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  1. Wiz

    Thread Oreo beta and APTX-HD

    Could someone confirm whether or not the enhanced APTX-HD codec that is standard in Oreo works is available in the Samsung Oreo beta? And does it work?
  2. Wiz

    Thread SM-G955FD with SM-G955F ROM?

    I received a dual sim S8+ model SM-G955FD (CSC XXV) that somehow was flashed with an Italian (CSC-ITV) SM-G955F single-sim ROM .. It works fine, even dual-sim functionality, so on itself no real issue. Even a recent OTA update went fine and did not break anything. But I would like to flash...
  3. Wiz

    Thread Bluetooth Handsfree Device (Evaluation Copy)

    Anyone come across this message yet? I added my Bluetooth headset today for IP SoftPhone purposes, and saw that the Shift found a "Bluetooth Handsfree Device (Evaluation Copy)". The headset works fine, but the "Evaluation Copy" somehow does not inspire confidence. Potential license issue in the...
  4. Wiz

    Thread HTC Shift Docking Station

    Any word on a docking station yet?
  5. Wiz

    Thread HTC Shift and Vista SP1

    At first sight it looks like SP1 is not going down well on the Shift. The ShagCtrl (Shift Control Center) application (who for god's sake invented that shortname ShagCtrl??) exits with an eventID 1000 error and there seem to be some overall stability issues ....
  6. Wiz

    Thread Clock settings SnapVue

    In Vista, did anyone find the spot yet to change the clock settings for SnapVue from 12h to 24h? SnapVue relies on Vista to adjust the clock, and I have not found any way to adjust to 24h settings just yet.
  7. Wiz

    Thread Logitech Presenter on HTC 4in1 works!

    Awesome. In preparation for a new series of presentation that I need to run within our company, I discovered that the Logitech Presenter works flawlessly when stuck in the USB port of the HTC 4in1 cable.
  8. Wiz

    Thread Softick Cardexport II updated

    FYI I worked with the guys form Softick in order to help them bring out an updated version for Cardexport, which allows you to use the TyTNN II as USB Storage. The release version 3.05 is available form their website now.
  9. Wiz

    Thread Brando screenprotectors available

    FYI Just noticed that the TyTN II screenprotectors have become available on
  10. Wiz

    Thread BT sound quality (voice) on Kaiser

    Anyone else the same experience? Contrary to almost every other WM device I have used in the past, the voice sound quality both on BT headsets and on parrot carkits is way below par. It sounds thin and metallic. When using the speaker on the device itself (held up to your ear) the quality is...
  11. Wiz

    Thread TyTN II Arrived

    Today at noon UK time I received my TyTN II. Oh wait, let's rephrase that. I was so impatient that I went and picked it up from the local DHL facility ;-)
  12. Wiz

    Thread July 27: Has anyone seen the U1000 WM6 upgrade yet?

    Has anyone seen the U1000 WM6 upgrade yet?
  13. Wiz

    Thread HTC X7500 downgrade WM6->WM5 for repair

    Hi there, My X7500 internal GPS seems to have a defect. The slightest touch makes it lose it's fix as if there's a loose contact. My x7500 is SuperCID (IMEI-Check) and has OliPRO hardSPL. Is there a way to downgrade to the latest WM5 version prior to me sending it back to HTC for repair? Cheers
  14. Wiz

    Thread Screen unlock code screwed after using MrVGA

    After coming back from real VGA, my x7500 does not want to accept my unlock code anymore. The one cached in Activesync does not work anymore either, becuase activesync now also asks for an unlock code again. This effectively has shut me out of my X7500, and my only option now is a hard reset...
  15. Wiz

    Thread Recommendation: Logitech v270 bluetooth mouse

    Today, on the current WM6 release for the Athena, I succesfully paired the Logitech v270 bluetooth mouse. No drivers needed, no reboot and an instant cursor. Worked flawlessly. Aside from the above, until now the Logitech's batterylife has been awesome. I have been using the original factory...
  16. Wiz

    Thread WM6: mNotes 4.3.7 does not work with WM6

    Just a friendly warning. The latest mNotes version 4.3.7. does not work with WM6. In version 4.3.1 installed on WM6 everything works fine, including PocketInformant and PocketBreeze. Symptoms in 4.3.7.: WM Contacts = OK WM Calendar = not OK PocketInformant = not OK (+error message)...
  17. Wiz

    Thread 1800mAh battery for Universal

    Today I received my 1800mAh Lithium-Polyner battery for my XDA Exec. The manufacturer claims 11% more load than a standard battery, while still fitting in the standard battery slot, without the need for a thicker cover. It is cheap as hell (20 euros) and can be found here...
  18. Wiz

    Thread HTC TyTN Rom update available (15-08-2006)

    HTC sent me a mail 5 minutes ago to tell me that a new rom update has been made available: HTC TyTN ROM Update v1.18.255.106 WWE HTC TyTN ROM Update v1.18.254.104 Dutch I will be upping the WWE version shortly
  19. Wiz

    Thread TMO UK 1.20 - WCDMA selection gone

    Hi there, I currently am stuck to using the TMO UK 1.20 rom due to the fact the the WM5 Blackberry Connect client does not work on AKU2, but I noticed that TMO have taken out WCDMA in the drop down box in the phone options. The only things one can choose now are AUTO and GSM. Any clues on how...
  20. Wiz

    Thread TMO BB Connect for Wizard also works on Universal!

    I successfully installed and configured the recently published BB Connect program onto my Universal. T-Mobil Germany officially came out with the BB Connect add-on a few days back, and it turns out it actually is dual-platform-aware, Wizard and Universal. It can be downloaded at...
  21. Wiz

    Thread O2 XDA Exec New 113188 ROM: battery icon on bottom toolbar

    How to restore your battery icon on the bottom toolbar. Simple. Add the attached registry file back into your registry. Or alternatively add the following settings manually: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Services\Power] "CurrentState"=dword:00000005...
  22. Wiz

    Thread Commontime releases mNotes 4.1.0 for WM5

    CommonTime is pleased to announce the immediate availability of mNotes version 4.1 which includes support for Windows Mobile 5 devices. You can download it from: Desktop/laptop installer (for individual users); General purpose...
  23. Wiz

    Thread O2's Exec pages not quite ready yet ....

    Although the Exec is readily available now, the pages on have not followed suit, and still are in the "under construction" stage :-)
  24. Wiz

    Thread Looking for: an unlocked XDA Exec for use in the NL

    Hi there, I currently have an MDA Pro, locked to T-Mobile, but with a T-Mobile subscription, so I am not in a real rush. However I ultimately want to have an XDA Exec instead of my MDA Pro, due to the fact that I prefer the black design to the silver design (matter of taste) My big issue is...
  25. Wiz

    Thread Jasjar: Anyone tried the Dopod 1.04.02 radio yet?

    I was wondering whether anyone tried the Dopod 1.04.02 radio yet? I noticed it sitting in the XDA Dev upload directory as part of the Uni_DopodCHT_11333_125_10402_Test.exe file
  26. Wiz

    Thread TIP: Jasjar/MDAPro brando Screenprotector

    Just FYI. The Fujitsu Loox 720 screenprotector from Brando is a perfect fit on the Jasjar. This is obviously due to their exact same screensizes (3,58") ;-)
  27. Wiz

    Thread MDA PRO English Extended Rom for NL uploaded

    I uploaded the extended rom for the MDA PRO English. Nice touch, it contains Dutch T9. it's in the upload directory, called ftp://xda:[email protected]/Uploads/ (adding it to this post gave an error message)
  28. Wiz

    Thread New QTEK ROM 1.12.550 -> can someone post?

    Can someone upload the new Qtek 1.12.550 rom?
  29. Wiz

    Thread Can someone please post JAM 1.03 WWE? I accidentally .....

    Can someone please post JAM 1.03 WWE? I accidentally ..... deleted it from my harddrive :-(
  30. Wiz

    Thread March 14: New JAM upgrade available on Clubimate

    Today's chat with Omer: Welcome Wiz, please wait while we get you in contact with one of our club advisors... You're now talking to Omer Omer> Welcome to Club i-mate. My name is Omer and I am a Club Advisor. What can I help you with? Omer> Hi Wiz> Hi Omer Wiz> Quick question Wiz> I am a...
  31. Wiz

    Thread Club i-Mate acknowledges JAM Upgrade 1.06 issues

    Part of a long chat with Brian: Wiz> Ah, well, anyway, since the version they have at XDA-Developers still has bluetooth problems, I was wondering whether that was a fake update Brian> NO it wosent.. Wiz> it's an official one??? Willem> In that case, I should warn you, there are problems in...
  32. Wiz

    Thread For Sale: MDA Compact sim-unlocked by T-Mobile Netherlands

    For Sale: MDA Compact 64Mb officially sim-unlocked by T-Mobile Netherlands, so comes with full warranty Reson: I purchased an i-Mate JAM in the US to have it upgraded to 128Mb by PPC Techs. It's in excellent condition, has the i-Mate WWE Edition ROM installed, (but can be reverted back to the...
  33. Wiz

    Thread Status on unlocking the MDA Compact / O2 Mini / I-Mate Jam?

    Does anyone have a status on unlocking the MDA Compact / O2 Mini / I-Mate Jam yet? Is there prgress? What can one expect? Any ideas a to when this could come our way? :-)
  34. Wiz

    Thread Unlocking MDA Compact

    Anyone found a way yet to unlock the T-Mobile MDA Compact? Or will the XDA2UNLOCK tool be updated to unlock this puppy?
  35. Wiz

    Thread Asian O2 XDA II Extended Rom

    Although the mistery of the write-protected T-Mobile Extended Rom still has NOT been solved :-( , could someone out there please still be so kind as to mail me the complete Asian O2 XDA II Extended Rom contents (zipped approx. 5Mb), so that when the mistery does get solved, I can put back my O2...
  36. Wiz

    Thread db_notify_events database growing

    A few months ago, with the introduction of Windows Mobile 2003, found a bug in it and provided a downloadable fix. This bugfix also was integrated in PocketPlus, and on all machines I had (iPaq 5550, 4150) it worked flawlessly. On the XDA II however, I only see the db_notify_events...