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    Post Zenfone 2,Android 6 official ... reviews and bugs

    Mine got freeze al the time, yesterday freeze 5 times. Today already freeze 3 times. Done factory reset, clean cache twice. Re install the mm update. Still the same
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    Post S4 ZOOM KITKAT UPDATE -- with Custom Recovery, Root Guide, and SD Card Fix Included

    my c101 always boot up when charging after update kitkat
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    Thread [Q] Video app stopped

    need help my native video app suddenly wont open. it just showing pop up unfortunately, video has stopped anyone can help?
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    Thread [Q] Wifi problem

    I got a problem with the wifi after I install the rom id Andro-rc3 I replace wpa_suplicant, in order to get an ad-hoc connection. and it worked. before that, my phone does not even detect the ad-hoc. and successfully I can connect to wifi. surf smoothly. and others. but for some applications do...
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    Post [Guide] How to Change Fonts for the ROM?

    try rom toolbox