AM ---------- Yes 4.4 is absolutely better! In every aspects.
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    Post [Q] Battery settings in 23.5.A.1.191

    Have u check your wakelock? Play services often do this idiot bug.
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    Post Wakelock problem

    Not normal.. gms is the cause. Just install NoWakelock xposed from playstore, and block the wakelock of play services.
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    Post Successfully rooted LP 5.1.1 without downgrade

    I think kingroot is not stable. I used this root in 2 devices already, but same. For example, TB not working with this root.
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    Post Why I switched back to KK

    Hi.. this is the firmware for z3 d6603 (I haven't check but it should be okay) Flash it using flashtool using flashmode. Open flashtool, choose flashmode, pick the ftf file, turn off the device, hold volume down, connect it to PC.
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    Post Why I switched back to KK

    I have to diagree. I've tried LP in many different phones, (of course i mean the old models, phones that doesn't come initially with LP). LG g2, g3, sony z3, samsung A5, S4. I've found quite similar problems. I don't think that i missed something. I eliminated all wakelock problems. Maybe LP is...
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    Thread Why I switched back to KK

    Hi..after a month using LP and MM, i went back to Kitkat. Here's my review. Btw i think MM is worse than LP in many aspect, so I just want to review LP. LP Rom : 1. Camera seems to be noisier a bit (maybe) 2. Dragging notif bar is painful. Sometimes lags. Reaching the quick settings is painful...
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    Post is it worth? unlocking bootloader?

    For concept MM, i'm not sure. But LP 5.1.1 okay. MM haven't tried. But for checking purpose, you can close the camera lens using finger. Make sure it's really tight. Take a picture. Check the ISO, it should be 12800 because of really dark. If it's filled with red dot noises, the DRM not work. If...
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    Post [AROMA] [MOD] [Z3] [4.4.4] [77] [UPDATE :- 06.02.2015] JB Style SystemUI Mods v1

    Hi, sorry.. i used xda app.. i really don't know if that's the default. Sorry, again. Edited. Btw, how about my question? Thanks.
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    Post [AROMA] [MOD] [Z3] [4.4.4] [77] [UPDATE :- 06.02.2015] JB Style SystemUI Mods v1

    Hi.. can you please port this to z3c? I tried but not working.. systemUI is not loaded after restart. Thanks.
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    Post [Discontinued|ROM][6.0.1|STOCK][D5803|D5833] 23.5.A.1.291 SLiMM

    The easiest that i always use : use NoWakelock module in xposed. Disable wakelock for google play services.. solved!
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    Post Just bought second hand z3c and found bootloader unlocked - can this be reversed?

    You can. Request a bootloader unlock key to Sony site, then with the key you can relock with flashtool.
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    Post Digitiser stop responding from top

    It happens to 90% of z3 compact unit, mine too. I claimed for warranty. They replaced it for free, it's okay now i used it about 3months. But there's a ugly gap between the glass and the frame,about 0.5mm on the top and right. I heard that it always happened when a sony phone is repaired,causing...
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    Post Best CPU confuguration?

    The stock config is the best for me. It's fast and battery friendly
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    Post USB and SD card cover replacement

    Sony store sells it. In malaysia, it costs around us$7 for 1 flap
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    Post To upgrade or not to...Marshmallow

    For battery, check wakelocks on your phone. I installed no wakelock xposed to disable any apps that causing wakelock. And my battery is really good in kitkat, rather than mm.. cheers
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    Post A Month Without Root - My Story

    I think xposed doesnt ruin battery life at all. Btw, the reason i root is Titanium and adaway.. i often change my phone, so Titanium is a lifesaver!
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    Post [REQ] Delete SIM Icon on A7 (6)

    Install xposed.. install flat style status bar.. this will change the status bar icons entirely, including removing sim icon
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    Post Settings tabbed view

    Not work.. no menu is shown, nothing happened. How to reset the settings app preference? I tried to clear data of "setting" but still tabbed view.
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    Thread Settings tabbed view

    Hi.. can someone help me. My settings view suddenly changed to tabbed view, like attached picture. First i think it's an xposed module causing it, but i uninstalled xposed but still the same. I cleared the setting app data, but still same. I long pressed recent to show menu, but no menu is...
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    Post [AROMA] [MOD] [Z3] [4.4.4] [77] [UPDATE :- 06.02.2015] JB Style SystemUI Mods v1

    change notif bg Hi and thanks for the great mod. Can you tell me how to change the notif item background? It's too bright. I tried to change it in somc notification row item, but not works. With the original systemui, i can change the bg with that file. Any solution? Please, i've tried and...
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    Post is it worth? unlocking bootloader?

    I unlocked bootloader but can restore the cam quality. Google "drm restore xperia xda". Sorry i'm on mobile cannot provide link. So, go unlock it!
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    Post should i upgrade to 23.4.A.1.232(Lollipop 5.1.1)

    I want to ask the same question. I'm happy with kitkat, but just wanted to try something new. My experience with lg G2, samsung s4, i've seen that lollipop is pleasing, just in terms of UI, animations. Other than that, the same. No added functionallity. But for me, lollipop ui feels sometimes...
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    Post To backup my phone, do i need to copy Android folder from internal storage?

    Afaik it's just not important files there. Many times i don't copy it. Just need to backup app+data via TB.
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    Post Z3 Compact DEAD after washing it on sink

    Water damage is not covered by warranty, afaik. The phone has a special indicator in the flap whether it's ever touched by water or not. If yes, sony ignored the warranty. So bad yah. Btw. I unlocked BL too, after some months i read that it will degrade the cam. But it's just on the sony cam...
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    Post Broken Digitizer

    Install app (with adb push from pc) like AirDroid to control phone screen via PC web browser.. good luck :)
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    Post Loose magnetic cable

    romcio47. Ah okay.. exactly like that.. How do you think about non original charging dock? It costs $9 in that store, much cheaper than original. Do you recommend this? I'm thinking about, whether cable or dock, it's just a copper wire to distribute can it be dangerous to use...
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    Thread Loose magnetic cable

    Hi.. i recently bought a magnetic cable from an local online store for $5.5. It said to be original from sony. But the magnet is not so strong, so it's easily loose whenever i pick up the phone. Does the original one fits and tights properly? I think mine is not. How to differentiate the...
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    Post [Q&A/T] CloudyG2 3.3 -=- [All Variants]

    phone idle battery drain hi.. for this last week my phone is strange.. It drains battery, where "cell standby" is on the very top of battery usage.. signal is good. Or, if it's on airplane mode, it drains the same amount of battery, with "phone idle" at the top. It's about 9% overnight...
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    Post [Stock][SGP312][5.0.2][PreRooted]10.6.A.0.454 VMo_De

    hi, currently i'm in jb 4.3 with cwm installed.. Can I upgrade directly via cwm? thanks!
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    Post [APP][JB][XPOSED] GravityBox v3.7.2 - tweak box for Android 4.1/4.2/4.3 [30/04/2017]

    Hi.. can you please add feature to choose notification sound silent/not silent in quiet mode? I'd like to disable only vibration in quiet mode. Thanks!
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    Post [Q] Android.process.acore have been uninstalled.

    Maybe u deleted an important apk.. as I remember, acore is not an apk,but if you delete an important dependencies, it will force close, and of course everything will go crazy. Better for you to download a custom rom and install it fresh. I suggest, you should have cwm recovery installed before...
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    Post [ROM][TX][4.3][LB/UB][2014/07/13] Rockers X™ v3.1 | Xperia Z2 experience

    ibanez7 1. How to make it transparent? Which xml element? 2. No guides yet, i try it myself. Sent from my LT29i using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM][TX][4.3][LB/UB][2014/07/13] Rockers X™ v3.1 | Xperia Z2 experience

    Hi.. thanks for this great rom. However i have some question : 1. When deleting xperia lockscreen, i got a black background on aosp lockscreen. How can i change this, or link to desktop wallpaper? I know how to edit apk. 2. In semc phone, is it possible to remove the reject with message bar...