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    Thread Max pro m2 beta Android 10

    As per some websites our beloved max pro m2 got Android 10 beta in *May After that m1 & m2 got stable Android 10
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    Thread Android 10 on max pro M2

    Anyone hab any news about Android 10 update in max pro m2 Kindly share:fingers-crossed:
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    Thread Battery drain issue after Android Pie

    As in ss device is in may patch this is my frend.. Faced battery draining after pie and Asus isn't fixed yet,is anyone know how to fix.plz help He uninstalled aa heavy games like pubg using only for social messaging and call's....
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    Thread Issue after fota

    My recent panel always shows empty after doing fota 134mb... that's 2nd fota after 1st faced rear portrait issue...this sucks many