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    Thread Wearable Widgets Clocks

    i recently bought gear s2 and i'm really interrested in watchfaces sadly most of them are paid so i installed wearable widgets it enable android widgets to be added to the watch so i installed many clock widget for KWGT...
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    Thread Beta version of magisk can root without unlocking bootloader?

    So i read that there is a new beta version of magisk and it is mentioned like this "Starting on v13.0 Magisk will allow patching a boot image on the Android device without root and custom recovery. The news about manual injection should please some developers, as achieving root should now be...
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    Thread Block ads without root

    You can block ads in any app which is not Internet BASED like small games or utility app. 1. Settings>Data Usage> 2. Open menu in upper right corner 3. Select option: data usage control 4. It has all app list 5. Now select app for which you want to restrict ads and data. See options and...
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    Thread [Q] Device Uncertified

    So Google Playstore was updated to latest version I opened setting page and at the bottom there is Device certification : Uncertified Can i ask why this happen to be uncertified I'm on stock 4.1.3 not rooted and locked bootloader Does this happen to all users or just me and what does it mean...
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    Thread System Ram Usage

    It is normal that the system use about 2 gb of ram?? Here is the attachment I'm on latest stock and not rooted And i have a lot of user apps does this affect the ram used by system?
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    Thread [Q] Noob Question

    i live in lebanon middle east country and i bought a v10 Verizon from a person that is a cheater my sim card didn't work it says that is locked and pc not recognize it and i can't fast charge it is my phone carrier locked ? and if my pc don't recognize it , it is because the phone is verizon...
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    Thread LG doesn't care about The V10 users

    My first Lg phone is the V10 and it is a great Mobile phone but the support from LG company is very bad i mean no bootloader unlock for the most of the v10 phones for that there is no custom roms in xda for the V10 and now Android Nougat is released and no update for the V10 until February or...
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    Thread [help] taking screenshots

    i have a galaxy tab E SM-T561 running kitkat i can take a screenshot with the 2 button combination but i can't with the Palm motion i used to take on my other tabs is there any easy methode to take screenshots without root
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    Thread Help with my Cpu Governor

    i downloaded ex kernel manager and i think i changed cpu setting i want to know what are the Lg v10 defaults values this is my values now thanks
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    Thread Bad wifi signal lately

    like the title say i'm having a bad wifi signal suddenly when i'm close to the router i have two bars of wifi signal when i'm far i have a point of signal i tried everything and it is like that on all wifi routers not mine only if someone know a solution or it is a software or hardware issue i'm...
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    Thread Are you planning to buy LG V20

    so LG announced that the V20 is going to be unveiled at 6 September the title is Play More i think it mean a bigger battery and there is rumors that it will contain 6 Gb of ram in my opinon V20 will be a cool phone but i will not buy for my personal reason that there is like 0 developement for...
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    Thread Porting T-mobile version Custom Roms and Mods to the Normal V10

    Like the title say i see there is a good number of roms for lg v10 the t-mobile version like cm13 and ressurection and modified original rom and the two models have the same hardware i think Is there any way that could we flash it on another lg v10 like mine is H960A rooted
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    Thread [Solution]H960A owners and want to unlock bootloader but lives outside europe

    so i'm from Lebanon middle eastern country and bought lg v10 and it was H960A the Czech one and after lg released the unlock tool for h960A i updated and tried many times to unlock it with no success it gave me service unavailable please contact administrator so i knew it was because i'm not...
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    Thread Problem unlocking bootloader H960A

    So lg released the unlock tool for lg v10 europe market I have the czech lg v10 H960A but i live in middle east I registred and enter the serial number and device serial When i press unlock bootloader there is a popup that say servics unavailable please contact site administrator ..... Any idea...
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    Thread Automatically turn off second screen at specific time

    Is there any way in setting or an app that make me able to turn off second screen at specific time ex at night when i sleep i don't need the second screen to be on
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    Thread Camera Super Pixel 63.5 MP photos on Lg v10

    Hi guys I just want to share with all of you a new app for all lg v10 phones It take photos with a resolution of 63.5MP on our V10 i saw this thread on nexus 5x and tried on my v10 and it works flawlessly I'm not part of the development of the app . It's on the Play Store here...
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    Thread Question before buying Mate 8

    i really want to buy mate 8 and i love it but i'm afraid from one thing i'm a user that root his phone and use xposed and flash roms my question is rooting and xposed will work on this phone without problems? and i think for mate 8 there is no number of custom roms it is nornal that the phone...
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    Thread [Q] GT-I9505 Kit Kat Rom

    i have bought today a new Gt-I9505 T-mobile it has android 4.3 i checked for update and didn't find any i want to ask that it is safe to flash 4.4.2 rom For gt-i9505 but the rom file is like this Model Country/Carrier Date Version PDA CSC Kies GT-I9505 Brazil (Claro) 2014 April 4.4.2...
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    Thread [Q] Notification delayed on KitKat 4.4.2

    i have flashed a new rom since two days what i have noticed that sometime notifications didn't came in time, they are recieved after like 10 min or i have to open the app to recieve them (whatsapp,bbm,viber ..) i have tried push notification fixer and two different kitkat rom with no luck any...
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    Thread Heat and high cpu frequency problem

    The problem first happened when I upgraded my custom rom slimbean from 4.2.2 to 4.3 Since this upgrade my phone is 90% on 1400Mhz frequency and the phone temperature is always high when screen is off I downgraded to 4.2.2 then to stock 4.1.1 And the big problem still excist I checked the cpu...
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    Thread [Q] For old Samsung Galaxy S 2 Users

    Hello i have Samsung galaxy s ii and i was thinking of buying samsung galaxy s iii but i'm not very sure because my s ii have a great performance and it is not different with anything but the Cpu on s iii is quad core should i wait for a phone that contain a 2GB ram to buy it or i should go...
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    Thread GPS not working Help !!

    I have my SGS2 And since i bought it the gps didn't work it can be turned on but it doesn't acquire my location at all when i used application Gps test it show that there is 6 sattelite in view but 0 in use and then i have flashed a gps fix for location but there is no file for my country...
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    Thread [Q] how to know stock kernel after flashing another kernel by accident ?

    i have flashed other kernel on my phone but i want to remove triangle and downloding Cf Root but i dont know what is my kernel ? how to find it ? it was lost because i have flashed other version kernel
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    Thread [Q] restore weather app after deleting it by accident

    I have deleted my stock weather app by accident via titanium backup is there any way to get it back !! Please and thanks ! Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda premium
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    Thread [Q]xrecovery on Arc

    I have Flashtool For my old X10 Verison 3.0.0 Can i install Xrecovery To my Arc with this flashtool normally ?
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    Thread [Q] Wich one has the loudest speaker sound ?

    i have an xperia x10 and i want to buy xperia pro but i'am wondering is the xperia pro has loudest speaker sound or the same ??
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    Thread 2.1 Stock Live wallpapers On 2.2 Rom ?

    I had On my 2.1 stock rom on x10 a wallpaper that is an equalizer of music can i have this live wallpaper on my 2.2 custom rom ?
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    Thread [Q] Cm7 Recording Video But with bad sound !!

    i have the cm7 rom it work perfect and i have the camera illusion and video illusion but when i record a video with video illusion the sound quality is so bad the sound look like helium and fast !! is there any solution for this ?
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    Thread [Q] Hang up Call With Power Button

    when i was using my x10 1.6 i was able to hang up with power button when i had my 2.1 and 2.2 it didn't work is there is any solution to this problem :confused: