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  1. Edgie70

    Thread Amazon fire TV gen 2 won't wake up

    Hi all , I've got a gen 2 fire TV box and sometimes ( not every time ) when I press the Amazon remote to wake up the box it does nothing , the light on the front illuminates but nothing on the screen unless I restart the box ( select + play/pause buttons ) then it works fine , I watch what I...
  2. Edgie70

    Thread Mx player pro not validated on fire TV

    Hi , I bought mx player pro on the Google play store and I've now side loaded to my fire TV but it says unable to validate when I try using it on the fire TV , how can I get it to work please
  3. Edgie70

    Thread S10 notification vibration

    Hi all I have my S10 set to basic vibration pattern when I get a notification it vibrates with that pattern BUT when it vibrates again because reminder is set to notify after 3 minutes the vibration pattern is a totally different one and I don't know why it would change ....
  4. Edgie70

    Thread Facebook help

    Hi all , I have a galaxy S10 running latest UI and android 10 , my issue is with Facebook , when I write a status and I type someone's name it highlights their name but if I carry on typing their highlighted name isn't highlighted anymore meaning I can't mention them and it won't notify them ...
  5. Edgie70

    Thread Tab s2 time until fully charged notification

    Hi all , my tab s2 says the battery percentage on the status bar but is there any way of turning on something that says " one hour until fully charged " for example ?? It's running Android 7.0 nougat , thanks in advance
  6. Edgie70

    Thread Weak WiFi gen 2 fire box ???

    Hi all , I'm running my Gen 2 fire TV box on 5gz WiFi and the router is in the same room about 13 feet away but yet the WiFi signal seems half way in dev opt on the box , anybody else's signal like that ? Thanks
  7. Edgie70

    Thread Fire TV gen 2 RAM

    Hi all , hope you can help , I have a gen 2 fire TV box , it has 2gb ram , basically if I'm watching a stream it looks like I don't have much of the 2gb ram left , I've even bought an android box that has 4gb ram and 32gb storage but it's only a cheap box off the Amazon site , so my question is...
  8. Edgie70

    Thread Es file explorer pro

    Hi all , I downloaded es file explorer pro tonight and tried to send a file from my phone to my tablet , both have es pro installed but when I send by Lan I immediately get " sender disconnected " message , if I use free version of es sending to pro it works but won't work using es pro sending...
  9. Edgie70

    Thread Samsung messages screen wake on s7 edge

    Hi all , I'm using the stock messages app on my s7 edge but every time I get a text the screen lights up , does anyone know a way to stop this , thank you
  10. Edgie70

    Thread Samsung messages symbol ???

    Hi , this symbol has appeared after I sent a text , does anyone know what it means ??
  11. Edgie70

    Thread Google messenger

    Hi all , using Google messenger now android messages but when sending larger texts they send but aren't delivered I get error 65536 , I'm using an s7 edge on Vodafone in UK
  12. Edgie70

    Thread Es file explorer fire TV to android via LAN

    Hi all , i have es file explorer on my Amazon fire box , connected to my router via ethernet cable , I'm trying to send a file from the fire box to my android phone , es will not find my s7 edge , i can send files etc to my fire box via LAN but not fire box to phone using LAN , it just won't...
  13. Edgie70

    Thread Random apps opening when unlocking phone

    Hi all , when I unlock my s7 edge it occasionally opens random apps , I put my pin in but instead of the home screen opening up it opens up to the weather , email , contacts and play store , it's not all the time , can happen a few times in a day , has anyone else had or have this problem ...
  14. Edgie70

    Thread WhatsApp mute not working

    Hi all , I have a group chat on WhatsApp that I've muted but every time I get a message in the group my phone still plays the notification tone , it's a galaxy s7 edge running stock 6.0.1 anyone know of a fix , massive thanks
  15. Edgie70

    Thread Whatsapp group mute

    Hi all , I'm using an s7 edge , android 6.0.1 and I'm having a problem with the mute in whatsapp , in whatsapp group settings I set it to mute but I'm still getting a " beep " on my phone , I've set it to silent , no vibration , no pop up , no led and it still " beeps " never had this issue on...
  16. Edgie70

    Thread Tab s2 wifi drop out ??

    Hi all , my tab s2 keeps on displaying the " connected to wifi " notification on the screen randomly , sometimes the wifi can go off and come on again ( icon next to battery % goes off and on ) then sometimes the icon stays on but it flashes " connected to wifi " on screen , anyone had...
  17. Edgie70

    Thread Wifi notification / drop out

    Hi all , I have the tab s2 813 model , I keep getting the notification of " connected to WiFi " on the screen whilst watching streams on my tablet then it cuts the stream off and I have to reconnect , its like it's dropped wifi and reconnected , anyone else have this problem , many thanks .
  18. Edgie70

    Thread Fire TV picture resolution setting

    Hi all my TV is a 1080i 50hz , the resolution settings on the fire TV box are 1080p 60hz , 1080p 50hz , 720p 60hz , 720p 50hz or auto , which should I use for my TV , massive thanks , Dave