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  1. epiquiem

    Thread [Q] Implement intell_plug

    I'm attempting to implement faux123's intelli_plug into my kernel. It was added in this commit and enabled in "make menuconfig". However, it throws me errors during compilation: arch/arm/hotplug/intelli_plug.c:166: error: undefined reference to 'avg_nr_running'...
  2. epiquiem

    Thread [Xposed Mod] [ALPHA] RecEnabler v1.0 (Enable call recording!)

    Support thread for RecEnabler. HEY! This module is becoming useless. A change in CarbonROM's gerrit is in the works that accomplishes the same thing. Just letting you know! RecEnabler (SHOULD) enable(s) Call Recording on supporting ROMs (e.g: CM, Carbon) Submit bugs to the GitHub...
  3. epiquiem

    Thread [Windows][Hacks]Winsploit 1.0-beta

    Winsploit is a little thing I made for an "educational experience". Very simple little collection of tools to create a flash drive you boot from and a few clicks and letters later, you can activate the built-in admin account, with a password of your choice. Very n00b, I know. But, I learned a...
  4. epiquiem

    Thread [MOD]Change Boot Logo! CyanogenMod!

    So, here we go - I really liked the new CyanogenMod logo they outlined here. So, I made a boot logo (pre-bootanimation) with it. It is simpler than stock, unobtrusive and quite amazing. Just flash this zip in recovery, and whala! Profit! Here's a sneak peek - image