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    Post Question SM-G998U - Odd buzzing/vibrating when set down

    I'd just check the settings menu called "system sound/vibration control" and then look at what's enabled for device vibration. Try disabling the vibration access to just ONE thing there at a time and see which one stops the idle vibration from happening. If disabling one of those options...
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    Post Question Slow charging on S21 Ultra

    This isn't really an answer to your question as other people have already mentioned the temperature related issue behind fast charging. But instead, this is more of a simple question to the smart phone world: Why does everyone rely solely on using fast charging over the wire/cable to max...
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    Post Question T-Mobile S21 Ultra BL Unlockable with Carrier Lock?

    Lol, oh dear my fine sir. If you just read like two of the posts on the main XDA page for the S21U, then you'd have the answer without needing to post a question. So I'll dumb it down a tiny bit for you: The answer is NO. You will not be able to unlock the bootloader of any S21 variant...
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    Post Question Battery usage not updating on lastet april firmware

    Last time I had a major update on my SD888 S21U, it said right on the screen that it would take a few days for the battery tracking to re-enable itself as the phone had to get adjusted to the software changes. You're probably experiencing the same thing and just didn't get that message on the...
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    Post General ***Beware*** New AT&T S21 Ultras

    Totally understandable as Samsung Pay was the only Samsung app that I consistently used and it was super nifty! Unfortunately, they've permanently disabled it in North America (no more MST support) on the S21 series. So I'd much rather have root being that I reside in NA =(. I'll just have...
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    Post General ***Beware*** New AT&T S21 Ultras

    All of the Samsung apps have ads built-in - so not necessarily the 'true' system apps. Thankfully enough, I've already removed all of those crummy apps over adb. But I've already tried things like fully customized AdGuard, but those just don't do the job for me. I'm a nerdy person, so I like...
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    Post General ***Beware*** New AT&T S21 Ultras

    Yep. You could pay like $150 to unlock the bootloader in the past, but if you updated the phone at all within the last 2.5 months, you'll be stuck with a locked bootloader. Hopefully someone manages to find a solution to unlock the bootloader completely without having to manipulate the steady...
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    Post General [AUBB] OFFICIAL STOCK FW-update(Odin) thread (04 Mar 21) GALAXY S21 Ultra SM-G998B

    Welp, I finally got AUC8 update today for my SD888 U1 on T-Mo. I accidentally updated to my current version (AUB6) quite a while ago and got that stinkin' v2 bootloader... So since I can't unlock at the moment, I'm about to just push the AUC8 update through anyway... It just stinks not having...
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    Post Question Is there a Dual SIM Snapdragon S21 Ultra model?

    Nope. I mean, I wasn't aware that it doesn't support dual physical SIM. But right on their website on the S21U page, it says that no US versions support eSIM. So I'm gonna go ahead and say that the answer is, unfortunately, no =/ But the good thing is that (probably with any unlocked...
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    Post General Snapdragon 888 vs Exynos 2100 after latest updates

    I seriously have a feeling that both versions of the phone are nearly identical in performance and camera quality. The primary reason why we see so many threads regarding heat issues, app crash issues or battery issues are not necessarily due to the versions of the phone that are being used...
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    Post Question Anyone using the S21 Ultra naked or nearly naked?

    My phone is naked and doesn't have a screen protector lol. That's probably why I'm one of the few who isn't complaining about the phone getting super hot. Sure, it gets warm... But that makes me realize how much hotter it probably is for some of these people who have it in a case as thick as...
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    Post Question System Lag - Slow Transition Animations

    If it is a carrier app that is causing this choppiness, then that would make a lot of sense. Since I have the factory unlocked version of the phone, mine didn't come with any carrier apps (and I also removed most of the built-in Samsung bloatware apps). Perhaps this is why I don't have this...
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    Post Question Unlocked T-Mo VM issues

    Ever since I disabled the Samsung Phone app, visual voicemail hasn't worked at all for me. I have to dial my own phone number to access my voicemail the old-school way... It kinda stinks, but I just hated the Samsung phone app for its lack of calling over LTE whereas Google Phone still worked...
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    Post Question Google Messages vs Samsung Messages? Which to keep

    It's not necessarily region based. The scheduled messaging feature is only in the Google Messages beta version. But luckily enough, I believe that anyone can sign up for that whenever they want. I was already signed up for the beta from a few years back when you had to be in the beta to get...
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    Post Question System Lag - Slow Transition Animations

    Do you mind adding a short screen recording to show us what the lag/choppiness looks like, how severe it is, and exactly where it happens? Without that information, we won't be able to give you too many potential solutions. *Edit* - Granted, what @BigMosley had said works great! But if you...
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    Post Question What are the advantages/disadvantages of the Verizon model versus the Factory Unlocked model?

    Keep in mind, the people you're texting need to have RCS enabled as well - otherwise is reverts to a traditional SMS. It's very similar to when people on Android text someone using an iPhone. The Android user gets no RCS and the iPhone user gets no iMessage. The good thing is that Google had...
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    Post Question Snapdragon SM-G9980 (China) in Europe

    Oh wow. I didn't even realize that those countries listed above all have NFC Local/Mobile Pay terminals. That's specifically what's needed with the S21 series as Samsung has removed their MST Pay functionality... =(. So now it's basically Google Pay with less features...
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    Post Question RCS in Samsung Messages doesn't work on S21 Ultra Unlocked [T Mobile US]

    Yeah, thanks for the update. I just looked into it and the IMS command via Google Phone was removed in Android 11 - hence why this doesn't work anymore =(. What a let down.
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    Post Question What are the advantages/disadvantages of the Verizon model versus the Factory Unlocked model?

    I had the T-Mobile version and exchanged it for the Unlocked version with more storage. I still have RCS, video calling, and I have the default, non-Pixel Android voicemail setup. The only other thing is that my unlocked phone didn't come with all of the carrier bloat (it had around 10 missing...
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    Post Question RCS in Samsung Messages doesn't work on S21 Ultra Unlocked [T Mobile US]

    IIRC (could be wrong) Samsung said that their Messaging app won't support RCS... But if that's the case, then you can blame Samsung for not including it at all lol. But back when I had a Note 20 Ultra, Samsung said the same thing, however, there was this quick little setup that let you use RCS...
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    Post How To Guide [Magisk][US/CAN BL Unlock] Root for the Galaxy S21 Series (B/N/0/U/U1/W)

    And which continent are US and Canada in? Also, a carrier unlock is completely different from a bootloader unlock =P
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    Post How To Guide [Magisk][US/CAN BL Unlock] Root for the Galaxy S21 Series (B/N/0/U/U1/W)

    It just depends on where you live. If you live in North America, you'll pretty much end up with a Snapdragon phone no matter what (and therefore, you won't be able to unlock your bootloader for free or permanently). But if you living anywhere else, then you get an Exynos version of the phone...
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    Post Question S21 Ultra Fake or Real?

    Whose real fake unboxing was it? I'm only asking as I'll have to be sure that I unsubscribe if I'm following them on YouTube lol
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    Post Question Freezing when changing screen orientation

    Awesome! That's good to hear! I remember reading in the past that Nova was actually the one launcher where the issue didn't happen as much. But I suppose that's not the case with the S21 Ultra (cuz I had first read about and experienced this issue when I had a Note 20 Ultra which I then...
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    Post Question Default Home Launcher Bug

    Ahh, gotcha. But wait, doesn't just about every launcher scroll sideways between pages and then allow you to swipe up to view all apps?
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    Post Question Default Home Launcher Bug

    Yep. Mine would even switch back after setting my default launcher to my custom one... But with that said, I also had so many other problems with every custom launcher that I had I just stuck with the stock, OneUI launcher (and I love Google News, so that's a good thing for me lol).
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    Post Question Freezing when changing screen orientation

    Are you using a custom launcher? It's known custom launchers can cause the exact issue that you're facing on Samsung phones.
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    Post Question S21 Ultra Snapdragon Always Running Warm

    Thanks for updating your post title =). That's the clarity we need for this phone on XDA. Anyway, I'm unsure of this, but I'm pretty sure that when a phone is booting up it generally creates a tiny bit of heat because it's just getting everything initially setup for that boot. But yeah...
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    Post Question S21 Ultra Snapdragon Always Running Warm

    If you have the Exynos version of the phone, then that could explain the heat. But if you have a SD888 variant, then your phone will still get a little warm, but not quite as hot as the Exynos.
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    Post Question Google Messages vs Samsung Messages? Which to keep

    Ah, really? I haven't had that problem with my S21U whilst using Google Messages. How were you trying to mute them?
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    Post Question Slow motion video issue

    Agreed. Luckily enough, just after they had released this phone, they had admitted to their current chip having a few issues due to their manufacturing process and that their next generation Exynos chip won't have such issues anymore... So if we're lucky, that'll be in the S23 Ultra.
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    Post Question Slow motion video issue

    Yep, definitely related to the Exynos phones. I haven't had any issues with my camera app using any of the different settings or modes available. But I do have the SD888 version of the phone...
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    Post General [SamPWND] Bootloader Unlock [S21/S21+/S21U - U/U1/W]

    Yeah, but each software update has a bootloader update included, hence why I was asking where I could find out whether or not flashing that file via Odin would end up relocking the bootloader... I suppose we'll have to just check around here on the XDA forums to find out whether or not the...
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    Post Question wot blitz game run only 35 fps

    Specific games from the Play Store have this issue on phones with higher refresh rates (but mostly on Samsung phones). With that said, if you search for the same app on the Galaxy Store, you might be able to find an older version of the same app that runs at the proper refresh rate... It...
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    Post Question Can you rely on the screen protector that comes with the phone?

    I remember Samsung saying that a glass screen cover would interfere with the fingerprint scanner. I'm curious as to whether or not that's actually the case...
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    Post General [SamPWND] Bootloader Unlock [S21/S21+/S21U - U/U1/W]

    Welp, I have the desire to get this done sometime soon. I just keep having busy weekends! But I wasn't aware that I'd be able to flash BL update packages so long as they don't relock the BL. Any idea on where I could find out if the next software update contains a BL file that'd relock me...
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    Post Question Delayed notification problems S21 Ultra

    I've had a similar issue, but just with a few apps....but they're only occasionally not sending me notifications or are sending me notifications for things that I've never seen before lol. So with Snapchat, for example, I usually get notifications for new snaps that are sent my way, however, on...
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    Post Question What battery saver app do you use?

    No, no. The first person essentially said to uninstall that crummy, built-in Facebook app and then to put some apps that you don't need notifications for into deep sleep mode. The second person mentioned the same thing with different wording.
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    Post Question What battery saver app do you use?

    Nothing... I don't need to install anything to save battery. That being said, I USED to do this with apps like Greenify on my Galaxy Note 3 (so like 9-10 years ago). But I had stopped doing that a while back as doing so had only lead to even less battery life lol.
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    Post Question G9980 just got an update

    Hmm, interesting. I guess the package disabler app should work then. But yeah, I've only removed stock, Samsung apps that I could directly replace with Google apps (things like phone, messages, calendar, calculator, etc) - so nothing out of the ordinary. It just stinks that Samsung made it so...
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    Post Question G9980 just got an update

    I'm pretty sure that it uses information from weather (dot) com. *Edit* - Just checked and it's actually Accuweather. Live and learn I guess, haha.
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    Post Question G9980 just got an update

    Thanks for responding! Hmm, interesting. I can usually hit 5 hours SOT with 120hz and 1440P enabled, however, that only brings me to around 40-50% battery. Maybe it's got something to do with that package disabler app. I don't have any potentially continuous background apps running on my...
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    Post Question G9980 just got an update

    I'm just curious as to what people who keep having bad battery life have running/installed in their phones. It very well could be an app problem, but I suppose that it could also just be a Exynos related problem - I just haven't seen any deeper detailed explanations of the problem. Would you...
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    Post Question S21U usb type c earphones

    I got my adapter on Amazon for between $3-$5 and it works fine with my S21U (no problems from four different sets of wired headphones)... I'm thinking that this guy's headphones might have some type of device limitation. *Edit* - Here's a link to the adapter that I have. Price has gone up (as...
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    Post Question Spotify is acting odd

    Perhaps it's time for a new music app if this is a known Spotify issue... But if it's not a Spotify issue, then check in your battery settings (as others have mentioned) to see if your phone automatically started putting it into "Sleep Mode".
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    Post Question Samkey working

    Thanks for posting this. It just stinks that this isn't yet compatible with the two most common S21U's in North America (unlocked or if you have T-Mobile or Verizon) =/. I kinda wish that everyone on these forums would say what devices are compatible with what they're posting.... Because with...
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    Post Question I'm still on the fence with the S21 you think there will be ROMS in the future?

    I'm also a fan of Google phones in particular due to their clean Android interface design. Samsung just has more options in the settings menu, however, I only have to go into the settings menu like once or twice per week - so that doesn't bother me at all. But with that said, this S21U phone is...
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    Post Question Bug with 3rd party launchers on OneUI 3.1 (default version)

    Hmm, that's odd. I had these issues on Lawnchair but was just able to install Nova without having any issues with navigation gestures, app crashes or animation issues. I guess either Samsung or Nova has fixed the problem or I just got very, very lucky... Edit - Just tried uninstalling it...
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    Post Question S21 Ultra camera lens scratches

    Be very wary of scratching this phone. I recently figured out that the S21 Ultra supposedly does not have the same Victus glass design as the Note 20 Ultra... It has a slightly modified form of Victus that's much, much thinner (as it's covered by another, easily scratch-able glass...
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    Post Question Camera performance

    Gosh, whenever you make posts here, they're pretty much dead accurate, lol. Thank you for having the knowledge to be aware of what's going on in this thread. No joke - thank you!