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  1. TaterNutZ9

    Thread [Q] Best HBOOT for Sense ROMS?

    I have been running ViperROM Nightlies for a little bit but now I'm on MeanROM v2.6 ICS. Yes I am somewhat a newbert, for instance I have no clue what ENG HBOOT is. Someone care to shede some light. Right now I'm on JuopunutBear's HBOOT 1.5050 (I believe that's what it is) Any help would be...
  2. TaterNutZ9

    Thread [Q] Anything similar to DTA2SD for 3vo?

    Also, I have heard a lot of talk about EXT4. What's up with that? Thx 2 all. Sent from my PG86100 using XDA App
  3. TaterNutZ9

    Thread [Q] Unlocked EVO from Amazon work with Sprint?

    I broke the screen on my EVO yesterday!! Sux!! Will an unlocked phone from Amazon work with my Sprint account. I mean, if it is a phone that Sprint carries, like another EVO or Samsung Galaxy SII? Any info would be much appreciated! TIA -Tater out....
  4. TaterNutZ9

    Thread [Q] Anyone willing to throw me a Google+ invite?

    Man, I sure would like an invite..... *wink* *wink* [email protected] TIA Sent from my r3chargeD eVo using XDA App
  5. TaterNutZ9

    Thread [Q] ROM + Kernel combo for good battery life?

    What's a good ROM + Kernel combo for good battery life w/o sacrificing performance. Stupid question, I know.... Right now I'm running Synergy RSL1 & Freedom 0.8.5 set at 245-1.113. With 3.0 widgets and carousel. Not getting good battery life at all. What are u guys running? Sent from my...