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    Thread Fastboot bootloop

    I tried to flash MIUI global through fastboot and now my phone just boots to fastboot, and recovery, which doesn't give me anything. Can't flash it through Mi Flash tool
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    Thread Bluetooth audio

    I tested a lot of ROMs, recently I was testing POSP, but it had some problems and after all I came back to Android One, mainly because it offers the best battery for this device. As we all know Android One comes with some bugs, more or less annoying. I got rid of most of them, but bluetooth...
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    Thread AOSP GSI or Android One

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using HavocOS 3.9 but since it's batter isn't that good and sometimes whole system works awful (animation stutters, way longer apps loading times etc) I'd like to try something else. I tried all android 10 custom roms and every single one have some issues, now I'm...
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    Thread Forcing Gestures on Android One []

    No idea if this thread was made already, I personally didn't find it. I think there was a post about it on one of the threads but couldn't find it Is there a way to force gestures on custom launcher like Nova or Lawnchair? I'm especially interested in Lawnchair.
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    Thread Stuttering videos

    I'm using newest official POSP and for some reason YouTube doesn't even load anything and videos in every single we browser stutter, videos in apps like Reddit or sent in messenger work fine. Anybody else met this problem? Any fix for this?
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    Thread Problem with compiling custom ROM

    As in title, I've got problem with building my own custom. I get this and don't really have any idea how to solve it FAILED: ninja: ./build/blueprint/bootstrap/ loading '/home/divolka/scripts/extended/out/soong/.minibootstrap/': Exec format error subninja...