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    Post IN-DEPTH REVIEW: Spigen Neo Hybrid vs. UAG vs. Otterbox Commuter vs Otterbox Defender

    Im using otterbox defender blaze n im loving it. Yeah its thick but still feel comfortable to hold.
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    Post What cases is everyone using?

    Im using griffin extreme survivor case, black. U can check it on their website. Protection is good imo, whole body is covered.but a bit bulky
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    Post ***[OFFICIAL] JellyBean 4.1 Discussion thread [XWLSW]***

    My wifi direct not working.. anyone else having this problem? Can enable, can b detected but cannot send files to others..
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    Post Lost acess root since upgrade to ICS

    Mine works ok.. Did exactly like what u did.. Flash cwm, n then install busybox n supersu through cwm..
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    Post Lost acess root since upgrade to ICS

    refer to this topic.. follow the instructions on how to apply cwm, n install superuser n busybox for root on cwm..
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    Post [I9100][ROM 4.1.2] Stock 4.1.2 JB - real deal

    Thank you sir, i've got my answer already. Thank you again sir.. Your reply is much appreciated..
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    Post [I9100][ROM 4.1.2] Stock 4.1.2 JB - real deal

    Anyone manage to flash via mobile odin? Got any problem? Thinking of flashing through mobile odin.. This firmware available on checkfus? Under which region?
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    Post **FINALLY ICS for P7300**[STOCK ROM]GT-P7300/P7310 odin image at One Place

    Mine happens everytime i reboot my device.. But it only optimizes 3 apps instead of all apps. I guess it hav to do with apps that i removed tho. Im rooted and hav removed some of the system apps tht i dont need..
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    Post **FINALLY ICS for P7300**[STOCK ROM]GT-P7300/P7310 odin image at One Place

    Eveytime i reboot, there is always android is upgrading optimiizing application... Any way to solve it? Anyone having the same problem?
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    Post [MOD][...LP2/LP3/LPS/LP4/XWLP7/LPD] CRT-OFF Effect for Stock ICS Samsung ROMs

    Please make it for lp7, if u may :-) file provided below :-)
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    Post [7.March.2012][ROM][P73xx] ♫♫ Overcome 8.9 Series v2.3.1 ♫♫

    gps not working i guess.. maps n foursquare didnt update to the latest location..
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    Post [7.March.2012][ROM][P73xx] ♫♫ Overcome 8.9 Series v2.3.1 ♫♫

    Working good, thanks... Just the compass still not working fine
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    Post [7.March.2012][ROM][P73xx] ♫♫ Overcome 8.9 Series v2.3.1 ♫♫

    from cwm, install zip with data wipe, will it format the storage? Sorry as this is my first time flashing custom rom on a tab..
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    Post samsungapps.apk and samsungappsUna.apk

    ok i guess i need samsungappsuna3.apk...anyone have it?
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    Post My First impressions with KP8

    Mine can play youtube. So far so good except for the slight lag when doing extensive task
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    Post [THEME]ICS DOMINATION v4.6.4*DIVINE(12.10.2013.)VRT*ODEX/DEODEX*Icon Pack*APPS*Update

    As KL1 is a deodexed stock rom from samsung, so it shouldnt hav any prob right?
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    Post [ROM][CWM][XWLPY][ICS][4.0.4][Unbranded] Odexed & Deodexed Stock Roms

    last question.. will install this increase the binary counter?
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    Post [ROM][CWM][XWLPY][ICS][4.0.4][Unbranded] Odexed & Deodexed Stock Roms

    just a quick question.. if im on cwm, how to install it? choose install zip from sdcard on cwm? sori im a newbie here >.<
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    Post Galaxy Tab 8.9 Root

    Mine also asian version.. if u wan to make it easier, juz flash the stock recovery.tar using odin.. it will add the recovery tht is missing from ur device.. I forgot which thread, maybe the cwm thread
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    Post samsungapps.apk and samsungappsUna.apk

    Hmm ok nvm, maybe i juz ignore the samsung apps lol
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    Post samsungapps.apk and samsungappsUna.apk

    Its ok, n another one, samsungappsUNAservice.apk Thanks a lot!!
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    Post Galaxy Tab 8.9 Root

    It seems certain files is missing.. ive similar case like urs, where if u factory reset ur device, ur tab will not working, only can get into the one with the two icons My only solution is to flash new rom using odin replacing my previous rom, n then i can get into recovery
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    Post samsungapps.apk and samsungappsUna.apk

    If using rootexplorer, it should b on system/app.. the file will b with the .odex file after them.. for my case, its samsungapps.odex
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    Post samsungapps.apk and samsungappsUna.apk

    Thanks, do u hav the .odex file also for the samsungapps? Weird, im also using 8.9 wifi, n im sure there is an app called sumthing like samsungapps besides samsungapps.apk
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    Thread samsungapps.apk and samsungappsUna.apk

    Hi, can someone kind enough to provide me these two apks from p7310? I accidentally deleted it during my bloatware cleanup apps process hehe.. Thanks in advance
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    Post ALL Galaxy Tab 8.9 Questions Go Here

    You can start flashing using odin right away
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    Post [UPDATE 1/30/16 | THEME l MOD ] Transparent Widget Skins

    Works ok, but all the text are white now on the app.. widget fine though
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    Post [RECOVERY][21.Feb.12] ClockworkMod Recovery v5.5.0.4

    can you make the same for the stock recovery file? so that i dun need to use odin to flash back to original stock recovery... :)
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    Post ROM I9100XXKL1_I9100OXAKL1 Latest I9100 ROM!

    Works wonderfully for me :) btw got angrygps.apk on the system.. To boost gps?
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    Post ROM I9100XXKL1_I9100OXAKL1 Latest I9100 ROM!

    and thats a good thing, right?
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    Post ROM I9100XXKL1_I9100OXAKL1 Latest I9100 ROM!

    which country is this firmware? search through fus downloader but cant seem to find it... hotfile is slow for me >.<
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    Post Mobile odin

    root your phone first using other method which Is using USB..after that, just use mobile Odin pro to flash ROM with root included..
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    Post Mobile odin

    Ive used the pro version.. Flash from rooted stock 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 with root.remained and unchanged zero binary counter.. Thanks a lot!!
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    Post [Q] s2 i9100G rooting

    If you Just need root, you can use zergrush script.. Learn more bout it..
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    Post 4.0.4 (4.1.B.0.431) Apps, Vendor & Framework - In case You Deleted Them...

    i need help.. can someone kindly upload message alert tone? im using lt18i firmware and it doesnt have the message alert tone.. the name is 'message alert' tone, thanks ^^
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    Post Xperia Arc 4.0.2.A.0.42 DE Generic Firmware(Android 2.3.4)

    Yah, wanna know any major changes on this version
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    Post [Q] Arc very weak zoom

    DHD camera is not as good as arc in the first place, and the zooming function make it worse..
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    Post 2.3.4 will be available for unlocked Bootloaders SE say

    I can only see unlocked phones, not unlocked boot loaders...
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    Post [Mod] Notification Power Widgets for 2.3.4 All Roms [Four Versions]

    Is it possible to put other shortcut? I wish to have brightness.. It would be cool if there is tutorial on how to add ourselves the shortcut.. Anyway thanks :-)
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    Post [Q] 1.which Codec of MX VideoPlayer !? 2.Import to SIM-Card ??

    1. no need, default mx player can b used perfectly, no need additional codec.. 3. search for busybox installer on the market, some of them r free n they will install latest busybox for u... sori cant help with question no 2...
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    Post SE will launch unlocked Xperia Ray in the US.

    its unlocked phone, means sim free, not unlocked bootloader..
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    Post [Q] is BRAVIA Engine work on mobo player?

    Use mx video player, better..
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    Post [SOLVED]Xperia Facebook inside error

    yup, im having connection error on tht apps.. plus, it doesnt show my shared apps, eventhough i hav shared it on fb..
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    Post [SOLVED]Xperia Facebook inside error

    Prob solved by reinstalling weather widget, n need games and apps application too, or else it wont post on fb even though u can post it.. Btw, anyone knows why there is connection error on games and apps application? Mine having that problem...
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    Post [SOLVED]Xperia Facebook inside error

    Urs on locked or unlocked bl? Unlocked bl can't use most of Xperia Facebook integration
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    Post [TUTORIAL] Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc bootloader unlocking

    The only thing affected is the apps that is using DRM, such as track id and some of facebook features as the DRM files is deleted once you unlocked your boatloader.. So if you really need the xperia facebook integration and trackid, don't unlock the bootloader..
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    Post [Q] Android 2.3.4 Share app to Facebook

    Its because the blue bar is integrated with the home.apk..