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    Post S8 beeped 3 times loudly, shut off and has blinking red LED, won't turn on

    Okay, well funny you say that because I was also messing around with the charging too. I specifically was setting it down and taking it off a QI charger from NeWisdom right as I set it down again, it did this. Maybe I did it more than a few times consecutively checking if I was getting fast...
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    Thread S8 beeped 3 times loudly, shut off and has blinking red LED, won't turn on

    Well color me bummed! Have had the S8 for a few days, stock, only added 3 apps so far, sidesync, Clash of Clans and Lastpass. Anyway this morning, the phone was at 58% remaining battery, running fine. Then it beeped a weird tone 3 times, shut down and started blinking a red LED on the...
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    Post Internet for Gear VR

    It is out now and according to others it will work on Plex.
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    Post Continuum a poor excuse for Desktop to Phone connection, just want mymobiler back...

    Sort of. In the past, and currently on Android or on iphone via jailbreak, you can remotely control your phone through a PC. This gives a person the ability to continue to use the same mouse and keyboard as their desktop, answer calls and reply to texts, etc. I understand Continuum was never...
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    Thread Continuum a poor excuse for Desktop to Phone connection, just want mymobiler back...

    Windows 6.5 had this function, simply connect via wifi or USB (through activesync) and have 100% control over the phone from your mouse and keyboard. It was great, perfect and enabled no need to ever pickup my phone through my work day. Continuum blows compared to this. Do you think we will...
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    Post Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL Discussion

    I have been running the 950 for about a week now. I was running Fast Ring Win 10 Mob on a 1020. Impressions compared to the 1020: Faster, fewer app crashes (although Messaging app still crashes on occasion), fewer wonky bugs like the keyboard not allowing typing when composing a text message...
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    Post AT&T Lumia 950 Heating and Battery Drain

    When on the Fast Ring for the Lumia 1020 I was getting awful battery drain. Ended up being the messaging app. I believe because Skype was linked in with it. I had to discover this by using the Settings...System...Battery Saver...Battery use...section in the Settings. Since I upgraded to the...
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    Post My review of the Lumia 1520.

    Thank for you for the review Vallista. As for your little back and forth...I could call anything well anything, it doesn't mean people would understand me. Using proper terminology seems to be akin to using the correct syntax and terminologies when going into your local swag bar and...
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    Post Lumia 920 Battery

    I am not totally sure on that because there isn't much of a way to test it, although I do know that with my Google Exchange that if I leave that to check as Items Arrive it is far more power draining than checking at intervals. ---------- Post added at 08:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Post Lumia 920 Battery

    Randy, I have 990 charging cycles on my 920 In the last 8 months. My Lumia 920 is exhibiting the same issues other phones and devices with this type of rechargeable battery do after so many charging cycles. It discharges about 40% faster than it did between 0-300 charging cycles and it...
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    Post Who Owns A Pro?

    I agree with someeh Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using XDA Windows Phone 7 App
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    Post Missing Features in Windows 8 phone

    Good review!
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    Thread I have some dumb VPn questions, figured XDA maybe could help me...

    Sorry but I don't have another resource to ask and I am always on XDA... I am trying to connect from a home Windows 8 via RDC to a VPN at a Dr's office. I have all the info I need to connect but am not able to. The remote computer is requesting my login verification but none of my known...
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    Post Drop down menu with touch on surface, problems

    Thank you for your reply. I understand and assumed the same. I have been working with an x61t for a few years so the jump to capacitive has thrown me a bit. Okay, so what are web developers doing instead of this type of drop down? I recently read an article that says a lot of developers are...
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    Thread Drop down menu with touch on surface, problems

    Aloha all, Having trouble knowing how to ask this...bear with me. I am having problems with the menus that are triggered by the 'hover' action of a mouse. Using the surface pro or even my lumia 920 I am frequently unable to operate many menus on sites.
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    Post What peripherals do you use?

    Great suggestions on the usb3 hub. Does the Ethernet work?
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    Post Homepage on Internet Explorer?

    You should check out uc browser for tabs. Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using XDA Windows Phone 7 App
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    Post Homepage on Internet Explorer?

    Aloha, I forgot you couldn't do this. I forgot because I loaded up the homepage I wanted and pinned it to the homescreen and removed IE. Do you think that will help?
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    Post Blue Tooth HID

    MS on WP8 updated the BT stacks that devs had access to and simply left one of the key six out. Do we know that they ran out of time, because it certainly seems like they just don't know if they want to support it, vs not having time for it...
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    Post USB KeybOARD

    Dearest Gaz, There is no USB (foldable or normal) keyboard that works on Windows Phone 8. There is no USB device that will adapt a keyboard to work on Windows Phone 8. There is no BLUETOOTH keyboard that works on Windows Phone 8. & yes we understand that you feel this should be part of the...
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    Post Keyboard with USB

    USB OTG would allow this. Sadly WP8 does not include the feature.
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    Post Blue Tooth HID

    We feel your pain. I spent the time to explain the BT stack issue in your other threads about this same topic. I also included links to the Survey MS site to add your votes so that this will be included. I can't imagine we will have to wait much longer for them to accept it. Who knows, so...
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    Post Missing Features in Windows 8 phone

    Google instructions for your specific router. This will get you started: Don't you need a specific case for that?
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    Post [Q] E-Print

    There are a few apps that may be able to help you. KumoPrint Print2Cloud RoboPrint BreezyPrint SkyPrints Kodak makes a Wifi Only Printer app compatible with their printer KumoPrint lets you save whatever it is you want to print to your SkyDrive, then you can print from your SkyDrive account...
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    Post Missing Features in Windows 8 phone

    I guess basic to MS is different than basic to you or me, haha. I don't understand why you need this with the system so locked down these days... I used to think this was a huge issue. Pin favorites to your start. Use the people tile and voice dial. While I too expect it to be built in...
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    Post Keyboard foldable

    I think you asked this in another thread about a different device. The title on that device is misleading and some of the reviews even speak to WP7/8 not working on it. Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 does not allow a BT keyboard or a USB keyboard to be attached or synced to the device...
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    Post Could a BT user profile like AVRCP be used to make external keyboard possible?

    Thank you for the reply. That makes sense to me so I appreciate your time.
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    Post [Q] What will i miss out switching to WP8?

    I use a regular gmail account with exchange and setup the push notifications to actually only check once an hour as battery life seemed to be impacted a bit but as for calendar, email and contacts...all of those sync nearly instantly and work well. I know that people also use Google Sync and...
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    Post [Q] What will i miss out switching to WP8?

    Sinister answered some, here are some more for you. 1. File Manager / Explorer To four predesignated folders only. 2. Sideloading app Developer can 3. Root access to do Titanium Backup, Freeze Bloatwares, insert app (or adb push) to root directly No. 4. Car mode / Car home Sort of? See your...
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    Post [Q] Keyboard

    It does not work. I can't confirm your specific scenario but the BT profile on WP8 does not allow HiD (keyboards). We share in your struggle. This seems to be the MS suggestion site if you want to add your comments...
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    Thread Could a BT user profile like AVRCP be used to make external keyboard possible?

    This may have been discussed over time but I am learning. It quickly gets very convoluted to search for answers and the tech docs on what each profile does is hefty to say the least. Hoping someone with experience could help me make sense if an idea I had is old and wouldn't work anyway...
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    Post [Q] Buying first WP8. Which one?

    Some things I 'miss' not having are: The Bluetooth and micro USB not allowing keyboards. The Bluetooth and micro USB not allowing gamepads or controllers. Video out restrictions via microUSB. No PC software that can control the phone, so you can sit at a desk PC and control the phone, type...
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    Post New Firmware Update Pushed for ATT Lumia 900 - June 6, 2012

    I know what you are saying Fiya, it's on me. I guess the jump from 120grams to 160 grams is 40 more grams than I could appreciate until it was in the pocket. The square corners sorta make pocket bulge a more notable occurance though. Also feels like it is harder to pull the phone in and...
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    Post New Firmware Update Pushed for ATT Lumia 900 - June 6, 2012

    Thanks for your input. I am going to hang onto it for a few days and see if these issues become non issues. That Focus is an excellent device for sure. ---------- Post added at 10:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:18 AM ---------- I do think the buttons are the vibrating issue...
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    Post New Firmware Update Pushed for ATT Lumia 900 - June 6, 2012

    Just having got the Lumia I was about to return it over the Back button issue and the search button issue then found an update available. Since the update I do not notice better recognition on my search button, maybe my screen protector is causing issue? Do any of your Lumia's vibrtators...
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    Thread Learning & Lesson plan to succesfully be able to develop a specific 'simple' app?

    I just signed up and am wanting to learn how to develop a basic windows phone app. I am taking the online video classes offered around the web, from Lynda and on MSDN. Hello world was a success! My initial goal is to make a one button application that has a count up or countdown timer set...
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    Post Power/Screen Issues When Plugged In - BUT, I LOVE this Phone!

    Good luck. Keep us updated.
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    Post My head hurts from slamming it into my desk over 900 data connection location...

    How do you connect in your car? This is my major area of issue. For me it is a power cable and stereo plug right now. Wish it was on the bottom of my phone, could at least fabricate a easy-in, easy-out method.
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    Post Contemplating switching from iPhone to Lumia 900...

    I get in and out of my car a lot in a day and the phone goes with me. Two plug ins every time and it isn't just a 'click n go'. Cry for me! :)
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    Post Contemplating switching from iPhone to Lumia 900...

    When you go from iphone to Lumia you will lose your proprietary data connection. To some this is not an issue but to others it actually limits the ability of your phone. You won't be walking in to a retail store and buying "the next coolest dock/speaker" as your phone has no such connector, is...
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    Thread My head hurts from slamming it into my desk over 900 data connection location...

    ...I know as a community most are not fond of a proprietary connector on a device. I ride the fence ont hat one. What I think we can agree on though, is that data and charge cables should not be on the tops of devices as this makes for incredibly stupid dock and mounting options in vehicles...
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    Post [Q] Local cell tower is 850mhz, will it ever go 1900mhz automatically?

    Thanks for the info. I have a Samsung Focus and I am sure it has dual band but within the phone software I cant choose frequencies. So far it seems to have stuck on 850mhz but I am going to go buy a dual band repeater instead.
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    Thread [Q] Local cell tower is 850mhz, will it ever go 1900mhz automatically?

    I bought a cell repeater for the 850mhz range and it works great. I am on At&t and they also operate at 1900mhz. Will the local tower equipment automatically switch from time to time or is a tower only going to change when they change the antenna, etc?
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    Thread In diagnosis, how do you see what tower frequency you are connected to?

    I was trying to take a 2 bar outside signal and rebroadcast it inside my house. My local RS only had a zBoost on the 850mhz range. It works really well. But on AT&T in the US & on "3g", is that tower also a going to be 1900mhz sometimes? I am afraid that while the repeater works now, that...
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    Thread [Q] Quickie: control phone via windows or use a keyboard to type SMS on WP7?

    I searched but found nothing recent. Any apps that let me control the phone via my computer yet, or possibly allow me to type into SMS? Right now I am emailing myself, copy and paste to SMS. AT&T doesn't offer any SMS services that have my contact list, etc.
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    Post 1800 mah battery with stock cover!

    I never knew about WP Bench. Wish I had. My Focus had 420 or so cycles on it's battery and had a rapid performance decline in charge holding. It also blew up (physically) a bit. I replaced it with a replacement OEM from Batteries +. The replacement doesn't seem to be the equivalent of...
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    Post Camera Shutter

    The shutter sound now follows the volume slider as well. If you put your phone on vibrate it won't sound or if your volume is off. The check box within Settings...Sounds turns it off for good.
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    Post Vote: Microsoft made tabbed browsing more difficult with mango. Do you agree?

    Can't answer the pollthe way it is worded. I do agree that it is more difficult but I would not say I hardly use tabs anyway. I used them all the time. I also use favorites a lot and only rarely type in address bar. It isn't a huge problem but it's a step back.
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    Thread How do you close programs vs suspend them?

    I know the back button held down brings up a task switcher and that it shows the 5 most recently used programs bu is there a way to close a program on purpose?