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    Thread how to unbrick a pixel 4a anyone need help

    flashed from graphene os and back to stock during stock flashing something failed and gives me a black screen and goesinto the screenshot provided
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    Thread Official LineageOS 18.1

    This is official nightly builds for lineageOS 18.1 android 11, I am posting this for information and development use, This is not my build and am not the maintainer . Move if needed. 1.Download recovery.img and 2. flash recovery in bootloader mode using adb command : fastboot flash...
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    Thread Android 12 or android S

    This is the link to android 12 or android S for pixel phones including pixel 4a Just download the correct zip file , extract (in adb platform tools folder),click on flash-all.bat after putting phone into bootloader and plugging into computer...
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    Thread Move if needed , dual boot or multi rom possibilities

    Would there or is there any possible way to dual boot two os on this phone I have used it in many other android devices
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    Thread processor

    Move if needed, I have a Samsung galaxy s7 Qualcomm. I already know that I do have a Qualcomm processor from rooting , and firmware files I have used , but still I get some apps thinking that my processor is an exynos processor , but shows as this after I am rooted ,any ideas or ways we can use...
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    Thread magisk?

    Anyone try or willing to try magisk on s7 Made for device with no recovery
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    Thread safestrap recovery for bootloader locked Can anyone build or port this to the s7
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    Thread Safestrap recovery for bootloader locked Can anyone build or port this to the s7
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    Thread silent logging

    Has anyone else noticed this app it has been in every samsung s7 firmware for all carriers it's a system app ,it can be disabled using third party app or deleted ,its silent logging
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    Thread silent logging

    Has anyone else noticed this system app that's called silent logging is it like the one keylogger app that was on millions of phones a few years back ,its in every firmware of the s7
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    Thread to moderators

    This is a message to the moderators , is there any way you can create a thread specifically for the G930u or S7 unlocked , as many forums are spread out through each carrier and the S7 forum is mainly equanox stuff
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    Thread Set device to official with root

    This is a way to make the device status to official even with root. This module was not created by me and is just being used to show a process on how to make it work. This method works on mm and n. First root device following the instructions per firmware in the forums, then by using flash...
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    Thread is a website from chainfire who gave SuperSU ,they have many firmware files for many phones. Our s7 devices are on this and show in great detail about what firmwares ,security patches,versions etc. This is for people who are having a hard time finding firmware files...
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    Thread dual boot patcher

    I have successfully flashed dual boot patcher without bootloops through flashfire , unsure though if working correctly , and tests ,I have app installed and utilities zip flashed through flashfire ,I used the s7 edge files to make this flash
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    Thread xposed for n Check s7 Sprint forum for more info
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    Thread Xposed for Nougat(update) This is xposed for n firmware , I did not make this and only sharing for those who miss it give the dev a thanx for making this in the link ,the dev is in the picture Download both the zip sdk24 system and...
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    Thread magisk for s7

    Has anyone attempted this yet it is a working magisk for samsung devices including s7 and s7 edge mm and n
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    Thread qd2 root for g930u Check here
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    Thread G930U QD2 root

    G930U QD2 Root Use at your own risk This was done with the ota update and was not factory reset - no data lost Disable Security Updates- Settings > Lock Screen > Security > Other Security > Security Policy Updates > OFF and Wi-Fi only Disable apps- SecurityLogAgent...
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    Thread g930u nogaut firmware root

    This is being placed for the s7 universal g930u firmware qd2 root process instructions and with working data once it is confirmed fully working as root has been achieved without data or activation
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    Thread flash firmware using heimdall for Linux

    Heimdall for Linux and mac - this is a program that is used on Linux that's​ similar to Odin for windows. It is capable of flashing extracted tar firmware AP,CP,CSC,and BL using download mode for Samsung devices. This is not my program. Also I am limited to Linux for heimdall so testing Mac...
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    Thread flash firmware using Heimdall​ for Linux

    Heimdall for Linux and mac - this is a program that is used on Linux that's​ similar to Odin for windows. It is capable of flashing extracted tar firmware AP,CP,CSC,and BL using download mode for Samsung devices. This is not my program. Also I am limited to Linux for heimdall so testing Mac...
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    Thread s7 firmware flashing of other carriers

    I am trying to start a thread for our Qualcomm s7 for firmware flashing of other variants ,so mods please be patient as the s7 development is a little slow , I am confirming that Verizon and sprint are interchangeable according to another thread and a rom Being flashed that wasn't version or...
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    Thread s7&s7 edge root android n eng boot

    This is the s7 root for qualcomm varients for android 7.0 tested working but sprint varient gets bootloop on some devices , im placing this here so we can fix the g930p root to not bootloop after fully booting...
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    Thread android 7 for g930p is out

    Android 7 is out now anyway to root for the g390p s7 qualcomm this is sprint ,update to latest marshmellow and its ocer a gig download rom is smooth and fast but battery does drain on fast charge if using it
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    Thread move if needed lineage os with locked bootloader

    Is this possible for the s7 qualcomm varient We have a recovery already
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    Thread g930p android 7.0

    Anyone have the update for android 7.0 for the sprint varient g930p so that may we have a taste of the nugaot
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    Thread g930p android 7 beta

    Can you downgrade from nougat beta back to android 6.0
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    Thread Sprint Galaxy S7(G930P) Root methods + Firmware + Tools + Exposed

    This is being placed here for our sprint varient galaxy s7 (G930P). Please post all links to working firmware , root methods with confirmed firmware and link to files used, also place tools like odin and root files , fixes for bloatware, please keep this clean , please post real links of real...
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    Thread this developer is keeping the m7spr alive

    Move if needed just want more options and acknowledgement of some good development
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    Thread kernel mm android 6.0.1 help

    Need some help building a kernel similar to elemental x kernal for aosp lollipop which allows the WiFi driver to support miracast and fast charge ,want to make a custom kernal for sprint HTC one on android 6.0.1 cm and aosp
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    Thread Hey gpe 5.1 on m7spr I take no credit for any work done , if this needs to be moved it can , but something new for the m7spr , full instructions are in thread link posted
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    Thread Miracast and Bluetooth lollipop aosp

    In lollipop there is an option to cast screen in display settings with wireless display active, I have the m7spr ,in 5.0.2 cm12 it works almost flawless but some lag , I use a Bluetooth controller(Asus gamepad) to play games using miracast, something similar to the nexus player, but during use...
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    Thread Nexus 7 miracast or cast screen

    I have been looking for a solution to screen cast my nexus 7 2012 grouper WiFi to my WiFi TV , on lollipop my TV shows up and attempts to connect then right when its loading the screen it dissconnects , I have also seen many people using slimport HDMI adapters but it also says its not possible...
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    Thread Miui v7 for m7spr

    Disclamer: This ROM was made for testing and educational purposes. It is not intended for commercial use. Software included may be subject to copyright. Flash this ROM at your own risk. Developer is not responsible for what you do on your device.* This is a Rom in development , as of now main...
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    Thread Miui v7 m7spr

    I have took and ported miui 7 for htc one sprint varient from the m8 ,but having bootloop issues I know its the boot.IMG but not sure what it can be. If anyone know how to fix please reply so I can post the ROM up
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    Thread Cm13 m7spr

    This is cm13 android 6 for the sprint HTC one . I am not the developer or maintainer so moderators you can move forum. There are bugs , also thank the developer. To enable su , first enable developer options menu and enable root , or download chain fire 2.52 SuperSU beta and flash in recovery...
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    Thread Vanir nightly m7spr aosp lollipop ROMs

    I take no credit for this ROM as i am just posting a ROM from vanir. This is a link to the official nightly builds. We need more builds to try as the m7spr development is slowing down. I hope this is the right place for this if...
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    Thread Multirom for m7spr

    I am looking for a way to port the multirom on to our sprint varient I have seen it has been ported to international and Verizon but no support for sprint seeing as there is already a basis to start on how can it ported from Verizon to sprint since there are many Roms and firmware being ported...
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    Thread S-off ideas

    Is there a way possible to adb pull the files sunshine uses after it has unlocked the devices and obtain s-off ,Fire water method uses one file and is injected I noticed there's a file called "heat" after extracting the sunshine.apk can this be that file
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    Thread [Q] multirom or boot manager pro on HTC one sprint

    I'm trying to find out how I can get a multiboot of Roms on the sprint HTC one , I have seen it has been ported to the Verizon variant how can I get this on the m7spr . I have tried boot manager pro which is not supported either but allows you to choose which blk partition to set it up in plz I...
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    Thread Ubuntu touch m7spr development

    I know this is old unsure if anyone one has been successful in booting this but here is the original link to files being used to get this running. So far flashing boot.img is successful but recovery link is dead , using the recovery for m7ul does not work on m7spr, if anyone can help in getting...