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  1. errikosd

    Thread How I fixed my battery life [Calibration][NoRoot]

    So I am on the WWE of Nougat, version 2.41.401.41. I was getting abysmal battery life, at about 2h30m screen on time, without doing anything special (just browsing, some social media, etc.). Also, AccuBattery was showing the battery capacity at 2300 MhA, which I found quite impossible for a one...
  2. errikosd

    Thread Language variants in each device variant

    Hello, I have noticed that there are a lot of language/locale combinations missing from my device, even though it is a WWE. For example, I can only choose English [US,UK] and only French [France], while in AOSP there are options like English [Germany, Switzerland], French [Switzerland], German...
  3. errikosd

    Thread Gboard multilingual layout - duplicate layouts

    Hello everyone! I have been a SwiftKey user for a long time and for various reasons I am looking to switch to Gboard (one thing is the search feature). However, there is one thing that still keeps me to SwiftKey. I generally use English, French and Greek layouts. I really enjoy the...
  4. errikosd

    Thread Has anyone tried DirtyUnicorns?

    Seems that there are DU builds for the HTC 10 (pme). Here: Has anyone tried them? If yes, what are your impressions? :laugh:
  5. errikosd

    Thread Battery saver, turn LED off

    Hello, Is there any reason why when on battery saver mode (not extreme), the LED keeps blinking red to indicate low battery? This is stupid (I already know that I have low battery) and it apparently consumes energy and makes the battery drain fast. Is there any way to turn it off? Not...
  6. errikosd

    Thread Cannot update HTC Apps [Error 941]

    Hello again. I have my HTC 10 for 2 days now and I am very happy with it. Yesterday the Google Play Store prompted me that there are several updates for the HTC Apps. However, every time I tap "Update" I get Error 941. This happens only with HTC Apps (for example Photos updated fine today). I...
  7. errikosd

    Thread Disable Sense and Clock Location detection

    Hello, I just got my HTC 10 and during setup wizard, where Sense asked whether to share location or not I chose yes. Is there any way to disable this? I have looked almost everywhere and I cannot find the setting anywhere. Sense home widget, lock screen clock widget and the Clock app, all keep...
  8. errikosd

    Thread [CAF] Kernel development newbie

    Hello to all. I hope someone can help me. Background: I am a relatively experienced programmer. I have been programming with C/C++ (and other) in Linux for the last 6 years or so. However I have never dived in Linux Kernel development yet. So I would appreciate some help from anyone that can...
  9. errikosd

    Thread Nexus 6P vs HTC 10 in end-2016

    Dear all, As my beloved G2's EOL is approaching, I am looking for a new phone. I have slimmed my choices down to two candidates. The Nexus 6P and the HTC 10. I am favouring the 6P due to its software and the quick updates. However, being an older device, I think it's lacking a little bit on...
  10. errikosd

    Thread [ROM][5.0.2][V30f][D802] Pure Stock LG with Google Apps v1.0

    What is this This is a version of the Stock LG ROM that I have been using myself as a base for my fresh installations and I thought I should share with you. I have been really bored to KDZ and de-bloat every time, so I created this. The flashable ZIP contains all partitions from V30f KDZ, so it...
  11. errikosd

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][D80X/{LS,VS}980] SlimLP BETA-0.15 Custom Builds [RRO][CAF][UNOFFICIAL]

    Disclaimer: I am only opening this tread, so that people can find new SlimLP builds. Just posting the same URL again and again the main thread only causes confusion. The main maintainer is arcardinal and the main thread is located here. I take no credit for any part of the code of the SlimLP...