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  1. Qu3ntin0

    Thread [MOD] Google Keyboard with updated iOS 9.1 Emojis

    Please make a backup of the apk and /system/fonts/NotoColorEmoji.ttf before following the instructions. Note: Not all of the emojis present in iOS 9.1 are currently supported. Instructions: 1. Download the ttf file and install manually or download the flashable zip (Be sure to rename...
  2. Qu3ntin0

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Develop Custom ROM & Recovery for Logic X3

    I would like to develop custom roms and recoveries for the Logic X3. Unfortunately, this device is quite unknown so I can't find any drivers for it It is currently on Android KitKat 4.4.2, and with its limited internal memory I am limited to the number of apps I can install. I have tried EVERY...