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    Thread ANT+ support

    So I didn't realise this, but it turns out the device has ANT+ support. By installing the ANT+ radio service and the other normal ANT apps, the ANT tester app reports that built-in support works. Sure enough, using an app, I was able to hook up with my heart rate strap without the need for the...
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    Thread Bluetooth Receive File?

    Hi Guys, I am trying to send a file from another device to my TA-1055 that is paired with my device. For some reason, it just fails all the time. I can send a file the other way, just can't receive files on the Nokia. It fails with a Content Note Supported. The file is a GPX file, so is...
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    Thread 3rd party app link into Google account, issues

    Hi All, I recently I upgraded my phone, and restored my account to it. No problems, all fine bar one thing. I used heart trace and sleep to connect to my Google fit account to sync data, however for some reason I am unable to relink the accounts. Whenever I try to connect them, I get to select...
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    Thread Customising Assistant on AW2

    So now that we have AW2 and you can press and hold for the assistant, this is a real help for when in the car and I want to play some music without pulling the phone out of the pocket. All great, until I installed TuneIn, and now all of the "Play such and such" gets diverted to that app. How...
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    Thread 7.x Bluetooth Address book/phonebook issues

    Hi all, Is anyone else having issues with the new 7.x.x roms that are available and bluetooth connectivity to the address/phone book? I've noticed it on some cars, and other cars it isnt an issue, but basically on my BMW, after I have sucessfully paired my N5 to the car, it doesn't download...
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    Thread No Spigen Slim Armor, what else?

    Ok, so I have a slim armor case for my old nexus 5, and am looking for something equivalent for the new nexus 5x that is about to arrive. Does one such exist, or am I looking at either of the two cases mentioned in... Thanks
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    Thread Phone screen off during calls when watch is set to play phone audio

    Ok, so found a really annoying issue when the watch is set to play phone audio. Basically when you answer a call or make a call from your phone, the functionality of the screen turning off when you put your phone to your ear no longer works, which means you end up controlling your handset with...
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    Thread [Q] Lollipop ROM without Root?

    Hi All, I am looking for a Lollipop ROM that doesn't come pre rooted due to some of the Apps that I use and the PITA with the way they check for roots, so root hiders don't work for them. Anyone know if such a ROM exists. From what I can see they all look like they come pre rooted. Edit: Oh...
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    Thread [Q] Local/Phone Contact Store?

    Ive messed up big style with the Mrs new phone. Basically I was trying to make my mind up if I should create her a google account or just use mine as she already has a email account which would be her primary account, so whilst I was deciding on that, I moved all her contacts on her...
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    Thread [Q] 'No Service' in pull down task manager

    Hi all, I have a question with the task manager pull down system menu in ICS. Basically, when I am connected to my providers network, the text at the bottom of the menu displays 'No Service', however when I connect to other networks, it displays their network name at the bottom of the screen...
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    Thread MVNO Issue (Virgin/TMob UK using Orange)

    Hi Guys, Basically my provider is Virgin Uk who is an MVNO. They use TMobiles network. TMobile has an agreement with Orange so that we can use their network when the TMob/Virgin signal is not good. Once I am on the Orange network, the network name changes to 'Virgin' from the normal 'virgin'...
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    Thread [Q] Voice Activated Dialling

    Hi Guys, I played with one of the original desire roms from my SD ages ago, and I used to be able to initiate Google Voice Dialer from my bluetooth carset. I have now switched my ROM to NAND and am using a Desire HD based version and that feature nolonger works even though I have added the...
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    Thread Using mapidotnet to Create messages (Email/SMS)

    Hi all, I am trying to write an app using the following component to access the message stores on the phone... or Has anyone else used this? Is there a way to actually...
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    Thread IMAP c# component?

    Hi all Can anyone recommend an IMAP component I can use in a C# developement I am doing (VS 2008)? I just need to be able to read and create mail in a folder specified. Thanks
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    Thread Developing for two?

    Hi all, I am thinking about creating an app that I want to use on both Andriod and Windows Mobile. What would be the best way of going about this? Using Java for both apps (limiting what I can do on the WM device) or going down the C# root with MonoDroid to help me out? Cheers
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    Thread Syncing SMS between two platforms?

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any software that can keep your SMS synced between two different platforms? So, You receive an SMS say on WM and then your perform a sync which, for example, copies your SMS to gmail, you then boot into Android and run that platforms tool to sync with your SMS...
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    Thread Data Migration To and Thro with WM?

    Hi Guys, I am currently farting about with an Andriod build on my HD2 and I am worried that SMS/MMS are going to come down to my phone whilst I am playing in my newly loved OS. Is there a way to get SMS/MMS data to move between Andriod and Windows Mobile. Note, I have also got a shed load of...
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    Thread T-Mobile - HTC branded phone support!?

    Right, ok, being that T-Mobile take HTC phones and then rebrand them up, who the heck am I supposed to go to for support when the hardware goes wrong? Basically, the GPS on my diamond has gone tits up. I have reverted my diamond back to the stock TMob ROM to test (which comes with a donkey old...
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    Thread Voice Command Over Bluetooth issue

    Hi people, Ok, I am using a custom cooked rom (see sig) which has a copy of voice command 1.6.21815 included with it (came with the kitchen). Basically I am trying to get it to launch with my bluetooth headset (which it has done in the past when other roms, but just not this one). So i did...
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    Thread Windows Mobile 6.5 - Build Number List

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where to find a list of the build numbers (in chronological order) that have been leaked/buit into cooked ROMs that are available for our lovely HTC phones? I am looking around, but can't seem to find one. Otherwise, I am gonna have to try and knock one up myself...
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    Thread So someone probably has a free Diamond now!

    Ok, so i managed to loose my phone over the weekend at V in Staffordshire. So there are 2 outcomes to this. 1) The phone got killed as it fell out of my pocket, and then probably got stamped on a few times by people not knowing its there. 2) Someone has found it but not turned it over to lost...
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    Thread Change WMP default sync directory?

    Hi all, Is it possible to change windows media players sync directory to the windows mobile phone? Why cant it shuv the files to My Music instead of creating a new MUSIC folder??? Cheers
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    Thread Windows Mobile Web Browsers

    Hi people, I know of pocket explorer, and the opera release, but is there any other webbrowsers out there that are any good? What i am looking for is something like the iphones safari. That would be nice :) Pocket Explorer Opera Deepfish - damn shame this was never continued! Cheers
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    Thread HTC Network Wizard cab

    hi guys, does nayone know if htc's network wizard is available to download to put into a rom build? Thanks
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    Thread Stay connected to GPRS whilst connected to Activesync

    Hi Guys, I am running active sync 4.5 on my works pc and I want to connect my wm6 device to it whilst I am at work. However, my device checks my gmail and this is blocked via my works network, so i want my device to stay connected to gprs and use that instead of try to use my pc connection...
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    Thread Pocket Outlook Rules?

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin that is available that can create rules for Pocket Outlook? The idea is that one could set rules up on a gmail imap account and move emails into correct folders when deleting/sending mails. Thanks
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    Thread VSGMail/Emansio??

    Hi guys... Does anyone know what happened to VSGMail? It looked as though this would have been great with Gmail IMAP as it would allow you to map pocket outlook folders to imap folders? I see that the websmite now...
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    Thread WM2005 Title Bar Clock and Landscape

    Hello all, Got a wierd one here that has happened after a phone call and my ear adjusting settings by holding the phone to close to my head! Anyway, the analogue clock that gets displayed in the title bar keeps showing when i open any programmes only in landscape mode when it is set to not...
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    Thread Sprite Backup

    Question, what part of sprite backup keeps the call history lists and the total call time found in the device information panel? I wanna make a backup but just for this information.
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    Thread Wizard Forum

    Why is it that when ever i open this forum it always sorts it by thread title?!
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    Thread Server Monitoring Software

    Hi guys and gals, Probably not the right forum, but does anyone know of any pocketpc software out there (for use on a Vario) that monitors a specified website or server ip address, and if it cannot connect to it via GPRS then it thows up a notification? Cheers
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    Thread MS Voice Command & Car

    Hi all, Got a question regarding MS Voice Command and my Parrot CK3000. I have got everything installed okay, and it all works... i.e. when i press the dial button on the ck3000, ms voice cmd starts and listens to my every command. The problem is that i don't think ms voice cmd likes all the...
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    Thread Phone App and its Number and Number Porting

    Hi all, I am getting number ported from another network onto T-Mob. When i first got the phone i was given a temporary number which is no longer in use as my old orange number has been ported today. Now in the Phone application my old number is displayed. Is this likely to change or do i...
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    Thread MS Voice Command & BT Parrott CK3000

    Hi Guys, Got a question. I am thinking of investing in a copy of MS Voice Command so that i don't have to setup voice tags for a lot of my contacts. At the moment when i press the green dial button on my CK3000 i have to say one of the voice tags. From what i have read on here it looks like...
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    Thread File Explorer & Shares

    Hi all, First post here. :roll: Anyway, i have recently got a Vario and i have sucessfully connected it up to a latop wifi via an ad hoc setup. Anyway, i know its working properly because i can view webpages that are being dished up via a webserver installed on the laptop (using IP address...