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  1. Mister-v

    Thread [KERNEL/ADD_ON] Kali NetHunter [19/12][Oreo]

    I bring you Kali Nethunter based on Oreo. More info about NetHunter: /* * Your Warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, dead dogs, or cats, * but i'm very interest in thermonuclear war, so if you point the...
  2. Mister-v

    Thread Building DU

    Hey, I'm trying to build Dirty Unicorns 6.0 with the cyanogenmod device sources, themuppets for the vendor files. But when building it I run into the next java error. Does someone have an idea?
  3. Mister-v

    Thread [HELP] Miui v7 to lg p760 with patchrom (apktool error)

    Im trying to port MIUI v7 to my lg p760 but when i make fullota there is an error I don't know how to solve. Anyone some ideas? Or if you can port miui v7 to our device yourself, please do it. :)
  4. Mister-v

    Thread [Q]flashing ownrom

    I need your help. I've build ownrom from source. When I want to flash it I get: patching system image unconditionally blkdiscard failed: operation not supported on transport endpoint Does someone know a way to fix it?
  5. Mister-v

    Thread I need your ideas for a new rom

    In my spare time I'm going to try to build my own rom. I'm just going to build it to learn a lot and it will probably take a long time till it's finished (if ever). It's going to be called Avience. And here is where I need your help. What do you think about it? And which rom should I use as...
  6. Mister-v

    Thread [ROM][5.0.2][Unofficial] Euphoria OS v.1 [ALPHA] [07/01/15]

    Hey, I've build myself Euphoria OS for my birthday :) I'm making the thread tomorrow but here's the link Bugs: Same as in OwnRom: Flashlight from quick toggles vibration gps? and camera I'm still testing it ... Credits and such...
  7. Mister-v

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1]Ownrom_0.6_BETA[30/06/15]

    YOUR WARRANTY IS NOW VOID I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  8. Mister-v

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][KK 4.4.4] AxxionKat 1.4.0 - The Revolution is here

    I didn't build this rom I would I did butt I didn't. I'm just sharing this cause Sira asked me ROM Features SlimPIE (First on a CM Based Rom) CPU Freq QS Tile QuickSettings HALO OMNI's Floating Window Exclusive CRIMSON Mode CM11 Theme Engine Nav Bar Editor Notification Backround...
  9. Mister-v

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2[Uno port] Liquid Smooth v3.0 [discontinued]

    LIQUIDSMOOTH Pictures Features ART Tethering SlimPIE 2.0 Slim recents and AOSB Recents Custom Quick tiles! Regulate haptick feedback of the hardware buttons Slim OS Dialer Multiwindow and HALO (not for now) Active Display Omni's New File Browser called "Documents" Advanced sound and...
  10. Mister-v

    Thread [Q] how to port rom for L9

    Hey, I was a semi-developer for a my previous phone, it was a mediatek. As you all know porting and customizing ROMs for mediatek phones is really easy. But now I also want to start building/porting for this phone. Can someone give me links to guides,tips,.. for this phone. What is the best...
  11. Mister-v

    Thread oo

  12. Mister-v

    Thread edify_defs

    Hey, I'm playing with the android kitchen but the problem is i need a edify_defs file and i'm not sure how to make one. Does one of the devolpers have one? Thanks
  13. Mister-v

    Thread closed

  14. Mister-v

    Thread GPS won't work

    Help!!! GPS won't work on openpecan 4.1 Others with the same problem and how to solve it? I need GPs for Ingress
  15. Mister-v

    Thread Thanks PecanCM

    To the whole PecanCM team: I love you guys!:laugh: You're awesome!:highfive: You have a stable CM9 and an pretty stable CM10! :victory: Go on!!!!!
  16. Mister-v

    Thread Cool theme

    Hey i found a cool theme Can someone maybe use it in his ROM it would be awesome:fingers-crossed: I can't post pictures :crying: Awesome not? :laugh: ps i can't post the link so juts google beautiful theme android and you wil find it it calls:"This is the Most Beautiful Android Theme We have...