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    Thread mi 10 feature update question

    For people who still using mi 10 with newest rom does the new feature from mi 10t came in update? 1. Camera feature like 30x digital zoom and mirror 2. MEMC feature
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    Post Question regarding MEMC feature.

    already turn it on using the video above?
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    Thread some question for owner of this phone

    Hi, i'm very interested with this phone 1. Does joyui12 update have all MIUI12 features? 2. Does joyui 12 bring EIS in recording video segment? 3 Does 90 hz only in video player and games? 4. what apps can run MEMC outside the stock player? 5. Does ludricious mode can force games run 90 fps...
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    Post GCam for Xiaomi Mi 10/Pro

    Does gcam help with detail? interested in this phone but i see the image is less good than s20 ultra in camera algorithm
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    Post RMX1931EX_11.C.23 rolling out (Realme UI V1.0 - Android 10 stable)

    guys, do you have low sound in speaker and heat / lag in pubg after c23 update?
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    Post Latest and best #gcam for our X2 Pro.

    try above gcam, working faster on HDR+ Enhanced than other gcam version and image is a bit better Love to see wide and telephoto lens supported with super res zoom
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    Post Huawei‘s Mechanical Keyboard Emulator

    hi guys i tested it and ir does workkkk first you nees to change your keyboard to english en t26 then you must download cherry mx skin after that your keyboard will chage like a keyboard computer skin, is easy first download skin and search cherry. Find the skin that look like in gizchina...
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    Post (App) (ROG2) Google Camera Mod

    Hi does gcam already have 48 HDR mode?
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    Post 3 days after using the Realme X2 Pro review

    the review is short and only give score, pls give more detailed review
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    i think the jump from kirin 970 to 980 was quite huge The kirin 970 is using cortex a73 and that jump to a76, that's 2 generation with huge IPC gain. Also most games run fast only on snapdragon 845 due to its cortex a75 which possibly the min IPC for arm processor to run dolphin emu The gpu...
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    how to turn it off? i m sure you can use the dolphin ini on setting, i was using cheat to remove blur in tales of symphonia before
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    my build is 5.0-11428 MMJ btw i tested zelda with 2x it constantly run on full speed using the performance mode, before it will become hot after 5 minutes and throttling a lot Btw the same can't be said for beack spikers, this game run 45 fps on normal but with performance mode it will run 60...
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    The last built by MMJ, he's now stop dev the built exclusive for mali device, i will try to upload it Mate 20 pro with EMUI 10 . EMUI 10 Break vulkan drivers but enhanced the opengl performance on par with vulkan so is still a win win situation. Also the skip sync on idle is making game...
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    just want to inform with emui 10 + dolpohin mmj last build before it get taken down i can simply run majority of gc and wii title at 2x res full speed using same setting as first post. Altough some heavy games run half speed (open large env games) like beyond good and evil
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    Post Android 10/EMUI 10 beta feedback

    Dolphin emulator using vulkan driver will break the game, the vps is full speed but the fps of game itself is stuttering, while using OpenGL render game full speed like vulkan driver, it's like the gpu driver is swapped, Before in emui 9.1 vulkan is faster but buggy and openGL is slower but run...
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    Post Android 10 coming to oppo reno 10x zoom this quarter of 2019!

    Any review? currently interested with this phone , but the image algorithm , video recording for telephoto sucks and no wide angle camera recording I heard they improve the camera image with the new fw and and wide angle vid rec like reno 2, but i'm waiting for a btter image with telephoto...
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    Post GCAM Support for Reno 10x Zoom.

    currently interested with this phone, the night sigh on gcam makes low light pic comparable to p30 pro but how about the 48mp? is the image is better with it? any feedback? also i see this phone does not have a large community support? the largest was on this xda
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    Post Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

    s10 plus pro : Better video recording Better louder speaker Ultrasonic fingerprint a little better battery life better samsung armoji vs qmoji fast and sharp dual auto focus selfie 10mp camera Mate 20 pro : fast 40w charging fast 15w wireless charging 40mp , 3x -5x optical zoom , af 20mp...
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    i see, well legend of zelda wind waker run half speed in first stage where env is large, beach spiker ,beyond good and evil also run stuttering with half speed. Little dissapointed cause both game run full speed at 1x res with snapdragon 710. Altough i can push with performance mode and get full...
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    Post 40mp mode removed from night mode on EMUI 9.1

    nope, there's 40mp size for night mode, there's other people confirming the same issue. You can use 40mp and choose night mode and your photo will still 40mp with the help of dark mode
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    ok thx for additional tips, you can find this menu at battery optimization on EMUI 9.1 btw can you run the sky crawler at fullspeed?
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    Post 40mp mode removed from night mode on EMUI 9.1

    yes, but before i can change to 40mp and choose night mode so the 40mp res can have better useable image in low light. The 40mp mode by itself is capable taking pictures on the night as long there's enough light, with the help with night mode it capable to take any picture in various condition...
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    Thread 40mp mode removed from night mode on EMUI 9.1

    Anyone still on EMUI 9? can anyone give me 40 mp night mode vs normal on low light condition? i haven't save it yet The emui 9.1 remove 40mp from night mode , why huawei remove their top feature? the night mode can't replicated with pro mode, it takes multiple frame to remove noise, bring up...
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    Post (Guide) Dolphin Emulator and the best settings for each game for the P20-Pro

    Thx for the guide, was able to push stable 30 fps in wind waker with 2x resolution on my mate 20 pro. Before, was need to use performance mode which heat and drain the battery. Any tips for good version?
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    Post Fix performance issue in emulator

    Wantrd to ubl but i need to backup things, will inform later on the thread. Thingkjng to sell the devices for poco or note 8 but i love the features on this devices so much !
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    Post gaming performance

    Lg implementation is bad for example the us998 oreo with july sec patch have only gpu driver v251 while samsung 835 devices is updated to 313 , that was a huge jump!. Also lg stock kernel like to throttle performance so much . read techspot review for lg v30. The only way is updating gpu driver...
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    Post Fix performance issue in emulator

    How to know? I got the us998 version but dont know if its ref or not? The problem is on dolphin emulator, the ppsspp does run full speed
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    Thread Fix performance issue in emulator

    Hi Guys , i need tips in fixing performance issue im lg v30 the cpu performance is throttling quite heavily in stock oreo that emulator performance is dropping and can not run games full speed while s8 with same snapdragom processor run the emulator full speed. Any tips ro improve this? I...
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0]LineageOS-17.1[Joan][Unofficial]

    Hi is this rom using latest gpu driver? And the kernel is direffent from stock?
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    Post LG V30 or MI 8?

    You can read my lg v30 review, lg v30 have a lot advantage plus its cheaper for 2nd/refurbish one. The only advantage is the mi 8 is only three : Speedy update with android pie Nav gesture built in miui ir face camera unlock, unlock speedy in the dark or lowlight when you are using face unlock...
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    Post [GCam] [Wide Angle] LG G5,LG G6,LG V20,LG V30 - v4.2

    still no stable standard gcam 6? just want the night sight for front and regular camera
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    Post LG V30 monthly software improvement status in December 2018

    The only i want on pie is the nav gesture
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    Thread my lg v30 review and comparison with previous phone

    Hi guys, so i just updated my phone from previous s7 edge tp the lg v30+ unlocked us998 version , just want to share my usage and to help people decide with this phone so for my background , i am a tech geek phone lover. I always buy used phone since 2010 and always go after cheap high...
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    Post [GCam] [Wide Angle] LG G5,LG G6,LG V20,LG V30 - v4.2

    are you porting it to snapdragon version? i think it boil down to the soc used any stable version gcam 6 for oreo v30 us 998? , last time make my phone blackscreen and no sound, won't use experiment apk again
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    Post [GCam] [Wide Angle] LG G5,LG G6,LG V20,LG V30 - v4.2

    Hi guys, any stable for vers 6 with night sight? and the night sight is working on front cam/wide also? Btw i'm using vers 5 and confused with the camera setting, can anyone share a good setting to optimize the gcam more so it can reproduce better pic, also i notice when taking pic with the apk...
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    Post Ask Questions of Honor and Microsoft AI Expert. Win an Honor View 10.

    What features in the phone that accelerated with the npu others than camera? and what impact it have with people daily usage
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    Post Ask Questions of Honor and Microsoft AI Expert. Win an Honor View 10.

    As the the honor view 10 is the first few devices that have npu built in with npu chip, how much it can impact most real life scenario usage ? object recognition in camera is the most mentioned one in article in google, so can you spell a few other things for regular case that will get...
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    Post [KERNEL] [January 22] ElementalX-N7 6.17 (Nougat) 7.00 (Oreo)

    i'm using ex kernel manager , can i know what mc_power_saving option means? what is effect?
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    Post Gaming perfomance

    Okay so , both games now run ferfect in full hd res first my setup CRDROID8 rom with elementalX kernel cpu clocked 1.5ghz elemental gorvernor and gpu 450mhz stock ondemand gorvernor Mobile legend case is funny as it need the gpu gorvernor to perfomance to prevent slowdown, but mpdecision can...
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    Post Gaming perfomance

    I notice with elementalXKernel and gpu clocked 450mhz and mode perfomance. The game almost run smooth for both games at max setting and native res, only when skill spam and there's effect everywhere the game start to slow down a littme
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    Post Gaming perfomance

    now with 7.1.2 CRdroid and elementalX kernel ,@ stock with gpu set to 491 mhz and i love the perfomance and everything so far. Gaming was great except two top of my games Mobile legends need to change the res to 1280 x 800 , basically the original nexus 7 res to play with max setting and it ran...
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    Post Gaming perfomance

    Back to stock and the perfomance was not smooth as purenexus , even coc lag and opening app doesnt smooth. I will back to nougat custom rom with flo elemental kernel to oc gpu hope it will be stable.
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    Thread Gaming perfomance

    Hi Guys , i just brought this tablet and i can say is a very good one , i got this for 65$ used in my country with like new conditioj minus original charger. But never mine i can charge using original ssmsung charger with same speed like the original one. I can't imagine if i brought other used...
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    Thread Downgrade from C.O.S 2.1.5 to 1.2.7

    Hi guys, is it possible to downgrade from c.o.s 2.1.5 to 1.2.7 ?? Haven't unified storage yet,if any of you have experience downgrade pls inform me Using Find 7A with TWRP and cos 2.1.5
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    Post Screen on time and battery

    Does it the last cos version of 2.1.5 ?
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    Post Screen on time and battery

    What color os version your using? Same as me around 4 hour max from 100% to 1% on cos 2.1.5 lite Hi , where do you buy find 7S battery? i want the original version. And what rom you are using?
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    Thread Screen on time and battery

    Hi guys , i just change my phone to Find 7A and i want to ask a few question 1. Is there a way to reach 6-8 hours of SOT , just like One plus one ? 2. Is there any AOSP/google play edition rom that support the maxx audio feature?
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    Thread Xcom game (i9500)

    Hi for people who play xcom , is there a way to play it smooth? My S4 is i9500 exynos 5410 with latest kitkat 4.4.2 , the game perfomance is bad and it quite stutter, can anyone give me any tips/infor for custom rom/kernel? thx ================= Sorry for add OOT but is there anyone with...
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    Post [Guide][How to Root Lollipop GT-I9500/i9505][5.0.1]

    Does this method trigger KNOX to 01
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    Thread [Q] s4 i9500 octa battery indicator not accurate

    Hi guys my S4 battery indicator is not accurate from 100 to 80% it drop very fast then on 80% it drop slowly, sometimes the number go up/down itself ( 2-3%) My S4 is stock 4.4.2 no rooted and i already tried with hard reset + battery calibration ( empty battery until 0% and charge to 100%)...